Warriors Owned By Orlando, End 5-Game Streak

The Warriors’ five-game win streak to start this trip, including the upset at Miami, began on the heels of a demoralizing home loss to Orlando. And that very streak ended at the hands of Orlando on Friday.
The Magic verified  the win at Oracle was no fluke. Orlando’s comfortable 99-85 win showed it simply has the Warriors’  number.
MARK JACKSON: “We got some good looks, just missed some shots. But more important, those guys made plays, they made shots. I thought we were once again a step slow. When we are at our best, we are in sync, we’re in rhythm, moving where the ball is going, contesting shots, sealing the deal with rebounds. Tonight, it just wasn’t there.”
So tonight, the Warriors have something to play for at Atlanta.  They  have a chance to go 6-1 on this season-long trip.
But mostly they’re playing for a chance to get the nasty taste out if their mouths. Golden State has worked hard to become a blue-collar, grind-it-out team. After getting outworked by Orlando, the Warriors have some re-establishing to do.
JACKSON: “We’re not front-runners who are going to start pointing fingers and making excuses. Hey, we lost. It happens. The top teams in this league bounce back. They own it and move forward. That’s exactly what we plan on doing.”

More on Saturday’s victory …

MVP: Jarrett Jack

He was one of the few players who seemed ready to play. He wound up doing a little bit of everything: 12 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals, 1 turnover in 35 minutes. He played good defense when he was on Redick, though JJ was able to get his shot off over Jack

MDP: Klay Thompson

He is the most disappointing player because he didn’t have it on either end. He was 3 of 13 shooting and had a tough time keeping up with J.J. Redick. To be fair, Jarrett Jack spent quite a bit of time defending Redick. But that was largely because Thompson wasn’t owning the matchup as he should have.

KEY MOMENT I: In the final minute of the first quarter, the Warriors had a chance to salvage a hideous start and go into the second quarter down just a point or tied.  But Jack missed a jumper late in the shot clock and E’Twaun Moore answered with a pull-up from 18 feet.

On the ensuing possession, with the final seconds ticking away,  Jenkins missed an 8-footer. Carl Landry — who has been struggling of late — got the rebound  inside, right in his wheelhouse. His first attempt: blocked by Magic center Gustavo Ayon.

Landry gets the ball back and, clearly determined, goes up stronger. Blocked again, this time by rookie forward Andew Nicholson.
So, in a microcosm of the night, Landry and the Warriors headed back to the bench empty handed, thwarted by players most fans have never heard of. Golden State was down just five, 19-14, but it was clear it would be a long night.

YEAH, WHAT HE SAID: “We didn’t expect to go undefeated the rest of the way. We’ve had a great run. This team beat us tonight. We made some mistakes. We missed some shots. We missed some assignments. They key is for us not to allow a loss to take us back to where we once were. I have total confidence in this group that we will continue to make strides to being the team that we’ve been. Our identity will be the last five games and not (how we played against Orlando). We take it and move on.” — Warriors coach Mark Jackson

COACH’S CORNER: Not exactly a gem for Mark Jackson. You can certainly question his decision to stay in Miami another day, but I think that’s overrated. More pertinent was he couldn’t seem to push the right buttons to get the Warriors going.

Oddly, though, with Orlando’s physicality and length hurting the Warriors again, Festus Ezeli played just 12 minutes.

Why not run Biedrins out there? It’s not like he would’ve ruined the offense. But he probably could’ve matched the activity of the Magic bigs. In a game like that, when its clear your regulars don’t have it, maybe an unconventional move is in order.

What I really think might have been a good jump starter? Put Bazemore in and let him pressure full court

Jackson hung with his guys instead of resting them, too, but that was a good thing in my opinion. Bad message to send to give up on that game too soon. I like letting them fight better than waiving a white flag with six minutes left.

KEY MOMENT II: A 3-pointer by Stephen Curry cut Orlando’s lead to 34-31 with 5:25 left in the first half. Then the Magic took off.

They scored three straight baskets inside and Nicholson drew a foul on the fourth attempt. The rookie then blocked Lee’s layup on one end an nailed a 17footer on the other, pushing Orlando’s lead to 43-33 in a three-minute span.

Three more baskets inside, the Magic’s lead was up to 49-33. The 15-2 run in essence is what did the Warriors in.

CURRY: “I don’t know exactly how to stop them. They run their plays hard. They are a hard-working group for 48 minutes. They made a lot of big shots and we tried to claw our way back but couldn’t get over the hump. Thankfully, we don’t have to play them again.”

TELLING STAT: The  Warriors took 92 shots, which is 10 above their average of attempts per game, and still only managed 85 points. They shot 37.7 percent. Oddly enough, they weren’t just jacking 3s like crazy either (7 of 20).  Golden State (39) actually took more shots in the paint than Orlando. (37). But the Warriors missed 22 shots inside as the Magic set a season-high with 11 blocks.

