Warriors PG Stephen Curry Hurts Right Ankle – Again

Warriors general manager Bob Myers, coach Mark Jackson, and everyone else in the Warriors organization, no doubt gasped in fear as they saw point guard Stephen Curry come up limping again.

Midway through the second quarter of Friday’s exhibition game at Portland, Curry rolled his right ankle and had to leave the game. It happened when, as the GIF above (courtesy of C.J. Folger) shows, Wesley Matthews ran past Curry from behind. Curry stuck his foot out just enough for it to be kicked by Matthews.

Curry, after a stint in the locker room, came back out and tried to check back in the game. But, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Jackson told Curry no. The point guard then returned to the locker room and did not come out for the second half. The team announced he was ruled out for the rest of the game “for precautionary reasons.”

Curry, who missed 40 games last season after multiple sprains of that right ankle, had arthroscopic surgery in April. After a long rehabilitation process, he has had no setbacks since returning to action. Jackson has been extra protective throughout, at first limiting Curry in practice then keeping his minutes short in pre-season games.

Curry is also in the middle of negotiations for a contract extension, talks which have been put on hold until the end of the preseason slate. A couple of Warriors sources said the sprain wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked, that it wasn’t really a sprain as much as it was being kicked.

Marcus Thompson

  • Derek

    It would be another dumb move by the Warrior to resign/extend Curry for big money. The guy simply has bad ankles and will never be reliable. He’s also very over rated. He seems to be a great guy, however business is business. With all the money they should have next season, Rondo would be a great replacement.

  • Chuck

    Curry overrated? We are going to have a lot of money next year? Derek get your facts straight.

  • Dan

    first warrior game that i seen this season and i think they are still missing a few pieces to make the playoffs…with curry hurting and being a very soft player when healthy and who knows whats going on with Bogut, the fans sure don’t won’t be a 500 team this year….

  • ET

    well, may be we can keep him for cheap. jack and landry put up good numbers

  • Tay

    Chuck Curry is without a doubt overrated and I belieVe we will have a decent amount of cap spac not sure If its enough to go after Rondo. But I’m getting tired of Curry’s fragile ankle and his pourous D and careless passing. This a big year for him I wouldnt give him big long term money

  • Garlicboy

    Sign and trade Curry, Harrison Barnes, Jeremy Tyler and the bloated contracts of Jefferson and Bogut for Rondo and one of their bloated contracts Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett.

    Curry’s future looks grim.

  • Garlicboy

    Excuse me I meant Jefferson and Biedrins, but would do Bogut as well if it meant getting KG in return.

  • Just a freak play. Nothing to see here.

  • I’m usually a lurker but I must respond to a few comments along with some notes:

    1. MT you do an awesome job blogging and I enjoy reading your stuff.
    2. How is Curry overrated Derek? I’m guessing but at his peak he was a potential 20 point, 5 assist, 5 rebound type player. He is not overrated. Is he a top 5 pg? No. But he isn’t overrated.
    3. Dan what fans want a .500 team? No fans want that. But will they still come out and support? yes.
    4. Garlic boy – Would you really trade BOGUT even with his injuries to get KG? Did you know KG is 36 and though he is still good we would only have him play at a high level for 2 years max. Does not go well with the Warriors future plans. Plus if KG did get traded to GSW he would probably retire. If he didn’t want to play with us when we had baron, jackson/etc he definitely wouldn’t want to play for us now. And Paul Pierce? Why would the dubz trade him unless he was a back up? You do know part of the reason we traded Monta was because the man ( jerry west) and everyone else believes in Klay?
    5. MT – I follow the dubz regardless but this season already sucks – whether or not we have potential to make the playoffs lands on two (if not 3) ANKLES.
    6. The only silver lining in curry’s injury is that there will be no drama for any sides about an extension. Given the warriors’ history – this is a good thing, I think.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    We better not give Curry big money. Let’s hope he’s healthy and playing well enough so that we can package him in a mid-year trade. I actually prefer Jack’s overall game to Curry’s anyway, so what about Curry to his hometown Charlotte Bobcats for Kemba Walker and their first rounder? Re-sign Jack at the end of the season.

  • bgub

    Curry is extremely overrated. He is too slow, can not run the team and doesn’t play any defense. As a result, Portland were leading by 10 – 12 points yesterday. Only when Jack replaced Curry, Warriors started to play as a team. I would prefer Jack to start and Curry to come of the bench. Warriors will have a lot of cap space in 2 years, with Biedrins, Jefferson, and Bogut contracts expiring. To sign Curry now for a long contract is a big mistake.

  • Ewok

    Curry is not over rated.

    Curry is a game changer type of player. Injuries happen to everyone accident or otherwise. It’s just a matter of time for any career athlete. My problem with Curry however, is his slow-time recovery period….

  • young

    His ankle was kicked? do they think we are dumb?

    No one gets there ankle “kicked” and pops up limping. He rolled his ankle, and where or not they want to admit it, he rolled all the way. Look at the tape!

    I pray he’s ok, bc dude is a baller. Over rated? Hardly… Just not sure he is a true point yet…

  • Niners in 2012

    who cares if we pay Curry, we’re over the cap anyway. you guys gonna jerk off over how much money Lacob can save? once Jefferson and Biedrins comes off the cap we can afford to re-sign Jack and Landry and Bogut. I love the pieces we got, and we’ll have a playoff team for years going forward.

    This year the west is really weak, if with injuries you guys don’t think we’re already better than Utah? Portland? Phoenix is gonna be lost without Nash, Dallas is old and Dirk just had surgery, KLove is out till January and Minny won’t be any good. We’re easily a top 7 team with a hobbled PG and C.

  • noah

    Ws have $60 million committed next year. Probably over the cap. At best, right around the cap.

    They have to resign Curry, or they won’t have a PG next year. He’s overrated in the sense that he never plays, but when he plays he seems to be about as good as people think he is. Which is very good but not great.

  • Genius

    What in the world was Wesley Matthews doing on that play? He Kicked Curry’s ankle, ran into his own player, then bounced back into Curry.

  • Derek

    Curry is slow. He has no PG quicknness, he makes alot of bad bonehead passes. He can’t and/or doesn’t penetrate and defensively, just forget about it. Curry would be a good/above average shooting guard or 6th man, coming off the bench providing offense.

    Elite PG NO !!

  • Derek

    16. Low expectations are worse than no expectations. Seventh seed do NOT win titles. Why except and expect more substandard results/play or mediocrity.

    Loser mentality !

  • Mike

    Will somebody please tell Stephen Curry to do some yoga. If he did a regular Iyengar Yoga routine his ankles would be strong as can be. Such a simple solution!