Andrew Bogut Will Be Out Longer Than 7 to 10 Days … Until 2013?

Warriors coach Mark Jackson said after Tuesday’s practice that center Andrew Bogut will not join the team on the three-game road tip this weekend.

MARK JACKSON: “We’re going to stay true to the rehab and try to get him as strong as possible. When he’s ready, he’ll play. But he won’t be on the trip.”

That means Bogut will be out longer than initially announced. On Thursday, Jackson revealed that Bogut was being shut down for 7 to 10 days so he could focus on rehab and strengthening his surgically repaired left ankle. But since Jackson ruled him out for the road trip, Bogut will miss at least 12 days and six games.

The plan was to re-evaluate Bogut at the end of that 7 to 10 days and make a plan from that point. Wednesday is the seventh day, so Bogut was never expected to play. But the initial timetable, which had  suggested there was a chance Bogut could play on the coming road trip, perhaps Sunday at Oklahoma City or Monday at Dallas.

But even after the Warriors get back from the trip, don’t expect Bogut to hope right back in.

Team sources said all parties involved are resolved to hold Bogut out of action until he’s 100 percent. The last thing they want is for him to return to action then have to sit out again.

It seems unlikely he’ll be back before December and it is fathomable he could be out through the remainder of 2012 since the goal is for him to get to 100 percent.

The standard for Bogut now, having gotten to test his ankle in games, is no longer for it to be healthy enough for him to be on the floor. The goal is to get him healthy enough for this ankle to not be an issue again. No one is ruling out Bogut returning next week even, but Golden State management is prepared for an elongated stint without Bogut, even until 2013  if that’s what it takes.

To many, however, such a short period on the shelf never seemed realistic — especially since Bogut said he wanted to come back when he could move around like he wanted and play more than 20 minutes. In his first four appearances as a Warrior, Bogut averaged 6 points, 3.8 rebounds, 2 assists and a block in 18.3 minutes. He said he grew frustrated with being limited as he wasn’t able to push off his left ankle.

Jackson, on Tuesday, seemed to want to do away with speculating on Bogut’s return.

JACKSON: “We are going to continue to rehab and when he’s ready to go, he’s ready to go. I don’t even think it makes sense to put a number on it. We’re not going to force a timetable. We’re just going to use wisdom.”

No, he won’t make the trip. No. We’re going to stay truye to the rehab and try to get him as strong as possible. When he’s ready he’ll play, but he won’t be on the trip.

Marcus Thompson

  • chamberoftofu

    This team doesn’t deserve to play in San Francisco, leave them at oracle. Bogut is an OLD veteran and is too smart to play now, he is medically cleared by doctors but pulls himself out because this season will soon be a disappointment. Bogut knows he could play through pain as we witnessed, but will keep making his franchise money and until things really matter. The warriors team captain wears a suit and a boot on game day. Would they rather deal with Demarcus Cousins?

  • Zak

    The point with any trade of that magnitude – best for best – has to be exactly timed for a team’s ability to win in the playoffs. The Bucks needed to be ready to win in the immediate with Monta hitting his prime, the W’s don’t have that ability. So this week, next year, it’s really not the point.

    The point is whether Bogut will ever be close to the all-star player he was- Charles Barkley thinks not and that was my thought at the time of the trade. If he’s not it’s clear the W’s got absolutely fleeced because they’re not getting rid of him. If he can play the season next year then we wait and see.

  • PhillyJ

    and the sucking continues. Ws are forever doomed.

    Time to start over and trade everyone.

  • Grey Warden

    Quick, let’s extend his contract! Another 4 more years, max contract. I hear Greg Oden’s available next year as well. Get em signed!

  • Better Fred Than Red

    I think you meant to say “hop”.

  • Grey Warden

    Might as well shut down Bogut for the season. Curry as well. Give Jenkins, Barnes, Bazemore, Festus the Bestus, and Tyler bulk minutes. Need to move up in the lottery next year.

  • Zak

    Barkley also highlights the fact that even with the trade of Monta the W’s still have a 2 in Curry and no true starting PG. So before they can be taken as a serious threat they need to address that situation and indeed it looks like that’s a quandary for Jackson. We’ve seen Jack, Curry, Thompson, and even Barnes handling in the backcourt- clearly not ideal for a young team. It might be ideal that Klay does take the role if Curry can truly be the healthy scorer on a consistent basis- but it’s not what they’ve groomed him to be.

