Warriors, Stephen Curry Agree to 4 Year, $44 Million Extension

The Warriors and point guard Stephen Curry have agreed to a four-year, $44 million contract extension, according to a team source. Curry is expected to sign the $11 million-per-year contract on Wednesday before the Warriors play Phoenix in the season opener.

Wednesday at 9 p.m. was the deadline for the Warriors to extend Curry’’s rookie contract. Curry had said he wanted the situation settled before to avoid distracting him from the season opener.

The source said Curry is excited about the contract because it gives him the three things he wanted: to stay with the Warriors, security, and a “reasonable” salary. His deal doesn’t include any bonuses or incentives. Curry has said all along he wanted to stay with the Warriors. In exchange Golden State got Curry, who has been hampered with ankle issues the last two seasons, at a discount price. (Tuesday, Denver’s Ty Lawson signed for four years, $48 million. Without the ankle issues, Curry likely would have gotten at least that amount).

There was uncertainty over whether the Warriors and Curry would reach a deal considering his ankle issues. He missed 40 games last season due to ankle sprains. After surgery in April, he worked his way back onto the court, then sprained his ankle again on Friday.

However, members of Warriors management said they weren’’t concerned over the latest sprain. And they were impressed with Curry’’s play since training camp began.

Marcus Thompson


    Now he can afford to by me my premium bootle service at the VIP table. He owes me big time for all I have for him! Pay up Steph!

  • arrow

    Brilliant! Let’s pick up Greg Oden too!

  • IMustBreakU

    And Amar’e Stoudemire!

  • Grey Warden

    I know some of you guys don’t like Monta and think he’s overpaid, but how is this a bargain, considering that Curry’s being paid the same yearly amount as Monta, and he has yet to prove he can stay on the court? Hate all you want about Monta, but at least he plays in games, even when he’s hurt. How many times have we seen him land on his head, hyper extend his knee, land hard on his back, and still play in the next game? Nobody questions Monta’s toughness, but everybody questions Curry’s. If this doesn’t work out, the Warriors will stay on the course to mediocrity for years to come.

  • Black-White Kidd

    Still not worth a first round fantasy pick lol. Hopefully he stays healthy, but ankle issues are in the encyclopedia under long-term.

  • Derek

    Another boneheaded move by the Dubs. Geez; when will the learn, when will they do the right thing. Curry is an above average player with a SERIOUS history of injuries. He’s not a real PG and he has BAD ankles. The team will never become elite as long as they continue the practice of overpaying for suspect performers.

  • Derek

    New management same stupidity ! I’m loyal but dang, the bonehead move just keep coming.

  • Xraided

    yea they’re morons. i thought steve cohan and nelly were gone? after a bunch of good moves being made in the offseason, they go and strap themselves with another “beans” type contract on a busted up player. nice.

  • Ewok

    The worst thing is to let go of him, and watch him torch us in the future..

    Everybody gets injured. The point of the matter is how soon and effective one heals… and you need a crystal ball to that (By the way, speaking of crystal balls, look how surprsingly horrible the star-studded Lakers played last night).

    Curry is a steal. For that amount of money, I think we got a good deal. We can make room for another impact player next year as we dump of Biedrins contract..

    I like the idea of getting Stoudamire (another often-injured player). Perhaps Demarcus Cousins is another consideration.

    Plus, i am sure there are stipulations in the Curry contract the protects the franchise if we are to get into disadvantageous situation.

    The key in the GS franchise is steady development.

  • Niners in 2012

    This tells me the Warriors want to win, and are willing to spend. They are DEEP into the luxury tax next year, this is not Cohans Warriors.

  • Derek

    Saw Curry today against the Suns, he was the slowest guard on the court. The team lost its lead and momenetum when he replaced Jack. Bad signs. Dude even choke two free throws to ice the game. Curry’s simply not that guy and never will be !