Warriors Trade Charles Jenkins, Jeremy Tyler; Get Under Tax

The Warriors pressed “send” on a couple of last-minute deals to get under the tax. Doing so cost them two second-year players they once had high hopes for.

Point guard Charles Jenkins, who started several games as a rookie and proved reliable, was shipped to Philadelphia, according to sources. Tyler, the former high school prodigy who barely got off the bench in one-plus seasons, is head to Atlanta.

The salary dumps, which occurred just before the deadline, cut more than $1.5 million off the Warriors’ salary cap figure. The Warriors needed to trim $1.2 million to avoid paying the luxury tax penalty.

But this deal was less about saving the $1 million now and buying the Warriors time in the future. Golden State is resigned to being a tax team. Having already committed to an expensive core, management is prepared to go over the tax to upgrade the talent. Getting under now means they can go over the tax next season and not incur the harsh penalties for being a repeat offender.

Basically, the Warriors want to save their go-over-the-tax card until it really matters. Going over the tax to keep Jenkins, Tyler and rookie guard Kent Bazemore turned out to be not worth it for Golden State.

Marcus Thompson

  • Scrub

    Not that Jenkins and Tyler were anything special, but didn’t Lacob say that he wanted to see this team play together for a while?

    Maybe I missed the part where he mumbled “unless I have to pay luxury tax”, while trying not to laugh out loud.
    *cue Dr. Evil pinky to the lip smirk*

  • Justa Thought

    So who they gone get to be the “guy” that pushes them over the top. Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Lee are all doing well but they need some energy in the middle. They need a Anthony Mason/Charles Oakley type of guy to patrol the paint and make other teams take notice. They do not need another scorer (Bogut is beginning to look like a guy that they may need to trade this summer). The W’s need a “beast” in the middle to run their defense towards and through (could they possibly trade up in the draft to get a Nerlens Noel?????)

  • too bad money got in the way cause tyler and jenkins are
    there first round pick for this year. But there are steals in the second round and the undrafted, just can’t replace the experience tyler and jenkins received last year and this year!

  • what did they receive money or draft picks?

  • Kev

    Probably received cash in return for these players or maybe future considerations in each deal. Just when Bogut is getting healthy and with Biedrins and Ezeli off the bench, we had to let them go.

  • San Fran Sam Angulo

    Right. The term “trade” implies receiving something in return. What did the Dubs get for the luxury of handing over this young untapped talent?

  • Giovanni

    According to Marcus Thompson, they received two second round picks for the 2013 draft.

  • TomFrom805Cali

    Would J-Lin have been worth it. Smoove

  • Ewok

    Jenkins and Tyler were my favorites.. So this hurts.. but one of the big problems besetting the team right now is playing time accomodation… The players are not getting enough actual competiton time to develop their game.

    Jenkins and Tyler will be better off somewhere.. I wish Jenkins went to the Lakers and that would’ve made a difference in his career.. I would rather see them help win other teams than see them rot in the bench for a long time…

    Back to the team, When we finally dump Biedrins and RJ’s contract or renegotiate it for a better proportionate value, That will leave a lot of space in the salary cap.. and when that happens, i seriously think we should make a move on Al Jefferson or Dirk Nowitski…

  • Butch Cousins

    Clearing space was a smarter move than making a move to win a few more games this year. I don’t see a trade that would boost this team to a top 3 in the conference. Give Bogut time to get healthy & find some rhythm w/ the team. Let Barnes, Green, & Thompson have rest of the season to mature & get a taste of the playoffs this year. A full training camp for this core (Biedrins/RJ can go) & 2013/14 sees the Dubs a contender. Gonna have to keep (pay) Jack and add a scorer off the bench.

  • Al

    God, who wrote this garbage article? What’s the final sentence about Kent Bazemore? Is he gone, too? Can we get a writer that can actually tell us what’s going on? You’re a terrible sportswriter, dude, start looking for another gig ASAP.

  • Stan

    And so for Jenkins,we gave away Lin,kept Beidrens and his salary,and lost a high draft pic in Jenkins too. Just a Riley attempt at winning “Worst transactions in NBA ” history. And to think..nobody was injured to make it look bad. Just lots of stupid.

