Jarrett Jack is Looking to Stephen Curry to Take His Leadership to New Levels

Warriors back-up point guard Jarrett Jack said he’s going to have a chat with Stephen Curry. Jack, a playoff tested veteran, said it’s time he and Golden State’s young star have a talk.

“About the importance of these 30 games,” Jack said after Tuesday’s shootaround. “and how the way he conducts himself is going to be very influential on how everybody else goes.”

The Warriors are late in the third quarter of the season. And in their position, they desperately need to finish strong. Riding a five-game losing streak, facing six of their next eight on the road, the Warriors to push themselves to another level.

Looking at their roster, the best candidate to be the catalyst of such a push is Curry.

It’s certainly not on him alone. The Warriors need David Lee to get back to the All-Star level he was playing. They need center Andre Bogut to at least come close to the expectation he’s created.

And Curry alone can’t solve the Warriors’ defensive issues. During the five-game losing streak, the Warriors’ defensive rating was 117.1. Before that, it was 101.9.

But with that said, the NBA is about stars for a reason. Sometimes in a season, it takes something exceptional. The Warriors have relied on fundamentals, principles and intangibles to build a 30-22 record.

But as they jockey for playoff positioning, even a playoff spot, they will need a star. The stakes are higher, the road is harder and the need is greater. So Jack, who is Mr. Perspective, said he wants to prepare Curry to give the Warriors what they need.

“This is that time when everyone is like ‘Whew. We’ve played 50 games.’ A lot of times, when you get to 65 games, people need somebody to look to, to kind of keep ‘em going. He’s been that for us all season. … The games over the course of the last two months, they’re a little bit more spread out. Teams get a little more down time between games. They’re not going to be as beat up as they’ve been. They’re going to be better. I think he’s going to have to carry himself a certain way to make sure everyone else follows suit.”

For his part, Curry doesn’t seem to be shirking that responsibility. When asked what he needs to do for the Warriors to get to the playoffs, his response suggested he knows the pressure is on him.

“I have to be aggressive on both ends and make plays when it counts down the stretch,” Curry said. “Be vocal and composed all the time.”

Marcus Thompson

  • nickj

    Just be who you are Steph, you can lead by example and leave it all out on the court. That’s a lead anyone on the team that wants to make the playoffs can follow. Try not to overdo it but let the game come to you and be ready for it.

  • Stan

    Today’s paper with your analysis? I thought I wrote it..just the right truths.
    What worries me is..Bogut said “I do all I can do,pass and grab rebounds”..Nothing about scoring,clogging the lane with ferocious efforts,blocking shots. Pass and rebound? we had that already in Beidrens.
    It was a better team with Lee at center. Wins prove it.

  • derek

    During todays game the Utah announcers made a comment, stating the Warriors and Bogut are not a good fit. They analyzed Bogut is a slow half court player while the team nucleous are basically high energy open court players. They noted the teams performance declined since his return.

    On another note: WTF has happened to landry and his ability to score. The offense has been in the tank due to the fact Curry, Lee and jack have become the only dependable scorers. landry has fallen off, while Thompson and Barnes are VERY unreliable.


    Good thing we finally have a big man. The Warriors have done nothing but lose since Bogut has come back.

    Lacob is going to have to write off this ridiculous trade as a business loss (who in their right mind trades for an injured player) and find a way to acquire someone who is healthy and who can dominate at the center position.

    I’m sick of it.

  • Butch Cousins

    I’m tired of the Bogut bashing! Let the man get his legs. He’s saying & doing all the right things & shown flashes of great things w/o much time to find a rhythm w/ the team.
    Curry/Ellis wasn’t gonna work, so forget about it. It’s done. Let it play out. It’s a conventional lineup now (size wise). I like it bcuz it allows @ least a chance of slow ball during the spring. Size & grit r needed for playoff wins. I wanna see if the big Aussie can still bang w/o getting hurt.
    2 the Playoffs!

  • Ewok

    Jarret Jack is right.

    Curry can’t be the guy who likes to shoot anymore.. He should be the one to set plays now and get everyone involved… Actually, he ought to get the big guys early in the game so they will stay in the game to the end..

    Jarret Jack is a great player. But he knows his impact as a player for now, is that of a great Back-up… While Curry can bail the team out at will, He has the potential to become a great impact player in getting everyone involved, setting plays and traps, and bailing the team out in tight situations…

  • CJ

    Curry needs to set the plays up and start getting his guys especially the front court in Lee and Bogut to get warmed up and started before he start making his shots. This is how Kobe had to deal with Howard…