Warriors PG Jarrett Jack Misses Practice; What is Kent Bazemore’s Fate?

Warriors point guard Jarrett Jack’s status for Saturday’s rematch against the host Los Angeles Clippers is uncertain.

Jack said he was lifting weights Thursday and hurt his right elbow. Said he felt tightness after doing some presses, and it was bad enough to keep him out practice on Friday.

JACK: “I’m going to ice it, take an anti-inflammatory and see what happens.”

When I asked him if he would play, he said “I hope so.” He said he will test it out Saturday to see if he can play. That would be a big blow to the Warriors, who have come to rely on Jack, especially down the stretch.

But he’s from D.C., so there’s a good chance he’ll get his RGIII on and play anyway.

* It is unlikely rookie guard Kent Bazemore will be waived. January 10 is the day non-guaranteed contracts become guaranteed. Bazemore is the only Warrior who doesn’t have a guaranteed contract and, being slightly over the luxury tax threshold, Golden State could save twice the money by releasing Bazemore before guarantee date.

But a team source said the Warriors like Bazemore and thinks he has a future in this league, so he will likely have his contract guaranteed for the remainder of the year.

Cutting Bazemore wouldn’t get the Warriors out of the tax zone. Golden State is more than $900,000 over and Bazemore is owed less than $300,000 the rest of this season.

The only way for the Warriors to get under the tax is to pull off a trade that cuts nearly a million dollars off their salary cap figure. Since that’s the case, the source said the Warriors might as well keep a player they like.

The source said the Warriors aren’t desperate to get under the luxury tax. The money isn’t a problem since Golden State is not even a million over (and they would only have to pay dollar-for-dollar this season). They would lose the bi-annual exception but they would still get a smaller mid-level exception ($3.18 million next season instead of the $5.15 million for non-tax teams), which doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem for the Warriors.

If they stay over the tax, the Warriors will only be able to take in 125% of the salary they send out in a trade (instead of up to 150% for non-tax teams). And the Warriors would lose sign-and-trade privileges.

Even if they wanted to void those ramifications, waiving Bazemore wouldn’t do it. So expect him to see him for a while, keeping it hype on the bench.

Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    “Anti inflammatory” aka Vikes. Oh,well,that’s tame overall.
    Hasn’t been since ’75 the bay area has seen so much great team play. Then,the Warriors,Raiders,49ers, and A’s were all winners. Now,all but the Raiders and toss in Stanford.
    Its been a long wait.

  • Niners in 2012

    I will be VERY surprised if they don’t get below the tax this year. If they pay tax this year they’ll have to pay a repeater tax next year, and we will be several millions into the Luxury Tax.

  • Niners in 2012: That’s not right at all. The repeater rate doesn’t come into play until 2014-15, and only for teams that were over the tax for the previous three seasons. Since the Warriors weren’t over in 2011-12, they can’t pay the repeater in 2014-15. They could pay the repeater rate in 2015-16, but only if they are over the tax in each of the next three seasons.

    Besides the downsides Marcus lists above, the luxury tax payout is likely to be somewhere around $3.5 million. So the Dubs would lose the $1 million tax they would pay, and then won’t get the $3.5 million that other teams will.

  • EvanZ

    The repeater tax wouldn’t affect them for several seasons.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    The problem with the Dubs being over the luxury tax line isn’t the tax they’d pay. The problem is being just $1 over the line means you do not receive any of the money that is distributed from the luxury tax-paying teams to the non-tax-paying teams. Which could be a lot more than the amount of luxury tax they’d pay.

  • Twinkie defense

    That’s all well and good, but to be clear, by being over the luxury tax threshold the Warriors not only have to pay the tax, they also don’t get to take part in the redistribution, wich would bring something like a few million to the Warriors.

  • Brent

    Stan: you don’t need to go back to 1975. In 1989, The Niners were Super Bowl champs, and both the Giants and A’s were in the World Series. In 1993, the Giants won 103 games, the Niners were in the NFC Championship game, and the Warriors won 50 games.

    I agree that it’s nice to see the Giants, Niners, and Warriors playing well at the same time, but you don’t have to go back to 1975 (when the Niners and Giants weren’t playing well, by the way) to find the last time.

  • petaluman

    We’re so close to getting under, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the FO make a move at some point. We have until the end of the season to drop the 900K.

    However, I think current ownership may be willing to pay the tax if the team makes the playoffs, and we should all congratulate them on that! Their commitment to building a winning team is a breath of fresh air for Warriors basketball. Also, the repeater tax doesn’t kick in until the 2014-15 season.

  • soothsayer

    Bazemore has tremendous upside. They’d be foolish to waive him. He was one a very few players who really stood out in summer league and he dominates in the development league on those off days that the W’s send him down to get playing time.

  • Stan

    wow- your right Brent. How could I forget the earthquake year?
    Still,the bay area’s return to being the winningest area is well earned and due. I couldn’t take another Monta small ball year for starts..

  • citznkane1

    Yikes, no healthy Jack against Clippers rematch? Even with the Clippers on the back end of back to back, they were going to be tough, but without the W’s full talent available, this puts BIG pressure on the W’s to play “Nellie Ball” – SCORE-SCORE-SCORE to win. Will the “kids” – Curry-Thompson-Barnes be up to it? We’ll need all three to be scoring 15-20 or better apiece. No “rookie-sophmore disappearance” can be tolerated if the W’s are to be competitive tonight. It’s too much to ask Lee-Landry to carry all the W’s water tonight. Otherwise, look for Clipper’s Paul, Griffin, et. all, to show why they are the Division Leaders.

  • Incredible

    I come to love watching Bazemore on the bench. He has got to be the best, happiest, most excited and positive force on the bench I’ve ever seen. It’s like he’s their number one supporter.

  • Niners in 2012

    Bazemores antics get the attention of opposing teams. It comes off as over the top celebrating. I thought Mark Jackson preached “don’t get too high, don’t get too low”.