It Seems Bogut’s Status for the Opener is Getting Dicier by the Day

After arthroscopic surgery on his left foot in April, Warriors center Andrew Bogut was supposed to be all but a lock for the start of training camp. Then camp came, and Golden State all but assured he would be ready for the season opener.


“I hope it’s realistic,” coach Mark Jackson said.

The Warriors head coach, prior to taking on Sacramento, was talking about Bogut’s chances of playing in one of the last three preseason games.  Jackson didn’t sound too optimistic.

The latest goal was to get him into a couple of preseason games as tune-up for the regular season opener on Oct. 31. That hasn’t changed officially, but Jackson said Bogut is “still a ways away.” If he can’t get into a preseason game, it’s a fair guess that the season opener is questionable. One can at least assume even if he does play, he’d be limited – especially a guy who hasn’t played an NBA game since January.

“I think it’s the best thing for him and for us,” Jackson said regarding whether Bogut will play in one of the Warriors’ remaining three preseason games. “But at the same time, the most important plan is to make sure he’s healthy, so we’re not going to do anything to set him back. So we’ll see how it goes.”

Working in the Warriors’ favor is seven straight off days between the last preseason game, Oct. 23 against visiting Phoenix, and the opener.

Marcus Thompson

  • JFish

    Is Charles Jenkins in the dog house? He doesn’t seem to be getting much playing time so far. I thought he was going to be part of the regular rotation based on last years play and preseason.

  • JFish

    I meant summer league,not preseason.


    The curse of the Golden State Warriors continues.

    After many of us screamed that we got screwed by Milwaukee in the Monta trade….I thought we were assured by management that in fact Bogut was NOT damaged goods???

    And I thought I heard Bogut on KNBR say he was going to be fine and is not damaged goods???

    Oh yes yes, I’m sure Lacob will tell us everything will be fine, but my patience with this organization ran out in the 1990’s.

  • MrSwish

    ML…kinda whiny, you’ve been waiting 20 years, give it a few more weeks.

  • Yoda

    LOL. That trade was a good one even if Bogut hops around on one let. So glad I don’t have to watch Monta and his stupidity any more.

    As for Jenkins, if you’re basing your expected rotations on last year you aren’t taking into account that the Warriors went out and added a veteran point guard (Jack) for the purpose of beefing up that role and Jenkins is the guy who lost time because of that move.

  • Dillymac

    Relying on a banged up 7 footer is never good news! Warriors will remain on the bottom of the west as always! Nobody ever says,”Yeah I want to play in Oakland!” And that’s all sports teams in Oakland. Until they move to San Francisco it’s going to be garbage season after garbage season

  • Commish

    Hey, as long as he’s 100% for the playoffs

  • Jack

    Bogut will be playing in 3 weeks. Period. Book it. Everyone relax. Monta can throw in 20 a game for the Bucks and enjoy his springtime again.

  • itz4Steve

    Who would have thought that Bogut would be the depth pickup and a nice insurance policy to play behind Festus and keep him fresh? (sarcasm intended!)

  • Fitz

    Wow, big surprise. And remember how ra ra ra Larry Reilly was. “this is the missing piece”. He got the missing part right.

  • Derek

    DillyMac; Most athletes are black and have a far greater desire to play in Oakland vs SF which has a national reputation for weird and uncool. You never hear of any player demanding a trade to SF. Never, not in any sport. In FACT Oakland sport has by far had the more notable players and celebrity appeal.

    The Raiders (as sorry as they currently are) dominate fan appeal in the state of CA and have a huge following nationally. The Niners basically have no fan base outside of the bay area. The A’s are a colorful organization with a great tradition of winning and tremendous players. The Giants not so much. In fact theuy’ve had very few notable player (Mays, McCovey and Bonds) are about it.

    I live in LA, so I’m not sure what you hear, however the truth/facts are pretty clear.

  • Giantsfan2

    What are you smoking Derek?

    the facts bro: Raiders suck as a team. Yes, they have many fans, but mainly because they are a team that has a “bad a..” mentality.

    they haven’t been good since the 90’s.

    the giants have more fans, other than red sox and Yankees than anywhere else. All you have to do is watch the games on MLB extra innings to see that.

    2 NL pennants in 3 years? The Dodgers, oh I forgot 1988.

    If you are going to comment get your facts straight.

  • Michael

    Ha Ha
    Why would you say when they move to SF all the free agents would come, Dont play into the hpye of the new arena over there, I dont see it happening in the next 25 years, See open letter to Rick Welts, President of the Warriors from the SOMA associated. Also SF could not even keep the 49ers, and then your Mayor comes to the Warriors begging them to come over there. Good Luck. And please tell me what free agents demanded to come to either the 49ers or Giants? Warriors are terrible no matter where they play!!! Who trades for a center thats never played a full season?