  • nickj

    What a mess we’ve got on our hands?

  • DW

    Is anyone honestly surprised?

  • Dillymac

    Yeah he’s not ever gonna play for the Warrior’s, he’s only gonna get paid by the Warriors.

  • daniel

    Is this news? we all know Bogut was not ready and may not be ready til next year. He is too big and heavy so unless the ankle is 100% sound, he should sit.

  • deano

    So many Chicken Littles. Where id they all come from?

  • Commish

    I’m shocked

  • 808oahu

    Least we got our World Series Champs “Giants”, and Niners”

    I lost hope on the W’s long ago. Doomed.
    The guys next door doomed as well.

  • . . .and most of maintained the “100%” stance even before the season started.

    Even national media heaped pressure on Bogut to play on opening night. I stated it was more realistic to expect Bogut to play 55-65 games @ 100% (or so) & not to prematurely return to placate fans, media & GSW (mis) management. Now it’s a waiting game complete with “setback” reports & more speculation.

    And, #2, WTF? Are you a 2012 “doom & gloomer?” If so your demise is soon to occur, rendering your rants moot. . .

  • More and more people in the NBA are convinced Stephen Curry is really a 2 guard.
    His defense my be the real issue here. For a team to use Curry as a 2 guard, the rest of the team would have to be very good defensely. Unfortunately, the Warriors are not that team.
    I love Curry, however, the Warriors might want to consider trading him while he is healthy and has some value, before he hurts his ankle again.

  • Derek

    It was a moronic move to resign Curry when he could and should be traded for a true PG or package with Lee for decent returns. The reality is Monta and Thompson would have been a better backcourt than the Curry/Thompson combo. Monta was much quicker,and attacked the basket. Monta was/is far more durable. The coach would have then had to do his job and make Monta share alittle more. basically the team as currently constructed should be blown up. Curry, Lee and Bogus are all expendable. Trading Curry and Lee may be able to garner the team decent return.s

  • Fire Bob Fitzgerald

    I don’t know how anyone can spin what is going on with Bogut as a positive. The news re Bogut has been negative over and over again: His injury problem has continued through multiple points in time when (at the time of the pronouncement) everyone including Bogut himself (see for example his now wildly optimistic assertions that he would play in the Oympics) thought he would be ready. Basically we are reduced to waiting for Bogut to determine he is ready to play nothing more nothing less. This situation looks worse and worse as every day goes by.

  • Bring Bernard King Back

    Inexperienced ownership + inexperienced general manager + inexperienced coach + inexperienced players = nothing other than a sub 500 team.

  • Stan

    Bogut never knew he couldn’t push off his ankle until gameday?..Columbo and Monk would make mince meat of Golden States statements.

  • Ron

    #8, agree 100%. Make Jack and Jenkins the two PG’s for now and look to trade for one. Curry is a tweener guard. Can play point but not great at penetrating. Also a good shooter who can play SG.

  • rio kid

    Jack and Curry the best combo on the floow for the warriors. I agree with Ron let him shoot and for Jiminy’s sake he is the best free throw shooter outside of Nash.. get thee to the line young man. Watch some old Indiana Pacer film; watch the master. While not as tall or as aggressive he is probably a better shooter and could be an interesting look. Vs. Memphis it worked really nicely.

  • Young

    Teams not playing that bad. 1 game behind .500

    8th seed will be about .520%. Prolly win tonight vs atl. This is actually good considering circumstances…

    No bogut
    Rush Out
    Curry off
    Thompson off
    Lee off (might continue all season, but who’da guessed. Balled last year)

  • mvalfan2

    I think the Warriors are playing better than they have. The main issue is not Bogut but its that Klay and Curry arent shooting their best, then we lost rush which hurt bad, but these guys are playing well. What we have to see though is how they do on this upcoming road trip. if they cant go .500 or better then its going to be all bad. I know its early but we have to be able to win on the road consistenly. Landry is a beast and has helped us out this year in a big way, but i like Ezeli starting right now, this guys is tough and h can rebound and block shots, and he is giving us just about what bogut can give right now as well. But once Bogut get to full tilt, i think we can make a nice run. I love Curry but I think i love Jack a little more because he runs the team a little bit better. But we are going to be okay