Warriors Rout Lakers (Reserves) 110-83 in Preseason Opener

The Warriors dominated the Los Angeles Lakers 110-83.

Ok, they didn’t dominate against the Lakers starters. Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace were all on the bench for the Warriors’ second half surge — courtesy of a 35-0 run. But still, the Warriors, who trailed by seven at the half, found a lot positive to hang their hats on Sunday.

Here are some news and notes from Fresno.


Harrison Barnes. He finished with 13 points on 5 of 11 shooting. But what was impressive was how he got his buckets, by finishing difficult shots with some strength.

One play signified the kind of night he had. Posting up Kobe Bryant one-on-one, Barnes turned towards the middle for a pull-up. He powered through Kobe’s slap of his wrist and still got the shot off, dropping it in for a 3-point play.

But more important for coach Mark Jackson, Barnes was active.

“When he competes like that on the defensive end,” Jackson said. “There is no question he can score. But he plays with an edge. He gets after it defensively.”

It seems Jackson is going to have a hard time keeping Barnes off the floor.

Kent Bazemore. You could see the eyes of GM Bob Myers light up. Bazemore drove hard left, stepped back with a slick dribbled and smoothly nailed the pull-up jumper. That was after he easily drove to the basket twice.

Sure, the game was decided and it was against players who won’t see much action. But Bazemore showed some stuff.

“I’ve got a little something,” he said with a smile. “But that’s not my role.”

Charles Jenkins. Really, seven assists in fewer than 15 minutes is pretty impressive.


Andris Biedrins. He played 11 minutes, totaling 4 fouls and zero rebounds, missing his only shot. It just doesn’t look like much is different with Biedrins. This was a game he should’ve been able to do something in. He was only going up against Robert Sacre, who is no Dwight Howard.

Jarrett Jack. He had five assists in 27 minutes, starting place of Stephen Curry. But he had a hard time keeping up with Steve Nash early on. It certainly wasn’t the defensive prowess you expect from Jack.

Jack said he’s getting his legs under him. A foot injury this offseason slowed his offseason training. He said he’ll be fine. He’s a pro. No reason to expect otherwise.


35-0 run. Since 2000, the longest regular-season run came Dec. 6, 2009. Cleveland ran off 29 straight against the Milwaukee Bucks.

“I remember that,” Andrew Bogut said. “That’s when they had Shaq.”

Jefferson, bringing veteran perspective to the mix, accurately pointed out a 35-0 run against the Lakers’ reserves in the preseason doesn’t matter. He cited the second-half defensive intensity as the real positive of the night.

Jackson, though, was pretty impressed with the Warriors’ jaw-dropping run.

“I don’t care who’s on the floor,” he said, “that’s awfully impressive.”

Klay Thompson. He started out the game in full attack mode. He put his head down and got all the way to the rim three straight times in the first quarter, against Kobe.

Eventually, he began stroking it from outside, knocking down 4 of 6 3-pointers for 18 points. But his aggression driving the ball is something he’s been working on all offseason. He’s clearly better at it.

Carl Landry. He took 10 shots and 4 free throws in 15 minutes, 45 seconds. The guy is instant offense.

Marcus Thompson

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  • Bane

    Great to have basketball back.

  • DW

    Beans is done. Period.

  • Grey Warden

    Is there a broadcast for tonight’s game?

    As for Biedrins, I told ya, all that stuff he said on Media Day is just to give the media and fans what they want to hear, and then go back to his comfortable role as a paycheck collector while doing minimum effort. Assuming Bogut and Festus the Bestus are healthy for the regular season, I don’t see Biedrins logging more than 12 min per game.

  • Phil Alfonso

    Why aren’t these games being broadcast on TV?

  • Warriorfan

    yeah……..Biedrens might as well go back to Latvia…smoke some cigarettes while his friends pick up not so innocent girls and watch….

  • Joe Barely Cares

    I see lots of “DNP coaches decicion” for Andris

  • tonedeezy

    35-0 is indeed noteworthy. I saw this kind of chemistry/defensive intensity in summer league, and am juiced to see it continues…even without Draymond up in there.

    As for the Lakeshow…I don’t care how good your top 6 players are, if the rest of the bench is capable of giving up a 35-0 run (in any game), then you don’t really have a bench…and the Laker starters are all hella OLD.
    Yeah, good luck with that LA.

  • deano

    MTII: Thanks for your reports, especially on these untelevised games.

  • Rambo Dave

    Bazemore is going to be another Latrell Spreewell. Durring Summer League he was driving the lane from both the right & left, dribbling with either hand effortlessly, and finishing at the rim.

  • oaktownlar

    Thanks for the shout-out for Jenkins. Everyone is talking about Curry and Thompson, followed by Jack and Rush, but CJ (and aren’t those initials with a fine Warrior pedigree?!) quietly gets it done. You might have also pointed out the zero TOs to go with 7 Assists. The man makes very few mistakes.

  • Grey Warden

    If Curry’s already gassed from playing so few minutes, I can only wonder how Bogut will do once he starts playing. It’s gonna take the big man awhile to get back into game shape.

    Meanwhile, Festus the Bestus looking like a real solid pick.