Warriors Making Last-Ditch Effort to Get Under Tax

Two hours left under the trade deadline and it seems Warriors management has decided to try to get under the same luxury tax threshold they’ve been sort of dismissive about all season. Perhaps the last-minute fury of the deadline has opened some windows for the Warriors to get under and Golden State brass is trying to seize the opportunity.

Why do it? Isn’t co-owner Joe Lacob a big-spending owner?

Lacob & Co. is willing to spend, but its only smart to get under now if possible. Not only does being over the tax mean the Warriors miss out on a cut of the tax revenue. But it puts them in line for receiving the hefty repeater penalties for being over the tax multiple years.

Golden State can still avoid the repeater penalty, even if it can’t get under now, but making sure it is under in the future. But the smarter move is to get under now and allow for the flexibility to go over when the payoff is greater.

As it is now, the Warriors are going over for end-of-the-bench reserves. They like these young players, but are the worth it?

The Warriors’ options are slim. They have to get rid of Jeremy Tyler somehow. But even his $763K salary isn’t enough.

The Warriors need to shave $1.2 million off their cap to get under. So that means they need to be creative.

Dumping Tyler and second-year point guard Charles Jenkins would do the trick. But chances are the Warriors won’t be able to dump both and get nothing in return.

The Warriors would probably have to move someone like Carl Landry, who is making $4 million this season. Trading Landry, who will likely opt out of his contract and become a free agent, and getting a player worth at least $1.2 million in return would do the trick. However, that would cost the Warriors their best low-post option and a big reason they sit at 31-23 currently.

Marcus Thompson

  • Alex

    I bet they wish they released Biedrins instead of Bell now. That was a ridiculous decision.
    The rumor of Klay for Gordon would be the next poor decision.

  • Scrub

    Looks like Lacob is all talk, but when it comes time to make it rain with the benjamins.
    He suddenly gets cold feet and winds up trying to do last minute deals that only benefits his pockets and hurts his coaches bench.

  • Bobby G

    I wouldn’t want to trade Landry. I would want to trade Jenkins and Tyler to get under the cap. Would be willing to include a total of up to $3M cash (the annual limit) to teams that accept Jenkins and Tyler (they are both ~$800K expirings), to get under the luxury tax line.

    That $3M is probably close to the check the Warriors get from the league from their split of the tax revenue anyway. So they’d get it back. They would also avoid taking a step down the tax repeater road.

  • Niners in 2012

    HONESTLY.. Jenkins, Tyler, Bazemore are not good enough to pay luxury tax for.

  • wil

    I would some how dump Andris Biedrins first and foremost.

    Then, get rid of Tyler and Draymond Green

  • nickj

    Hey Wil glad nobody asked you

  • Larson

    The Warriors have actually traded Jenkins to Philadelphia and Tyler to Atlanta in salary dumps.