Warriors Standing Pat for Now

The Warriors have been potentially looking to fill out the roster, especially since they gave away two players (Charles Jenkins and Jeremy Tyler). But if any players are added, it will likely be down the line. Currently, the Warriors don’t have any plans to sign another player.

No, D-League star Travis Leslie is not coming through that door. At least not yet. There are a few reasons for the delay.

1. The buyout/waiver market did not produce the options the Warriors had hoped. The Warriors are left weighing their options between the likes of Hakeem Warrick, Omri Caspi and Chris Douglas-Roberts.

No DaJuan Blair buyout. No Timofey Mozgov buyout. No one who makes the Warriors want to act now.

Certainly, there are a few players out there the Warriors like a little. But no one they’re going to jump at the chance to nab.

2. The Warriors are giving Mark Jackson veto power. Since it’s late in the season and whoever comes would be an adjustment, they’re only going to add a player with his approval. And Jackson, who is big on chemistry, hasn’t been too keen on the options he has been presented with.

The concern for Jackson is how the new player would effect the current ones. Whose minutes will get jacked and how will that impact the Warriors’ young roster? It would have to be someone who is a no-brainer. Is it worth it to tinker with Barnes’ confidence? Would it be more beneficial to give those minutes to Draymond Green and Kent Bazemore, who need experience to develop? Is it worth it to bring in a player who will just end up sitting on the bench? How will who they bring in impact team chemistry?

These are all questions Jackson is posed with, and so far his answer has been to stick with what he has. Things could change, which leads me to No. 3.

3. The Warriors really want to see their full roster play. Who knows when that will be since Andrew Bogut is still on the shelf. But this offseason figures to be a busy one for the Warriors. They will have some tough decisions to make since they are sitting on some $40 million in expiring contracts. General Manager Bob Myers will be much better equipped to decide if he gets more time to see the roster in action together.

Bringing someone in on a rental could take away from that, especially since the minutes will likely come from the very players the Warriors want to see. Obviously, if Bogut is out much longer, the Warriors may need to go ahead and add a big. But until they see how the full roster works with Bogut, it’s kind of difficult to see exactly what type of player they need to bring in.

Is it a slasher like Warrick, or does Barnes need to fill that role? Do they need a rebounding, defensive presence or is Bogut the answer? Should they add low-post scoring or will reduced minutes help get Landry back on track? Do they need a back-up shooting guard?

Obviously, things are subject to change. But as of right now, the Warriors aren’t bringing anyone in.


Marcus Thompson