Yes, Stephen Curry Just Dropped 54 at Madison Square Garden

After the buzz had died down. After he’d done interviews, received treatment and gotten dressed, Curry sat at an empty locker room and drank his post-game shake. You could tell he was still trying to process what he’d just done.

54 points at Madison Square Garden

When did you know you were feeling it?

“Some time during middle of the second quarter. I think the last transition 3 I hit. Usually one of those heat-check kind of shots and it went in. I was just happy I had my legs. I knew I was going to have to play the whole game so it was good that they were underneath me.”

Is there something about playing in this building?

“It’s always fun to come play back here, regardless if you score 50 or 10, just because of the atmosphere and the history. Even now, coach being in charge of the team now and his history here, we knew coming in it would be a special game. Obviously without D-Lee and Bogut, it was going to be tough. But I felt like we could fight our way to a win.”

Can you put into words what a zone feels like?

“You can’t really put it into words, man. It;s just kind of like a numb feeling. Every shot you take has a good chance of going in. You’re kind of surprised when it doesn’t. I don’t know the emotions of it. Just kind of one of those experiences that seems like time is standing still a little bit. As soon as you find a good release, you’re ready to see it go in.”

Quite a bit different performance than your rookie year?

I forgot about that. Actually yesterday after the little tussle, I told D-Lee I was happy to be on the same side of the tussle form the last time we were here, instead of him coming at me. I forgot about that. Every time you come to the garden its special.

(Note: In his rookie season, coach Don Nelson benched Curry during his MSG debut. He didn’t get to play until the final minutes when the game was already decided. In that garbage time, Curry got into with David Lee, then a Knick, after Curry blocked Lee’s shot and told him to “get that outta here.” Lee took exception and chased down Curry at the other end and had some words from Curry.)

Do you get any extra motivation knowing a guy like Carmelo is on the other side?

“You don’t think about that. Obviously, him and J.R. (Smith) hit big shots and we were still in the game. We still had an opportunity to win. So you’re just trying to make plays. You don’t really think about who is on the other side. Just trying to get stops, trying to make plays. You know, just the last two minutes didn’t go our way.”

Will you be able to relish what you did considering how it ended?

“I think eventually. Right now, to fight the way we did, being undermanned without DLee and without Bogut, it’s kind of frustrating not to be able to pull it out. Giving that much effort and having a chance to win on the road … but looking back at the end of the year, maybe. Next time you come here, you remember the rims do look good and it was fun to play in this kind of game.”

You also led the team in rebounds and assists. Does that mean anything to you?

“Nah, man. I played 48 minutes. I better have a full stat sheet. Gotta be able to make plays the whole game if coach keeps me out there.”

You’re the type that will fret over Raymond Felton block?

“Not the Felton block, the turnover I had two possessions before that. I kind of was feeling like I had a good chance to get a 3 off. I left my feet before I saw where I was going to pass it to and threw it to Shumpert. That’s a play I want back. The Felton play, guys are going to play good D. Obviously, he was keying in on trying to stop me. I thought I made a pretty good move and had a window to get that shot off, but he closed in pretty quick. I’m not going to worry about that play.”

You feel like you guys are playing better?

“We’re playing better. But we’re still making bonehead mistakes. Throughout the course of the game on the road, you’re not going to win games if you turn the ball over like we did.”

Marcus Thompson

  • EastBayFunkDunk

    Great game by Stef!

    Best Dubs performance I’ve seen in years…Although it would have helped if another Warriors player bothered to show up for the game other than Curry.

    Curry led the team in rebounds on a night when he scored 54 points, the most in the league this year — completely unacceptable…

    Warriors bigs as well as Mark Jackson for playing our awful smallball, should be embarrassed.

    But great night for Curry! Congrats to him!


  • deano

    Curry is very self-aware. Even on a night when he scores 54, he is not in denial about his turnovers. I think I know the one he referred to. It was a lazy, hook shot sort of lob to the middle of the court after he was double-teamed. Bonehead is right. At least he is aware, and admits it; which to me means there is hope that he will eventually grow up enough to actually value every possession. I like him.

  • Stan

    The Warriors should have appealed Lee’s suspension..give him time for NY.

