Rockets F Chandler Parsons Calls Warriors’ Reaction to Last Game “Ridiculous”

The Warriors fans will certainly have a few words for Rockets forward Chandler Parsons. He was a central figure in Golden State’s embarrassing loss at Houston last week. And not just because he had 16 points and eight assists, hitting four of the Rockets’ NBA record-tying 23 3-pointers. But he was a big part of the back-and-forth banter following the tense end to the game.

And Parsons didn’t back down after Houston’s practice in San Francisco on Monday.

PARSONS: “We’re not worried about what we did to them last game. It’s a new day, a new game. We’re going to do what we do. … I personally thought it was a little ridiculous. We played 48 minutes. They gave us open shots. We made them.”
Parsons posted a classic tweet after the game: “Hand down! Man down!”

He said it was more of a playful jab at Golden State head coach Mark Jackson, who coined the phrase during his broadcast days. Parsons said he said the same to Jackson, who he considers a friend, during the game and Jackson laughed.

Besides the fact No. 8 Rockets are just three games behind No. 6 Golden State, this game is anticipated because how the last game ended.
The Warriors intentionally fouled to prevent the Rockets from breaking the record for most 3-pointers in the game. Rookie forward Draymond Green even got called for a grade 2 flagrant foul and was ejected.

The Warriors thought Houston was seeking to embarrass them, especially after reserve guard Patrick Beverly taunted the Warriors’ bench after a dunk. That was revealed best by a tweet from center Andrew Bogut that the Rockets certainly saw. It read: “C U Next Tuesday.”

PARSONS: “I don’t expect anything ridiculous. I’m sure their crowd will be into it and loud. I got some tweets from Warriors fans. … I don’t know how they’re approaching it, if they’re using last game as motivation, but it’s another game for us.”

Marcus Thompson