NBA live chat today at 10 a.m. with Western Conference beat writers

Join our live NBA chat at 10 a.m. with four beat writers from the Digital First Media family of papers, including our Warriors writer Marcus Thompson. We’ll also have Lakers and Clippers beat writers Elliott Teaford and Mark Medina of the Los Angeles News Group and Utah Jazz beat writer Bill Oram of the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Jon Becker

  • Kevin

    Hi Marcus, what’s a realistic outlook for the warriors this season after their fast start? 44-38 better or worse?

  • Stan

    Ah,shoot. I wasn’t there. “I’m Stan,and I said the Warriors were fibbing about Bogut–and I was right!”.

  • AP

    Remember the idiot who said by the all-star break bazemore will be starting over curry cuz he had an inside team source tell him????

  • Dave

    At the end of the day, David Lee is playing at an All Star level.

  • Dave

    At the end of the day, the Warriors have rebounded into an elite NBA ball club.

  • Dave

    At the end of the day, it’s the end of the half and the Warriors lead by 8.

  • Derek

    Ezeli should not have been in there during O.T against the Lakers. Dude has no experience in games like that and offers zero offense. CL should have been in there, he has the experience and is great in the clutch.


    That’s why Elizi sits in the 4q and we go small. Stone Hands. My word. But in the end, it was the fact that the Warriors couldn’t hold a 14 pt lead and blew their first game this year leading after 3.

  • Dave

    At the end of the day, it wasn’t a terrible loss.

  • PJ

    How come Mark Jackson never calls momentum killing time-outs?

  • Stan

    At the end of the day ,its cold man.

  • 808oahu

    That hurts but hopefully we get better from that loss.
    Klay gotta learn to take a few steps in and shoot the ball than always wanting to shoot threes.
    His defense in the fourth was lacking too.
    I’m not trying to pick on him, but he gotta learn lots still.

    When we’re cold from the outside and Lee has been so good, go to him.