  • Young

    I had forgot Riley picked Jenkins over Lin. He wouldn’t admit it then but it has been proven now. Jenkins is NOT a solid prospect. (Solid prospects aren’t GIVEN away.,.)

  • Richie

    welp good thing we didn’t trade Klay

  • Samrodin

    Let’s spend a lot of time bemoaning prior GM’s decisions it’s so interesting to the rest of us who are excited about the future and how much smarter these owners are than we have had in the past. I liked Jenkins too but he wasn’t getting off the bench and now we can go over the limit in the future without it being so onerous that we don’t do it. Applause to Joe and Bob!

  • lambormanoopieonsher

    Calm down, everyone. Nothing of consequence was lost.

  • Sound move by Warriors. The repeater penalty is onerous, you don’t want to start the clock for Tyler and Jenkins.

  • JHo

    Not a bad move to stay under the luxury tax. We still have Jack and Bazemore behind Curry and Rush when he comes back next season behind Klay. We also received 2 second round picks. Main thing was not messing up the young core and team chemistry, which would have upsetted the fan base. I agree the new owners and management are definitely making wiser decisions than the previous and hopefully we can make a play at season’s end. For now we can just see how far they can go with what they have while picking up experience at the same time.

  • jsl

    Here’s the deal: We give them the players (Jenkins, Tyler) AND cash (to take them off our hands); they give us “protected” second round draft choices, which we’ll never see (i.e. because the “protection” will be that great).

    So, we paid money — perhaps up to $3MM, but probably less — to get them off the payroll and avoid “repeater” status next year.

    In a strange way, it makes sense.

  • bill

    the NBA has become more about juggling finances than keeping a good team together….Tyler is never going to be a bona fide player at this level and keeping Bazemore over Jenkins makes sense….but roster moves to the exclusion of improvement…that makes no sense at all…..payroll is the priority, not success….until the front office comes to grips with dead weight like RJ and Biedrins, we’ll continue to tread water, possibly even dropping out of the playoff race …and wouldn’t those douche bags in LA love to sneak in at our expense?

  • George Fulmore

    Does anyone else find it odd that the Warriors have essentially zip broadcasters of color? ESPN has made the effort for decades it would seem, and that has elevated sports commentary significantly. What’s with the Warriors? Is it a Comcast problem? A leadership problem? What is going on?

  • Niners in 2012

    Good news is nobody else got better at the deadline. Houston made a nice move for TRobinson. But Patterson was an actual contributor for them and TRob is a year away.

    Jenkins and Tyler weren’t even good enough to crack the rotation, esp Tyler got no mins even when Bogut was out. These are 2nd yr players who were getting beat for minutes by the 4 rookies!

  • derek

    It’s too bad the Dubs failed to land J.J Reddick to replace or back-up Klay Thompson.

  • supernashwan

    Tyler was garbage really, better off for him to go somewhere and get minutes to prove me wrong. I like Jenkins game, he is a good fit for the warriors when he is aggressive and driving to the hole when Jack isn’t getting it done.

  • Gwydion

    I don’t think Tyler was going to develop anyway, but I will miss Charles Jenkins who should have a long career in this league. I don’t quite understand how this will help that much. Aren’t we going to have to sign other players to take their place?

    Would kind of preferred releasing Landry so Jackson wouldn’t be so tempted to play those small front courts that have been getting us killed.

  • Yoda

    Bemoaning either of these guys is a waste of time. Jenkins is a backup level guard, nice to have but easily replaceable. Tyler most likely will never, ever get it. He has no basketball smarts at all.

    For the folks crying about money, this means the team gets paid rather than pays out on the luxury tax, avoids repeat tax penalties if they go over again for a good reason, and gets them a full $5M midlevel exception they can use to sign a free agent rather than a $3M version that’s obviously less useful. So it’s clearly a smart move if you’re looking at the future instead of mired in the past like so many fans are.

    Myers is doing a good job. Best GM we’ve had in decades.

  • Dave

    “We” didn’t pay anything.

