BANG Reporter to Try Out for Warriors D-League Team?

The Santa Cruz Warriors will hold open tryouts on Oct. 7 and Oct. 14 and I’m going to try out. I’ve got a couple reasons. No. 1, to show all these haters out there that I know my hoop. If I make the D-League squad, or at least play well, it should enhance my credibility as a writer. No. 2, because it would make a great first-person article, me serving all these D-league hopefuls while literally taking names.

Wait … what? … Ahhh, man.

Looks like my schedule will prevent it. Oct. 7 I will be in Fresno for the Warriors-Lakers preseason game. On Oct. 14, I’ve got this church event I’m supposed to attend. Oh well. It’s a good thing though. Honestly, I think I might’ve actually died trying to run with those cats.

Marcus Thompson

  • Pick -n- roll!

    Church Event? Pre-season Warrior Game? Can’t make the try outs? So much for leaving it on the court!

  • Grey Warden

    You a funny man MT 😉

  • Clopin Lacroix

    If you took the price of the tickets away from the registration fee how much does it cost?

  • earl monroe

    The $100 bucks would keep me from trying out

  • Ben Brung

    Wait, $100? Damn, I only budgeted $75. I should have read what was posterized before I made plans to posterize.