Warriors C Andrew Bogut Will Start at Toronto

Warriors center Andrew Bogut was in the starting lineup Monday at Toronto, his first action since Nov. 7.

Bogut has missed the last 38 games to rehabilitate his surgically repaired left ankle. He played in four of the first five games. In 73 minutes of action, he totaled 24 points, 15 rebounds and four blocks.

But after his last start — frustrated by his inability move around like he wanted and the imposed 20 minutes-cap — Bogut decided to shut himself down for 7 to 10 days to get his ankle right. That turned into 70 days and questions about whether he will come back at all this season.

Bogut answered those questions, out of nowhere, by deciding to give it a try. He hasn’t practiced with the team yet, but he’s been working out on the side, increasing his activity over the weeks. He’s done enough to convince Jackson to put him in the starting lineup.

Rookie center Festus Ezeli, who has started every game Bogut hasn’t, will now come off the bench.

Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    The big Eucalyptus has got guts.

  • young

    Correction, Festus didnt even play…

    What gives Mark Jackson? Way to reward a guy who helped save the team once and might need to save us again (this season)…

  • whoRu

    trying to increase biedrins trade value before the deadline? lol

  • Niners in 2012

    Young, you can’t be serious. Ezeli’s DNP was well deserved, he’s been absolutely terrible lately. And MJax problem is he’s running a charity right now, too many people are getting minutes.

  • river’s edge

    If Bogut and Curry can stay healthy, the Dubs can go deep in the playoffs.

  • PhillyJ

    Biedrins is a solid backup C and better at the spot than Ezeli. Ezeli still has a way to go.
    Bogut is going to be the difference maker.

  • young

    been busy working, havent seen a game in about 2 – 3 weeks…But since bogut is out vs cleveland, we will have to see festus tonight…You thinkg a DNP makes him play better tonight?


    Elezi has saved us?? No, he has forced us to play 4 on 5. He has the worst hands and is hitting the rookie wall. He needs to get better

  • slamdunk

    Bogut looked pretty good against Toronto, but his recovery will take time, and now Curry keeps getting hurt. Playoff success depends on how much these 2 guys play, which is scary considering their past. Myers may have to look at another center just in case, as Ezeli is limited offensively and Beans has groin problems.

  • supernashwan

    Bogut looked good in yesterday’s game vs the Mavs too, looks like they are going with Biedrins as the backup C too. Elezi does need more polish and his hands are pretty bad, he needs to learn to go back up to dunk when he gets and offensive rebound so many times he kicks it back out when he has a free path to the rim if he just jumped and turned towards the rim.
    Excited for when Curry gets back and Bogut keeps coming along at the pace he is, makes our starting 5 look like a legit 2nd round playoff team!