  • NCDub

    Good moves IMO. Joe has said repeatedly that he’s not against going over the cap in the right circumstances. Well…since we’re now not “repeaters” next year, & with the Bieds/Jeff $$ on the horizon–here’s his chance. Let’s see what happens. BTW…I like what the FO has done thus far, including these smart “little moves”. It’s part of a LTPlan which makes total sense & is thus far succeeding.

    As for tonight…let’s hope to see Bogut, Ezele & Bieds all used as C’s banging (no cheap fouls but “reminders”) for those who have the temerity to drive the lane. Also…keep Lee @ PF (for not more than 34 mins). Dubs can win this game–go Dubs!

  • Dave

    Warriors will win tonight if Lee goes more than 20 and 10 and has at least 4 assists. If Lee is slacking or misses a bunch of shots early on it will be an easy loss. In the 6 games the Warriors lost Lee was underperforming.

  • Stan

    And a big Stan shout out and salute to Marc Spears for calling Bogut ” The Big Tree” on Comcast. The Big Eucalyptus or Big Tree,close enough! Thanks Marc!

  • No big thing with the loss of Tyler but Jenkins is another matter. If we had gotten a guaranteed high second round for him, I wouldn’t have a problem with him being traded. This is a gamble, he has potential and may develope into a pretty good point guard.

  • bill

    saw Warriors win against Spurs….wonderful…..one thing I want to mention….several times (Barnes, Jack, even Curry and always Lee) we drove to the rim, got fouled….the kind of thing dozens of teams over the years have been doing constantly to the Warriors and all we as a fan base manage to do is bitch and moan about the disparity in the fouls shot…..last night we showed that at least a few of the refs will whistle it both ways…..let’s all get off our pity pots and insist that we play aggressively all the time and stop settling for jump shots….as the noted pompous sage Barkley often likes to point out—and for the only time in his life he’s right—live by the jump shot, die by the jump shot….

  • Stan

    And when you do the writeup MT,make sure you include that Jack was like the second coming of Tim Hardaway..I think I saw a crossover dribble or two.

  • Fantom

    I love Jack’s game. He is no Tim Hardaway, though.

  • Stan

    For one game he was. On another board I said the same and added,”Tim did that everyday”.

  • Mark

    I was confused by the decision to draft Tyler at the time. He was so raw in every way- age, skills, maturity, playing time- any potential benefits were almost certain to occur after his time with the W’s was over. As well, he can only play one position on the floor, and David Lee has been locked in at PF for years to come.

    Jenkins had a much more obvious role going forward, and the decision to get rid of him (hopefully) signals the intention to re-sign Jack. Jack has been essential this year, on so many levels. As long as Jack is around, Jenkins would have been blocked, same as Tyler.

    I would love to see this team develop the ability to coach up young players off the floor, but very few franchises are doing that. It’s easier to sift through the talent you have access to and focus on building the team, than to invest in teaching individual players. For the W’s, getting the most out of this year’s rookies will be crucial. I like Barnes, Ezeli and Green a lot, but all of them have serious holes in their game. When I hear Mark Jackson doesn’t believe in shooting coaches, I get a little worried.

  • Dave

    Lee grabs the rebound. The Warriors win the game. The Warriors win the game. The Warriors win 3 games in a row. They’re going crazy!!! I don’t believe it.

  • Stan

    Don’t you know Dave, the sportswriter of the year says the David Lee trade hurt the team? I don’t agree. I must be the writer of the century.

  • Dave

    Isn’t that the guy who said to amnesty Lee. He is a hack and ripped on Lee all the time when the real problem was Monta, Ellis and Wright and a couple injuries to Lee. Calif Sportswriter of the year? What a joke!

  • Stan

    Monotonous?? Bogut hurt his back in a real boring way? Hey man,I think you were searchiNg for a different word MT.

  • Stan

    66-64 Pacers..and Klay blows an easy layup. It turned the game around. What is it with Thompson? cant make a layup..Beidrens free throws like..

  • Sean Hisaka

    I’m incredibly disappointed that Jenkins was traded. He really didn’t get a chance to have consistent playing time behind Curry and Jack. His midrange has been consistent when he gets into the flow, he understood that his role was to initiate offense for Klay, Curry, and Lee. A disappointing loss.