Rookie Harrison Barnes Named Warriors Starting SF

Warriors coach Mark Jackson announced Monday that rookie Harrison Barnes will be his starting small forward.

Barnes and swingman Brandon Rush were the front-runners for the open spot all training camp. Jackson said, in the end, Barnes has the size and skill set the Warriors want in the starting lineup. But he also proved he can hold his own on the defensive end.

“He doesn’t give up on plays,” Jackson said. “He battles. He competes. He knows when he makes mistakes.”

A big factor, too, was Jackson’s comfort with Rush. Having registered a breakout year coming off the bench last season, Jackson said part of him wanted to keep Rush in that role. He said he values knowing what he’s going to get from Rush off the bench. With Barnes, who has never played a sixth man role, it would be more trial and error.

Another advantage is that Rush can play two positions. That versatility gives Jackson more options, as Rush can come in for Barnes or shooting guard Klay Thompson.

“B-Rush is going to get his share of minutes,” Jackson said.

Marcus Thompson

  • Ewok

    HB must be really special. Some players break in slowly and i think Kobe Bryant and Monta Ellis were among them.. Some players start right away.

  • noah

    Seems reasonable. I expect to see Rush in for end of game situations. At least early in the season.

  • WIL

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Young

    I want to know why we didn’t trade Barnes with Thompson to net Harden.

    Did we try?

  • warrior4lif

    Klay and Barnes for Harden??!? Is you sick? Harden is NOT that good…

  • Ewok


    No way i will trade Barnes and Thompson for Harden. No way… Harden is great player but it’s not a good investment for us to give up two potential All-Stars who has yet to peak into something more special. I have a feeling there’s more to Barnes and Thompson than what we see… with Harden, what you see is what you get..

  • Tim Kawakami

    Young is living proof the three stooges actually had children.

  • Niners in 2012

    Bench unit is strong, if we ever get fully healthy. Jack, Rush, Landry, Ezeli.. man that’s better than some past years starting lineups.

  • Thewarriorsrule

    Barnes starter and Rush to solidify the bench was the right choice!

  • Dirk Suave

    Wouldn’t trade those two for Harden. Pretty sure Houston will regret that trade. Would have loved that trader or them if they had acquired DHow or Bynum. They gave up a SG who could already shoot as well as Harden in Smith. Lamb will prove crucial to OKC off the bench as he should/could have with Houston. Harden isn’t worth a two for one trade IMO. He’s definitely not worth rush and KThom. KThom shows the same ceiling as Harden and Rush has been just as versatile. The Dubs will need both in the now and future. Glad to see HB really look like a #7 pick. Excellent picks in this draft will provide valuable minutes off the bench. Ezili just may start at the 5 as well.
    Go Dubs.

  • hmmmm

    I WANT WINNERS…Harden was traded because he wants money, enough said.

  • young

    I hear you guys bc I love Klay too and Barnes has talent, but….

    Here’s my argument: A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the tree…

    Espn ranks harden #26 in the league, Klay is #135 and Barnes fell to #7 in the draft + Jerry West says this “kid has a long, long, long way to go…”

    If you would rather take a chance on 2 birds in the tree ok, but remember we are the warriors so our LUCK isnt very good. I do respect your position tho

    Now for those who believe today Thompson is a very good basket ball player, I’m afraid your thinking with your heart. I love Thompson, but dude was balled on by Gordon Haywood last year. He’s developing and is ineffective when his shots off bc that’s all he his right now…He’s growing. Lastly, ask any non GSW fan about this proposal and they love it for GSW. Try it. I have

  • young

    regarding Harden and winning, maybe true, but he just left the finals and we cant get into the playoffs. Cant accuse him of much there.

    Plus the insiders say the money increase is so small it was really about the respect of a max deal and being treated / seen as a Big 3, not Big 2 (durant and westbrook)

  • Bala

    So did Curry get a contract extension before the Oct 30th deadline?

  • rotfogel

    Harden is a good/great player. Not sure I’d be willing to part with Barnes when we don’t even know what we have with him. Klay Thompson seems to be developing really nicely too.

    I’ll stick with what we’ve got going into the season. I remember seeing Barnes at the end of his freshman year he was the best player in college basketball. He seems to have not played as well last year but I’m not sure if that had to do with other circumstances. this much I know of him: he is 6-8 225lbs…for a SF that is pretty big.