Warriors Send Rookie G Kent Bazemore to D-League; Dominic McGuire’s Return Unlikely

The Warriors announced on Friday that rookie guard Kent Bazemore has been sent to the NBA Development League.

Bazemore, who has appeared in only six games and totaled 10 minutes thus far, will be in the lineup for the Santa Cruz Warriors’ season opener at Reno tonight. It is uncertain yet how long Bazemore will be with the D-League squad (it is fairly certain Jeremy Tyler will join him at some point). Santa Cruz starts its season with seven straight on the road, the first two being in Reno.

For the immediate future, it seems Golden State is hanging on to their summer league find. According to a team source, the team is likely not going after former Warriors swingman Dominic McGuire, who became a fan favorite last season with his defensive style of play.

The Toronto Raptors waived McGuire recently, opening the door for McGuire’s return. But Golden State’s roster is full, which means someone would need to be cut to make room for him. Bazemore, an undrafted free agent on a non-guaranteed contract, is the obvious candidate. But the Warriors are not yet ready to sever ties with Bazemore.

A major factor, no doubt, is that the Warriors are slightly over the luxury tax threshold. They can still get under the tax with another move by the end of the season. One of the options is to waive Bazemore before his contract becomes guaranteed. But Golden State has until January to make that decision.

Golden State doesn’t have as urgent a need for McGuire with the play of rookie forward Draymond Green. Though not as athletic, he’s been the defensive Swiss Army knife McGuire was last season.

Since Green is going to play, minutes for McGuire figure to be scarce. The only other spot Golden State seems to have minutes is behind shooting guard Klay Thompson since swingman Brandon Rush is lost for the year. But coach Mark Jackson seems content with the tandem of point guards Stephen Curry and Jarrett Jack serving as the back-up shooting guard.

Marcus Thompson

  • Kevin

    Hey Marcus, wondering if Richard Jefferson is still injured, do you know his status? Would warriors need him at some point?

  • supernashwan

    Jack isn’t really the back up shooting guard, he runs the point when Curry/Klay is on the floor with him, otherwise they go three guards where they seem to share ball handling responsibilities.
    Warriors need to keep Jenkins and get him minutes, he is a great player and is probably the best defender out of Jack/Curry/Klay too, sending him to the D-League would make the Warriors less flexible.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    25 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 steals in his first game. Looks like he didn’t gather much rust on the bench.

  • swap out R Jefferson for McGuire! RJ has been pretty worthless at the things we signed him for. McGuire could probably shoot as good a percentage as him.
    I’m sure there are good contract reasons this can’t happen, but that’s my take.

  • dL_EVO

    Johnpfree: We didn’t sign him. RJ was acquired in a trade the same day Monta was traded.

    Monta/Udoh was sent to the Bucks for Bogut/S.Jax

    S.Jax was then sent to San Antonio for Richard Jefferson and a 1st round 2012 pick that produced Draymond Green.

    We are stuck with RJ, nobody in their right mind is going to trade for him with that hefty contract.

  • Jaysohn

    There are HUGE contract reasons why the Warriors can’t dump Jefferson, around 10 million this year and next. They took on his big contract so they could get rid of Stack Jack and pick up another first round pick which has turned out pretty good in Ezeli.

  • marvin destin

    So now they waive Tyler.
    THAT leave room for D-Mac?

  • KennySeagle, Emperor of the North

    ideas about swapping r jefferson 4 mcguire go no where

    we’re stuck…. his best value comes when he’s a expiring

    & he is seriously washed up


  • Dave