Rockets F Chandler Parsons Calls Warriors’ Reaction to Last Game “Ridiculous”

The Warriors fans will certainly have a few words for Rockets forward Chandler Parsons. He was a central figure in Golden State’s embarrassing loss at Houston last week. And not just because he had 16 points and eight assists, hitting four of the Rockets’ NBA record-tying 23 3-pointers. But he was a big part of the back-and-forth banter following the tense end to the game.

And Parsons didn’t back down after Houston’s practice in San Francisco on Monday.

PARSONS: “We’re not worried about what we did to them last game. It’s a new day, a new game. We’re going to do what we do. … I personally thought it was a little ridiculous. We played 48 minutes. They gave us open shots. We made them.”
Parsons posted a classic tweet after the game: “Hand down! Man down!”

He said it was more of a playful jab at Golden State head coach Mark Jackson, who coined the phrase during his broadcast days. Parsons said he said the same to Jackson, who he considers a friend, during the game and Jackson laughed.

Besides the fact No. 8 Rockets are just three games behind No. 6 Golden State, this game is anticipated because how the last game ended.
The Warriors intentionally fouled to prevent the Rockets from breaking the record for most 3-pointers in the game. Rookie forward Draymond Green even got called for a grade 2 flagrant foul and was ejected.

The Warriors thought Houston was seeking to embarrass them, especially after reserve guard Patrick Beverly taunted the Warriors’ bench after a dunk. That was revealed best by a tweet from center Andrew Bogut that the Rockets certainly saw. It read: “C U Next Tuesday.”

PARSONS: “I don’t expect anything ridiculous. I’m sure their crowd will be into it and loud. I got some tweets from Warriors fans. … I don’t know how they’re approaching it, if they’re using last game as motivation, but it’s another game for us.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Squall

    Bogut with fightin words. See You In Tee

  • Stan

    I want to see GOLD shoes!..metal flake. They are the Golden State Warriors ain’t they?..NOT the YELLOW state Warriors.

  • Ron

    Shut this fool up!

  • Stan

    Your mad you didnt think of it Ron of KNBR.

  • Stan

    I want to see Gold Lame shoes with glitter,flames on the sides with Pink or purple shoelaces. I can just see them streaking down the sidelines as I write!
    Pimp my shoes Ron,pimp my shoes!!

  • bill

    oh god get over it….our rookie talks smack and showboats even from the bench (Bazemore) and their rookies acts like nobody ever dunked in the history of the league but him…..play ball…..close out on Parsons, blank Asik, stop packing the zone in when this Houston team constantly puts up 25 to 30 3’s a game….Jackson and Co. were ill-prepared for that slaughter and it launched them on a potentially ruinous, and certainy for the time being, rotten losing streak……we need Jack back, we need Draymond to once in a blue moon drop in a fifteen footer, we need to give Jenkins a heart transplant from the player he was down the stretch last year….we need to bench Biedrins who turns down a shot when he’s within six feet of the hoop….we need to realize Jackson leans constantly on Malone for strategy and should do more in the case of the defense….we need Bogut to roam the lane and put some punks on their back….no team in NBA history ever did well or advanced in the playoffs unless they made simple declarations about how much they were willing or unwilling to stomach…this is not about revenge against Randy Beverly, it’s about playing like a playoff team instead of just lip-synching the appropriate words…I get sick at every post game interview with Jackson: “At the end of the day we’re a no excuse basketball team and we didn’t play our brand of basketball and we’re going to own it and move on….ad inifitum…(If you don’t know Latin, look it up)./…

    Barnes: shoot more. Klay: shoot less.
    MOVE the damned ball….

    forget these idiotic peculiar substitutions…
    there are times when we play four, mayube even five, rookies….it won’t work, Jackson…..if it does it’s a fluke….we never need Brandon Rush more or Biedrins less….Beans if the Zito of bay area basketball….years and years of pansy ass play….he helps other players up? fine…does he ever ever ever knock somebody down and wave a Mutombo finger? Nope…

    he got his millions and he’s living on baby food.

  • Niners in 2012

    How can anyone be content with this? Everythings fine! No panic! Yeah, whatever..

  • Ric V. Avelino

    A player doing a hard flagrant foul is wrong and to do it with an order from a coach like Mark Jackson is foolish and more wrong knowing who he is as a coach and…

  • derek

    So much for reactions and payback for being humiliated. Losing again is one sorry response.

  • Smokey

    I am a Warrior fan and agree with Parsons. If you do not want to be humiliated or loose, then bring it on. Play some D, take smart shots, play all 48 minutes. Otherwise, if you loose or get smoked, then do not complain.

    The Ws are on a 5 game loosing streak. Show some damn toughness and pride and play all 48 minutes. The Rockets do not have the talent that the Ws have – not even close, but you know what they play hard and they do their thing.

    Hand Down, Man Down – No more excuses damn it!!!

  • derek

    The Warriors have been losing lately due to a lack of hustle. When was the last time a player dived for a loose ball. They use to team rebound and move the ball until they found the open shooter. Now we see no hustling, no all hands in rebounding, no diving, no attacking the rim and lots of one pass and a shot offense. MJ also has to tell certain guys to stay in their lane. Specifically Draymond Green needs to be ordered to stop shooting 3’s

  • Niners in 2012

    We were FULLY healthy last night vs a team with worse record and we got beat. Bad.

    I thought our guys were trying as hard as they could, I’m serious. They just look like a team that doesn’t know where to be defensively, blame goes to coaches. Offensively it looks like the book is out on how to stop the Warriors and we have no adjustments.

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