DAVID LEE: “It felt like we were getting solid shots and they just weren’t going down. This is part of playing on the road. Some nights you aren’t going to have good shooting nights, but those are the times you have to dominate the glass and play better defense than we did.”

SERIOUSLY?: Nicholson looked like an all-star. He had 15 points on 6 of 9 shooting with 9 rebounds and four blocks in 24 minutes

MAGIC COACH JACQUE VAUGHN: “Andrew can score the basketball … They tried to go small and I thought it was an advantage for us to try and throw it into the post for Andrew.”

KEY MOMENT III: Down 18 with just shy of six minutes left, the Warriors showed a little life. A Thompson 3-pointer followed by a Lee layup highlighted a 6-0 Warriors run, leading to a Magic timeout.

But you really had to sit up in your seat after the Warriors got a stop and an Jack pull-up to cut it to 93-83.

After two looks at the basket, Orlando failed to score on its ensuing possession. Uh oh. The Warriors had the ball and about two minutes left. Could they?

After Jack dribbled out the clock and wound up hoisting a 3, the answer was clear: NO.

JACK:  “I’m proud of the guys though. We could’ve been a team that came in here and said, ‘They’re hitting shots. Let’s just fold the tent.’ You know what I mean? One through 15 kept fighting, and that’s the character, the make-up, of a really good team … Are you willing to rally around one another when things aren’t going your way? When the game isn’t pretty at all? When you’ve got to muster some type of energy from somewhere? …. I thought that’s what we did.”

BEFORE YOU GO: Lee now has at least 20 points and 10 rebounds in six straight games (and seven straight road games). The last Warrior to pull of either was Nate Thurmond. During the last six games, Lee is averaging averaging 24.2 points on 57.8 percent shooting with 13.7 rebounds.

Marcus Thompson

  • Dirk Suave

    Orlando clearly had the Dubs number so far this year. Hopefully this loss sets another streak in motion. I agree that Beans should’ve seen some floor time vs the Magic bigs. Ezili could’ve used some help out there. The real killer for the Warriors though was how consistent Orlando hit the 3pt opportunities. The are currently one of the worst in the MBA at it yet at home they had it rolling for one game. Now that the run is over let’s see how the team responds.

    Also I applaud your stance about the AllStar votes. Dub fans need to check that respect crap. Many a fan has complained about the so called AllStar snubbing over the last decade but that falls on us. If the Rocket fans can get Jlin into the game there should be no doubt that Curry n Lee should/could make it. That’s on us. Sure coaches could do the good/right thing for the reserves but why leave it in thier hands then complain when they take thier own guy or “name” player instead. Am I the only Dub fan voting the last ten years? I guess so…

  • kbby

    Ezeli had 3 fouls and 3 turnovers in 12 minutes to go with his 0 pts and two rebounds. Exactly how was he helping the team? This team was down double digits most of the game, it needed offence and you suggest Biedrens ….really?

  • Ewok

    The Magic seems to be the monkey on our backs that wouldn’t just quit what its doing and we couldn’t figure out for some reason….. The answer on beating this team will be on Barnes, Green and Ezeli’s development…

    My commment on Coach Jackson about this game? He expected to match the Magic, but when it is evident he could not, He should realize its very productive to demonstrate his faith on our rookies.. Barnes, Ezeli,and Green…


    the warriors partied it up in miami and were drained.

  • Stan

    This is a raod bump. As I write,they are routing Atlanta.

    Hey Marcus- Fitz just credited Riley for the David Lee trade. I know,you must know something more to that. Like Riley..was advised…something. Otherwise,he seemed lost as GM.

  • Stan

    This is a road bump. As I write,they are routing Atlanta.

    Hey Marcus- Fitz just credited Riley for the David Lee trade. I know,you must know something more to that. Like Riley..was advised…something. Otherwise,he seemed lost as GM.

  • Dave

    Warriors win again. This is too easy!

  • Stan

    Mark Jackson proves once again, Behind every great man is a stripper.

  • Stan

    Hey,Bucher,Saint,Papa on Comcast. Nobody knows b-ball like white men…

  • The mindset seems intact. . .a team of gifted shooters & good passers realizing if they play defense with intensity & concentrate on their boardwork they can match up with anyone. . .Barnes compensated for another down night by Thompson. . .& their benck contributes every night. . .the W’s did it in Brooklyn for coach Jacksin, Charlotte for Steph, Miami for the cred & Hotlanta for Barnes. . .this is a motivated team that is taking on the personality of their coach. . .ingredients of a playoff team. . .