What to Watch For (Game): David Lee, Jarrett Jack Game-Time Decisions

Watch to see if David Lee and Jarrett Jack are available. Each of them missed shootaround with flu-like symptoms. Coach Mark Jackson said both are game-time decisions. But he’s not as worried, thanks to his depth.

JACKSON: “If they’re not available, it’s a great opportunity for someone else to step up and fulfill those roles. Hopefully, they’ll be ready, but we know that there are going to be situations like this throughout the course of the year. … This is a different team, in a different situation. We want a guy like Jarrett to play, but, at the same time, we feel very comfortable and confident in Charles Jenkins. He’s a proven guy. When you throw him out there, you can expect that he’s going to do the job. The same thing goes for Carl. The problem is not having those guys as a luxury behind other guys. Other than that, we’re going to be just fine.”

If Lee doesn’t go, Landry will start. That means Jeremy Tyler could see some time as the back-up power forward. Draymond Green can also play some there, too. While the Warriors many not lose much offensively, as Landry has been more of a force on offense than Lee, Golden State figures to suffer on the boards.

Lee is the Warriors’ leading rebounder. Not only that, the Cavs have a rebounding machine in Anderson Varejao. So Landry would really need to bring his A game on the boards

We’ve got to go out and find a way to get it done.”

If Lee can’t go, Landry will be the starting power forward. If Jack can’t play, Charles Jenkins will get the minutes as the backup point guard.

More to watch for …


Curry vs. Kyrie match-up will be pivotal. Anyone expecting Curry to shut down Kyrie is crazy. Cleveland’s second-year point guard is practically unguardable. But it will be important for Curry to stay out of foul trouble, especially if there is no Jack. Irving is relentless with his penetration, and Curry can get caught reaching.

Plus Curry, really needs to go back at Kyrie. That’s a way to kind of negate Irving’s production.


Brandon Rush was at the Warriors’ facility on Wednesday. Out for the year with a torn ACL, his team surprised him with a visit on Tuesday. Mark Jackson tweeted about beating Rush in pool.

JACKSON: “It was great for us and great for him. It was great to see him in good spirits, as good as can be expected. It’s special to see guys who, not only buy in, but buy in together. I don’t take it for granted, because I’ve seen the other side.”

Watch to see Richard Jefferson’s play. Jackson is leaning on him more with Rush out, and Jefferson doesn’t seem to be content with spotting up in the corner. If he’s slashing and being active on defense, he could be a key asset off the bench.

Marcus Thompson

  • Ewok

    Maybe this is a good way to give the young guys some experience… By Tanking! Haha!

  • Young

    How can Mark Jackson mention Charles Jenkins and Carl Landry in the same breathe???

    Marcus how did you not call him out on this?

    Charles Jenkins “Ain’t” proven. And he for sure ain’t no Carl Landry