Noted Fashion Expert Tim Gunn Chimes in on Warriors New Uniforms

If you have ever watched Project Runway, like my wife and I have for years, you know of Tim Gunn. The always-dapper Gunn is a highly regarded voice in the fashion industry.

And he gave the Warriors’ controversial new alternate uniforms a thumbs up. Kinda.

TIM GUNN: “If the shorts were four inches shorter, I would give the look a thumbs-up. I like the short sleeves. The color is fresh. But why aren’t their shoes uniform? Three guys and three different yellow shoes?”

So, in other words, he thinks they can Make It Work.

Marcus Thompson

  • Dave

    Here we go again. Lose a few more and and the Warriors are out of the playoffs, again.

  • Young

    Every team goes thro winning and loosing spurts….

  • John Starks

    Well if Tim Gunn likes it, I need no further endorsements.

  • Gene St.Onge

    Hey, who cares if the Dubs crash and burn the rest of the way – as long as we look maaahvelous!!

  • I like the updated logo. Like the colors. Even like the pin stripes on the pants. Loose the tight tee shirts. Go with same cut as they currently wear but with these design cues (logo, pin stripes on tops and bottoms etc) as an alternate uni. Logo is sort of a throw back to the Run TMC uni. Very cool. Shorts have to match top though

  • Stan

    And accessories. The right accessories.
    What does Mr. Blackwell think?

  • Niners in 2012

    Black or dark blue shoes with this turrible outfit could salvage this look.

  • incredulous

    Warriors fans are so used to losing, they don’t know what winning looks like! Even the top teams have losing streaks. Check with the Clippers. The W’s are not a top team, but they are a good team.

    Many Warrior fans, however, appear to be losers in that they are already throwing in the towel. Glad I cheer for the W’s, not the W’s whining fans.

  • slamdunk

    Don’t really care about how the new uni’s look. Somebody needs to show the Warriors how to win games before they fall out of the playoffs again. Did Lacob tell the team that they do not have to tank games this year for a draft pick? They are so used to losing this time of year that it is hard to get it out of their system, I guess. They are starting to look like the Sharks.

  • commish

    I wish Tim would have said “make it work” as it relates to the last two weeks that the Warriors seem to have taken off prior to the All Star break. And, I see, the new jerseys are “only” $105. I think I’ll pass.

  • Black-White Kidd

    Marcus… Did he really say make the shorts a few inches shorter..? C’mon now, this ain’t cycling..

  • That man

    Bandwagon warriors fans ready to hop off the bandwagon… See above..

  • michaelchangfan

    Did Peter Guber produce Project Runway?

  • young

    Marcus, to commish’s point, can you address why you think the warriors have regressed recently?

    I have discussed this a length with a few GSW fans. My take:

    1. bogut actually is hurting us bc we run so many plays and he doesnt know them (offensively and defensively. In our “horns” set he looks miserable)
    2. Our defensive system takes lots of energy so the guys are tired
    3. D lee has struggled of late

  • derek

    Never ask an old white guy whats trendy or hip. He’ll be the least likeliest to know.

    As for team performance, they really need to add a decent SG/SF who can come bench and provide extra scoring punch. Klay and Barnes are both unreliable night in and night out.

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