Warriors PG Stephen Curry May Sit Out Preseason Opener

Warriors coach Mark Jackson said he’s considering sitting out point guard Stephen Curry for one of the first two preseason games.

Golden State opens the exhibition schedule with a back-to-back set, Sunday vs. the Lakers in Fresno and Monday vs. Utah in Oakland. Jackson is concerned about working Curry’s oft-injured right ankle too hard too soon.

“I’m going to think about it, talk to Steph about it,” Jackson said, “and make the right decision as far as that’s concerned. I really don’t want to work him on back-to-back nights.”

Jackson has been cautious with Curry, who missed 40 games last season with multiple right ankle sprains and had surgery in April. Since training camp begin on Tuesday, Jackson has limited Curry’s participation to make sure the fourth-year point guard doesn’t overwork is rehabilitated wheel.

Curry, who still has scar tissue, said he’s been aggressive with the rehab and treatments after practice hoping to prevent any tweaks or sprains. Saturday was the first practice Jackson didn’t hold Curry back. Now they’ll see how his ankle responds and talk about what to do next.

“We’ve been trusting his judgment on how to progress and so far so good,” Curry said. “We have eight (preseason games) so we’ve got to be smart. I would like to play a little bit in each game to kind of build up my endurance and work through the soreness if I have any. That will be something to talk about.”

For his part, Curry said he wants to play at least a little in both games. It’s been seven months since he’s played in an NBA game. He’s looking forward to getting back into the groove.

“I almost feel like a rookie,” Curry said. “The game atmosphere, the NBA arena, shootaorund, pregame naps and all that kind of stuff. I’ve kind of forgotten what it’s like so it’s kind of exciting. Whether I play tomorrow or not, I’ll still go through that routine and kind of build it up because I’ve got to get it back before Oct. 31. Just getting on the plane in a couple of hours, that’s probably the highlight of my day.”

Marcus Thompson