Warriors C Andrew Bogut Said He doesn’t Want to “Fool Anybody”

Yes, I’m supposed to be off.

Yes, we’re supposed to be talking about the Warriors’ 8-6 start, leading the Pacific Division this late in the season for the first time since 2005. We should be talking about how Harrison Barnes will eventually be the Mayor of Oakland and how Mark Jackson has the Warriors top 5 in rebounding and playing tough. Instead, we’re talking about Andrew Bogut’s ankle.

The Warriors had better learn quickly that Warriors center Andrew Bogut is not the best at biting his tongue. This all started with a conscious decision to withhold information about his injury. And it has led to a scandal on the verge of forcing the Warriors to hire Olivia Pope. 

This could have been prevented by simply giving the goods up front, especially if the doctor is adamant about how long the recovery will take and not rushing Bogut back. Certainly, it’s on Bogut for doing too much. But it’s hard to believe he received wise council. Even if the Warriors weren’t pressuring him to play, it seems they certainly weren’t advising him on the BEST way to handle the bad news he received on his ankle.

Here is the transcript from their interview today, provided by Carl Steward.

Reading the varying reports of the situation with Andrew’s ankle, wondering if you are square on it?MYERS: We’re square, and I hope he feels the same way. I think he does. We’ve always been square, and I would be concerned if that wasn’t the case. I think one thing I do have some pulse of having represented players – and with Andrew – we’ve always had open dialogue and always will. I feel very good about our communication internally, and I think that always has been on a good level and will continue to be.

As to a question of when he’ll play, he’ll play when he’s ready. That answer’s going to have to suffice. I think beyond that everything is speculation.

BOGUT: As far as the reports, there was never any pressure from the organization. The pressure was from was me, myself. After the big trade, I wanted to be out there to help my my team and play basketball games, so the pressure never came from anybody – Bob or coach or the owners. It was pressure strictly put on me by myself. Did I maybe rush back a little bit? Maybe. But I needed to test it out to see how it responded in an NBA environment, and obviously it didn’t respond well. So we’re not going to set any more timelines. Right now, when it’s ready, it’s ready.

MYERS: I would add that we’re extremely pleased how Andrew has approached the recovery. Having been around NBA players for a long time, he is at the highest level of professionalism. He is always on time doing everything we’ve asked of him. And he wants to play. Anybody that loves to do anything gets frustrated when they can’t do it. But we’re thrilled with how he’s approaching it. Clearly, the frustration is that everybody wants him to play, but as far as what we can control, he’s doing everything in his power to do that. So as an organization, we’re 100 percent behind, always have been, always will be. We can’t wait to have him back.

Warriors have a history of not being truthful about their injuries. What did the team game by not telling the whole story of Andrew’s surgery?

MYERS: On any injury that occurs, I don’t think there’s any attempt at deception or omission. We convey it how we think is appropriate as long as we’re on the same page with the athlete. I like to think that we are transparent and that we always will be and try to do a good job informing the media. Any time somebody wants to look back and see how something was conveyed, you can potentially find fault, but I think you have to trust me, Andrew and trust the organization that we’re trying to do things the right way and be honest. In this situation with Andrew, there’s never beeen any intention to mislead. That serves no purpose for us.

In both your minds, how much did the microfracture surgery change the dynamic of the rehab and recovery time?

MYERS: To address that component of it, I think the overall procedure, the focus wasn’t that, on the procedure. And the recovery time, we always knew – and this goes back to being on the same page – this was something that would allow him to maybe be ready to go for camp, which was close. He practiced a couple times, wasn’t far off what we thought it would be, and then attempted to play. It went really good the first couple games he played, he felt good. We felt good.

MYERS: Like anything, in any sport, you don’t know how your body is going to respond, and his body said it’s not ready to go. That’s OK, and now we’re in a position to where we’re going to wait until it is. So from an internal standpoint, we knew this was going to be a process. There were a lot of components to the injury he suffered that made it be a situation where it may take a little time, but I don’t think that element of it, knowing it from the get-go, changed any of our expectations and don’t for that matter change them today as to how we approached it from the outset.