  • Larson

    The league was clearly going to require David Lee to serve that one game suspension. Since Lee had a banged up shoulder and would not have been 100% healthy, it was better he sit out the Knicks game since the league office will not allow a previously injured player to serve out a suspension when he unable to perform. The Warriors will need a healthy Lee for all of their remaining games to complete for their playoff run.

  • Dave

    Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson caused the suspension. Hibbert and Lee’s scuffle was over in a couple seconds. The ref blew the whistle and it was over between Lee and Hibbert. But Curry and Klay just had to come over cause a ruckus. What a couple of idiots. Curry may have scored 54 but he lost the game by causing Lee to be suspended.


  • slamdunk

    Great offensive game by Curry, but the bottom line is the Dubs still lost a winnable game. This team still is not guaranteed any playoff spot yet, and they can still be caught from behind by Houston, Utah and even the Lakers if they do not play better ball. Bogut may of some use, if he is able to ever play again, but he will be of NO use if the club misses the playoff round. Even with Bogut, I am not sure this would be more than a one and done, in and out, happy to be there club.

  • Dubber

    The net of it is that the 50 plus that Curry delivered is great but they still lost the game. Great one person effort but the team lost. I am noticing that Thompson seem to be going backwards in progress. His shooting is great, got some decent defense but the other aspects of his game seem to lack the progress that a smart or high IQ player should be making. I hope he turns it around.

    The bigs are still a problem – Bogut is not the solution that they are looking for – I believe (Prove me wrong…). They need some long and athletic players out there.

    I hope the Dubs can maintain their position in the West Standings.

  • Yoda

    Oh Dave, stop making stuff up.

  • Dave

    Watch the film. It was over 2 seconds in. Curry and Klay shouldn’t have been in there. 54 points doesn’t mean anything in a loss. Another loss Curry caused with his irresponsible behavior.

  • Livermore


    What are you talking about? We’ll have a parade for you when reality sets in.

  • Young

    I agree with Dave 100%. Curry and Klay aren’t dumb. But the commissioner wouldn’t have suspended anyone had the “brawl” not gone into the stands and steph had not been thrown to the ground. Lee and hibbert were ok. Steph was tryin to show toughness, which is good. But here it went bad and David lee got the short end of the stick.

  • Joe Snuffy

    Enough about the 54 points. How about some wins.

  • Stan

    On the A’s blog..cant get through. Censorship?

  • Stan

    As far as the Warriors go..they look tired. And that’s bad for a team young and small. They should have run circles around Boston,instead they stood around. Several times Barnett called it..one Warrior dribbling,the others just watched.Amazingly bad effort.

  • Stan

    Jackson needs to get on the team with some “Ferocious effort unseen before by mankind”. Right now they play like they got a note from mommy to rest.

  • Stan

    OOp.I quoted Harbaugh in case you were wondering.

  • Stan

    Or,play that Citi bank song where she screeches “Somebody left the Gate Open” in Warrior headphones. If that chicks voice doesn’t snap you out of a slow funk nothing will

  • Stan

    Putrid loss to Philly. Landry and Jack looked like amateurs. They missed every big shot,and gave up every big shot. Turnovers..just sloppy passing. Curry lossed a dribble..nobody touched him.
    This team needs a strong coach right now.

  • BackToTheOldWarriors…

    David Lee is back to being an overrated stat padder….He is a fake All-Star and sucks against good teams. Another words — he just sucks. The Warriors are back to being soft, jump-shooting, no-defense playing sissies.

  • Dubber

    This 54 point posting is the last thing I want to see as a fan given the piss poor performance this team is going through. The other teams have just about caught up in the standings – have some pride, dig in, toughen up.

    Is this too much to ask for from your team – let me ask you that. Come on guys.
    The other teams are not much better than you guys

    *** but you just need to grow a pair***

    And I am not talking about fighting, I am talking about the mental toughness that the Spurs and other teams who have pride and grit.

    What a bunch of dip sh#$$!!!

  • Stan

    Jack went from a “contract year run” to ..do we even want him? Klay? where did he go? None of that silky sniper shooting. He went from being 80% of Monta to..invisible.
    You would have thought 30-17 would have tasted great,and keep it coming. This team-other then Curry- just went flat.

  • This team won’t make the playoffs. Period. . .not mature enough. . .maybe next year. . .

  • Dave

    When the Warriors miss the playoffs by 1 game I will blame the brawl set off by Curry and Klay. But Curry got his 54 points and should have been an All Star – that’s all that matters to some.