Revisiting Game 57: Warriors Unable to Fight Their Way out of Indiana, Snap Streak

Now it’s getting real.

The Warriors went to Indiana and faced a playoff team, perhaps a squad that can make some noise. They played a team looking to get/stay on all cylinders. It required the Warriors to play at another level. They couldn’t reach it.

Assuredly, winning at Indiana was a tall order, so the 108-97 loss, snapping their three-game win streak, was no shame. But do the Warriors have another level for these last 28 games?

Certainly, the rest of this trip they will get teams rounding into postseason form (or in Philadelphia’s case, trying to get into the playoffs). The Warriors will have to handle the physicality, the intensity. They will have to play with poise and focus.

It’s clearly time to tighten ship.

STEPHEN CURRY: “Teams are gearing up for playoff basketball, ramping up the intensity a little bit. It’s going to happen. It’s healthy just to not back down, be physical. You’d like to not see that tussle happen. But for the most part, it was just a good, clean physical game that we have to expect for the rest of the year.”

More on Tuesday’s defeat …

MVP: Stephen Curry

He was a major part of the reason the Warriors’ lost, posting a team-high six turnovers. But he was the one advantage the Warriors had over the Pacers on Tuesday and he milked it well. He posted a season-high 38 points on 14 of 20 shooting, including a season-high 7 3-pointers. He also gets a bonus for being willing to throw himself into (and be thrown around in) the scrum.

MDP: David Lee

Jarrett Jack (2 of 10 shooting, 5 TOs) nearly got the nod. But Lee was dominated by David West, who had 28 points on 12 of 16 shooting) and he couldn’t get anything going against the physical, sizeable frontline of the Pacers. And Lee is kinda the one who started the scrum.

KEY MOMENT I: Golden State trailed 31-25 after the first quarter, but led three minutes into the quarter after a Curry fade-away capped a 7-0 run.

Pacers forward Danny Granger stopped the Warriors’ spurt by splitting a pair of free throws. But the Warriors ran off six more getting back-to-back 3-pointers from Curry and Thompson. The Warriors led 38-32.

During this run, the Warriors put together five straight stops and held the Pacers to one point in eight possessions.

TELLING STAT: The Warriors totaled 16 points in the paint. That’s lowest for any Pacers opponent this season. Golden State missed 16 of its 24 shots in the paint, many of them layups. The Warriors now have 52 points in the paint over two games, on 39.4 percent shooting

YEAH, WHAT HE SAID: “Seriously, I didn’t even feel him. He just ran up on me. I don’t know. It’s between me and David Lee and he wants to get involved. … I don’t want to start anything with someone that’s smaller than me. If I have somebody my size, we’ll talk it out like men. I don’t take pride in tossing a little guy to the side.” — Pacers center Roy Hibbert

KEY MOMENT II: With 6:10 left in the game, and the Warriors down 95-85, Lee and Hibbert exchanged shoves under the basket. First Hibbert flashed into the lane and collided with Lee. Lee took exception and pushed Hibbert seconds layer. That’s when Hibbert turned around and went straight at Lee, and the two rammed into each other like beefing goats.

The real drama began when Curry grabbed Hibbert. The 6-foot-3 guard was seemingly trying to get the 7-foot-2 center off Lee. But, apparently, Hibbert doesn’t like gnats so he just flung Curry to the ground.

Curry popped back up and went at Hibbert again. So Hibbert shoved him aside again. And it was on.

Hibbert was pushed again, by Klay Thompson, sending the big man into camera row. Paul George was doing his best to hold back Curry. And when David West got into the picture, he was like a bull in a china shop, pushing the whole mess into the stands. The crowd collapsed on Curry and his lone protector, Andris Biedrins.

When the dust settled, Hibbert was ejected and Curry, Lee, West and Klay Thompson were hit with technical fouls.

SERIOUSLY?!: With 20 turnovers on Tuesday, Golden State now has 42 turnovers in two games. They have led to 61 points for the opponent. Of the 42 turnovers, 29 have been committed by Curry (12), Lee (10) and Jack (7).

LEE: “Turnovers were a big problem once again. Overall they outplayed us. They had more guys contribute than we did.”

KEY MOMENT III: After the scrum, the Warriors had the deficit down to 96-87 after a pair of Jarrett Jack free throws.

West scored a layup to start a game-clinching run. After a turnover by Lee, West drilled a turnaround jumper from 14 feet. Jack missed a floater and West answered with another jumper. A Lee turnover then set up a pull-up jumper from George to give the Pacers a 17-point lead.

BEFORE YOU GO: Lee was experiencing stiffness and soreness in his left shoulder after the game. He could barely lift it. He said it was initially injured in the second quarter, when Pacers swingman Orlando Johnson bullied through a screen and rammed into Lee’s left shoulder. But I wouldn’t bet on Lee missing his return to New York. He doesn’t miss games, but he’d have to be really hurt to miss this one.

Marcus Thompson

  • Dave

    I’ve been waiting 2 years for this game. David Lee to return to the Garden vs the Knicks. Now Lee is suspended? Un-friggen-believable!!!!!!

  • SR

    Long, athletic teams are going to give the diminutive W’s fits.
    They can hedge the high P&R, while clogging the lane interfering
    with the drive and kick. Look what Orlando did to them.

  • deano

    MT: It’s bit harsh to label Lee the MDP, because he was bested by West. What did you expect? Indiana is one of those big, tough teams that will always dominate the Warriors on the boards, in the paint and on the scoreboard. Until Bogut is back at 100%, Lee will always be overmatched by West, and by Indiana’s entire front line.

  • Stan

    The adding insult part was the Pacer’s play “C’mon on Eileen” during the timeouts.

  • Niners in 2012

    Stephen Curry had a God-like shooting performance, it sucks that it was overshadowed.

  • gtown1_sj

    Why isn’t Feztus playing anymore? Its a travesty to watch the layup line against the warriors defense. Everytime I watch a W’s game, I can hear the BEETLEJUICE music of conga line to the basket.. Is MJ under-pressure to not play him since he doesn’t make a LOT? At least with him on the floor the score isn’t in the 100’s..

  • Dave

    Stephon Curry has 38 points in a half??? The Knicks still suck! If Lee was there to get some rebounds, the Warriors would be blowing them out instead of being down by three.

  • Dave

    Excuse me that was 38 at the end of the 3rd, not half.

  • Dave

    Chandler another rebound. Doesn’t ayone know how to rebound?

  • Dave

    Curry’s shooting performance was impressive, but there is no I in team. Knicks win.

  • Grey Warden

    Can’t count on Klay making buckets. Dude can get hot sometimes, but more often than not, he shoots cold.

    And once again, too many turnovers. Everybody knows Festus has bad hands, yet Curry passes it to him on an inbound pass, resulting in a Knicks steal. JJ drives into trouble, turns the ball over. The guards really need to do a better job of taking care of the ball.

  • Dave

    If Lee scored 50 in a loss would Tim be praising the individual? Not at all. Another Lee bash fest would commence.

  • Dave

    Already without Andrew Bogut because of a back injury, the Warriors had little size without Lee. Their lineup at one point in the second quarter had nobody taller than 6-foot-9 and Chandler simply climbed over them all night.

    He came in leading the league with 4.4 offensive rebounds per game, and grabbed 13 boards in the first quarter alone…

  • young

    not getting jj hickson was huge…jj had 18 and 14 tonight. coulda been for us

  • Niners in 2012

    Wow, Curry goes and tops the Indy performance. I sat in amazement during that game. Getting ready to watch the CSN replay as I type!