Warriors’ Andrew Bogut Getting the Blood-Manipulation Treatment Regenokine

Warriors center Andrew Bogut has been receiving injections in his surgically repaired left ankle while rehabilitating in Los Angeles, according to a Warriors official.

Bogut went to SoCal to continue his rehab under the supervision of Dr. Richard Ferkel, who performed arthroscopic surgery on Bogut’s ankle in April. While there, he has received several injections of Regenokine injections.

These treatments, designed to diminish swelling and assist in Bogut’s recovery, are a form of blood-manipulation therapy. It is usually used to treat joint pain, lower back pain and forms of arthritis. It works by taking blood from the patient, manipulating it to get a concentrated protein-heavy fluid, then injecting it into the problem area. Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez have reportedly benefited from the procedure.

Marcus Thompson

  • Damon

    I don’t think they were doing these when Charles Barkley was playing 🙂

    I am glad to see the active treatment attempts,
    hoping for the best, am I.

    Go Dubs!

  • Twinkie defense

    Makes me nervous when guys need these experimental therapies…

  • mick

    Classic Warriors! I love the efforts by the new ownership, but somethings don’t change. Like bad moves; drafting UDOH over Monroe….we wouldn’t being having this discussion if that never happened. Letting J. Lin go to make a weak attempt to sign Deandre Jordan. Not trading Beidrins to the Rockets. I hope Klay, Steph and Barnes work out, but most of their strengths are the same. What’s next? I still love my team, but it comes down to this….IS BOB MYERS a going to be a good GM? TO be contiued…

  • Derek

    Greg Monroe, J. Lin/Monta, backcourt, Barnes and/or anyother decent small forwards and lee would have given the Warriors a far better starting five in comparison to what they currently have. Rocket trade or amnesty = No Biedrens, which spelled extra cash for far better players. No Bogut or Jefferson contracts also meant more money and/or better players

  • windex66

    The Bogut deal had to be made. Guards are a dime a dozen; Big Men with classic skills are rare these days, let alone one who can pass, take a charge, and is TOUGH.

    Get him healthy! I don’t care if it is January.

    It does cause me concern that they let him play prematurely without a thorough vetting process. That shows a gap to me.

    Experimental procedure on our most important player? Yikes! WHO made this decision – the same person who let him play early??? Did Kobe make the decision?

    This procedure may be the cats meow, but it isn’t condoned by our medical associations or the AMA (??). Every medical procedure has a risk. Is his ankle that bad? Or is this procedure that low risk? I know it helped Tracy McGrady and Kobe, but has it also affected other players negatively?

  • Fire Bob Fitzgerald

    I fervently hope these injections work but this development doesn’t sound like a good one to me.

  • D In UC

    Would really like to see a big guy in the last 5 minutes….we get killed late. Coaches rotations leave a lot to be picked apart. Having said that i think we have the roster- I think Curry is expendable though…dont know why we signed unless we can trade him.

  • Smokey

    I had similar procedure done to my ankle this year. It took about 4 months to fully heal without the soreness and swelling.

    Am finally able to run and push off on it. It just takes time to get back to 100%.

    I had the same concerns that it was not getting any better but stretching and easing back helped.

    Good luck!!

  • Dillymac

    All you people who are hoping for the best are just wasting your time! Bought will never ever EVER play more then 5-10 games a season if ever agiain, but I can’t complain to much because I would have traded Monte Ellis for a bag of basketballs and a donut. That is about what he’s worth right?

    Ok maybe 2 donuts

  • Dillymac

    I meant Bogut not bought stupid smart phone isn’t that smart……..Just like the Warriors front office