BOGUT: As far as the surgery went, it was a situation where I was going in for microfracture or anything like that, but the doctor did mention if he did see something in there while I was under the knife he was going to make a second decision. He was leaning more that he wasn’t going to do that, there was a very rare chance. But while I was under, it would be a good idea to get it clean and get it right, because otherwise at some point down the track of my career, I would have to get it done. So we did it all in one swoop and that’s obviously what set me back as far as the timeline. It’s just one of those things.

Did that additional procedure extended your recovery period?

BOGUT: Of course it did, yeah. Without that procedure, I’m at eight weeks. That’s July. But this procedure is obviously much more detailed and in-depth.

What made you finally say you had the procedure?

BOGUT: Obviously, we don’t want to fool anybody and I don’t want to fool anybody. I want to keep creating a little excitement that hey, Andrew’s maybe playing Saturday. I’d just had enough. It just takes a toll on me and the organization. There was no pressure from inside the organization. But it just to a point where we spoke this morning and I just said make it an indefinite leave until I’m ready.

Are you concerned this may impact your entire season?

BOGUT: Not right now, the season’s 5-6 months before the playoffs, which we have a great chance of making. I don’t think it’s going to be 5-6 months. I hope it won’t be. It would be a massive setback if it was. I’m not going to say a month or two months or three months, but I definitely think I’ll be back.

Marcus Thompson

  • Young

    warriors lied

    Did that additional procedure extended your recovery period?

    BOGUT: Of course it did, yeah. Without that procedure, I’m at eight weeks. That’s July. But this procedure is obviously much more detailed and in-depth.


    alot of people bought season tickets based upon the return of this “top 3 center in the league” nonsense.
    It was obvious from the beginning. Why in the world would the Bucks take Monta Ellis for the “3rd best center in the leauge”. They knew. The Warriors knew. Lacob is a snake oil salesmen , all those VC guys are.

  • daniel

    Meyers is still lying, btw

    Fortunately, it is just sports.

  • Poundwater

    So frustrating. And what a waste of a talent Bogut is between Milwaukee and Golden State.

  • Niners in 2012

    Warriors are still a playoff team without Bogut. We’re better than Minny, Dallas, Houston, Portland, PHX, NO, Sac.. hey guess what, that puts up in the top 8.

  • chamberoftofu

    Whats the point of playoffs if we know we can’t get past the first round?

  • chamberoftofu

    The Warriors still cant compete with Denver, Lakers, Spurs, or the Grizzlies.

  • Young

    Not convinced were playoffs without Bogut…

    I hope so. But it’s hard to believe we are 4th best rebounding team in nba after 82 games

  • Trevor

    I really don’t get what all the complaining is about. Are fans frustrated? Sure. Are Bogut and the Warriors frustrated? Of course. Does anyone actually think this is going to be a career-threatening injury? You’ve got to be really, really dumb to think so. I mean, my god people, we went through this with Ellis after his accident. We went through this last year with Curry. After each incident Chicken Littles were saying “Oh, his career is over! We should trade him now while we can still get 10 cents on the dollar for him!” Who’s talking about Ellis’ ankle now? No one. Is anyone even still talking about Curry’s ankle? I haven’t heard anything since training camp. How many guys ever have their careers shortened by ankle injuries?!? Name one. Knees and feet are different issues, but ankles? C’mon guys, show a little grit. We’ve been through this twice before. Both guys came back fine. Bogut will too.

  • Aussie Warrior

    Well said Trevor! The Warriors and Bogut are doing the right thing by taking their time to get it right. The guy is desperate to play – he’s a gamer. He’ll be back ready to roll when fit. He’s not doing a Shaq and rehabbing on company time. The Warriors just need to hang tough and compete while he’s out, which they’re doing. Make the playoffs and we’ll be back on the path to respectability, and who knows from there? We have reason to hope for the first time in years, and Bogut’s “set back” doesn’t change that.

  • Bravo

    Meyers said: “In this situation with Andrew, there’s never beeen any intention to mislead. That serves no purpose for us.” Interesting. Meyers has not lied; but Meyers has also not told the whole truth. And the “purpose” of his actions were (drum roll please) to sell tickets! Come clean Warriors. It’s good for your soul.

  • EvanZ

    Trevor, 7′, 280 pound humans are not exactly built like the rest of us. There’s a reason a guy like Greg Oden or Yao Ming never came back. When they get injuries like this, it’s different. That’s just a fact of life and a fact of sports. The risk of Bogut not coming back EVER is much higher than for a guard who sprains his ankle a few times.

  • deano

    This is all so bizzare. Bob Myers has done a great job with the hard stuff: making smart personnel moves. Yet here he is, tripping over the simple task of communicating with the media. There was nothing to be gained by lying about Bogut’s injury. The truth usually comes out eventually; and the truth would not have made the FO look stupid for making the trade to acquire Bogut. Ellis’ absence and Ezeli’s presence have already resulted in a net gain. Now we have cause to doubt and distrust the FO. What a pile of Cohan.

  • McFadden60

    I have to agree with Deano. There may be nothing sinister to this, but then why lie? For that matter, why lie about Rush tearing his mcl as well as his acl? W’s fans a loyal to a fault and beyond. We’re still gonna baahh…I mean buy tickets. At least give us the respect of the truth.

  • nickj

    That’s all I want to say as well because the truth will come out and you cannot be trusted and their words become a pile of Cohan as was said by Deano. That can’t be good but as long as we’re payin, mgmt will tap dance.

  • joey

    And this folks is why trading Monta for Bogut was a bad trade. Can I get some more boos please.

  • Ewok

    I think some reactions in the forum is a bit exagerated.

    First of all, What difference would Monta Ellis make in this situation? 24 to 30 wins? Come on guys!

    Nobody lied. The Front office merely gave a time table based on optimism and hope. That’s all… Just like Bogut himself, we are all impatient. But its something we need to learn in dealing with..

    Should we blame the front office for capitalizing on optimism and potential of a rare talented big Man? Bogut has a serious injury but he is not damaged goods.. We have a Medical Team that examined it.. What’s the fuss? It’s just taking a bit of time to heal..

    I think people are missing the reality points of injuries, especially major injuries… and it is what it is…

    Frankly, I actually think the Front office is aware something like this will happen and sure enough, they had a Plan B on the matter… in the person of Ezeli… not to mention project, Jeremy Tyler… It’s not like they gambled for nothing..

    The result of giving up Monta Ellis, wasn’t really Bogut alone, It was the acquisition of Ezeli, Green and Barnes and all of them are doing spectacular jobs.. Without these three, would we be able to entice Jack and Landry? I don’t think so… and we have a winning record so far due to these changes.. so i think its best to simply stick to the plan and take advantage of the exposure Barnes, Ezeli and Green are getting..

    So Kudos to the Front Office led by Jerry West not only for managing the team to the present but also in anticipation of the future….

  • rockridge

    I’m a little confused about the whole situation overall…Bogut says he doesn’t want to “fool anyone” but yet it’s not the Warrior’s fault for “misleading” fans either?

    What concrete timetable for his return was set in the first place? I assumed Bogut was out “indefinitely” the entire time and never heard of any real timetable. By implying fan’s were “fooled” he is making this situation worse and sinister.

    He says: “So we’re not going to set any more timelines. Right now, when it’s ready, it’s ready.” Who is the “we” he speaks of? If it’s partly the front office the Warriors are partially to blame — if the “we” is just him and his agent he needs to be a man a say “I” not “we.”

    If no one was lying then why come out seemingly apologizing, and imply fan’s were being “fooled?” I like Bogut, and loved the trade for him but in my opinion this was mostly a mistake on Bogut’s part. He’s apologizing about being vague on his injury — by being even more vague about who did what.

    Note to Andrew: You’ve been traded for a widely popular fan favorite, to a young team under new ownership with a new GM and head coach, with extremely impatient and frustrated fan’s, and you are injured and labeled injury prone…This is about the worst situation in history to imply that your fans are being “fooled” in any way.

    If Andrew can’t handle the pressure of playing for the Golden State Warriors in rebuilding mode — maybe he doesn’t need to be in the NBA at all. So he’s been injured his entire career…He’s admitting that he injured himself further prolonging his absence…He’s implying fan’s were “fooled” (mostly by him and his agent)…And now he’s trying to take the highroad for coming clean?

    Like I said I like Bogut and I am not going to give up on him, but there’s a reason why the Milwaukee Bucks moved on from this guy. He’s been in the league too long at this point and is too unproven to be injuring himself by bad decisions.

    Lacob needs to quit planning his Utopian space station pet project on Pier 32 — and worry about getting his core players in uniform not in street clothes, and not making bold promises to the media he can’t deliver.

  • Black-White Kidd

    Marcus, why not jam up Myers a bit?

    In my mind while reading this is a nagging itch to punch someone. I sit here reading and feel like Myers is lying right to my face. And he is.

    The W’s had nothing for Monta and are a better team without him. Curry needs to mature as a player and he is already moving along at a much higher pace than in the past. Besides, Monta would have been a huge sideshow had the W’s not traded him. He asked for it on the dawn of the deadline. People seem to forget that.

    All that said, lets look at the positive:

    Festus Ezeli is getting his share of minutes as a rookie and looking like one of the best picks of the second round and maybe the draft per value. Barnes has also come out strong. Klay Thompson is starting to hit his shots again and Curry is looking like a premiere PG. We’re exceptionally young, but exceptionally talented, and Bogut is just a bonus.

  • Derek

    #2 aka Gizzim; put down the crack pipe. Bogut is nowhere close to being the 3rd best center in the league. He’s actually have trouble cracking the top 10. He sure made a big difference in Milwaukee, they sucked with and without him.

    Now is actually a great time to trade for a good athletic center. Simply making the playoffs is for loser mentality types. The team should be playing for a championship, not simply making the playoffs. Being average should never be a goal.

    BTW: 1. Dwight Howard
    2. Al Jefferson
    3. DeMarcus Cousins
    4. Andrew Bynum
    5. Marc Gasol
    6. Chris Bosh,
    7. Al Horford
    8. Greg Monroe
    9. Tyson Chandler
    10. Brook Lopez
    11. Roy Hibbard

    Are all better than Bogut. In fact Horford would be a great addition to the Warriors.

  • Derek

    When a big guy like Bogut breaks down, it’s over career wise. How many bigs have any of you people known who have recovered from longterm injuries and regained their previous abilities. Do you people live in the real world. Chalk Bogut up as a loss and move forward. The Dubs may be able to unload the guy for a bag of balls and free up future cap space. Other than that the guy is nothing more than a mirage.

  • Derek

    Adding Anderson Varejao makes the Warriors serious Championship contenders over night. A guy like that is the missing link. Move past Bogut. Cleveland is going nowhere, they may be open to taking Beidrens expiring contract and a first round pick.

    I neglected to add his name to the list of Centers better than Bogut. Varejo is actually a top 3 center, averaging 14 pts and 14 rebounds on a pathetic team

  • Black-White Kidd


    Varejao isn’t a FA until 2015. Bogut is a top 3 C and one of the few starters willing to put the team over everything. It looks like you just copied and pasted your fantasy stuff there man. The W’s are a squad and more than I think anyone really thought they were.

    Any player who isn’t worried about their own statline but is worried about the W, is a top five C at very least. That’s an attribute you can’t get from many players whatsoever.