Warriors to Sign D-Leaguer Malcolm Thomas to a 10-Day

Sources confirm the Warriors are calling up Malcolm Thomas from the LA D-Fenders of the NBA Development League. He flew in last night and is expected to sign a 10-day contract today, making him available for tonight’s game against Houston.

ESPN’s Marc Stein was first to report the pending move.

A little bit about Thomas:

* He is a 6-9, 225-pound forward out of San Diego State

* He played one game with the D-Fenders this season. He played 41 minutes, totaled 13 points, 17 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steal and a block.

* Before the D-Fenders, he played for Maccabai Tel-Aviv. In the Israeli league, he averages 6.8 points and 5.0 rebounds in 18.8 minutes. 15 Euroleague games, a tougher league, he averaged 4.4 points and 2.8 rebounds in 15.6 minutes.

* In 26 career D-League games, Thomas has averaged 13.5 points, 9 rebounds and 2.2 blocks

* He was called up last year by San Antonio. He played in three games, totaling 15 minutes with the Spurs

Marcus Thompson

  • whoRu

    eh? why him?

  • Ron

    If Mr West endorsed this I am all for it!

  • kay rup

    he actually had a real good summer league. surprised he wasn’t picked up as 12th guy somewhere. he is undersized as a banging power forward. tough but slender i think…

  • deano

    I was hoping that they’d sign Dominic McGuire, but I have learned to trust the current FO. Hopefully, Thomas addresses the team’s need for an active rebounder/defender at PF. Amir Johnson made quite an impression on me with the way he recently dominated GSW. We could use a player like him.

  • mr AK

    Malcolm is a boss

  • CJ

    I agree Deano, when Amir was pounding the offensive boards against us, I was like damnn wish we had someone like him. Atleast from the videos I see, this kid has some post moves. We’ll see what he brings.. If hes humble, he would probably do well.

  • joe suspect

    1) it’s basically a $25K tryout + rights to sign a contract for next year.

    2) doubtful DM would sign a 10 day contract, without some sort of guarantee of playing time, especially if his agent believes a better situation is out there. a 10 day isn’t going to improve his odds for a good contract next year.

    3) Doubtful coach would alter the rotation at this point, unless a rotation wing was out for the year.

    4) DM would cost 2x as much as a rookie 10day, which has an impact on tax penalties this year and next, That’s why we “traded” Jenkins & Tyler for 2nd round picks (that we’ll never get, due to restrictions).

    any other questions?

  • DW

    If we want to win we can not get so pissy about a couple of bucks at this point in the season. DM knows the lay of the land here and the system. If that is their thought process then they are way cheaper then I thought.

  • joe suspect

    DW, who on the market will allow us to actual win more playoff games? Specifically, who would improve our team enough this year to win a series vs SAN, OKC or LAC…those are our likely 1st round match-ups?

    we’re in a different world with the new CBA, so yeah…a couple of bucks this year *does* matter more than previous seasons.

    signing free agents to 10 day contracts is how we’ll evaluate and ideally lock-in cheap contracts to fill out our roster in the upcoming seasons. Player evaluation and contract management are even more key to building a good team than before.

  • jhaen

    We do have an iutside shot at beating the clippers. Maybe DM may be able to help. But I am more about future planning.

  • Dubber

    wake me up when its over

  • Niners in 2012

    I’d rather see a scorer added. 2nd unit needs scoring. just watch the unit that plays in the late 1st/early 2nd, and late 3rd/early 4th.. we get absolutely nothing from them.

  • young
  • young

    I’m pissed

  • Joey

    I hate Bogut. He really sucks. Trade him, he’s killing this team.

  • 808oahu

    Crap team. I agree Bogut sucks!
    It’s always next year next year.
    Barnes jump shot makes me cringe.
    Ezeli decent offensive rebounder, but what’s the use gettin the offensive rebound when you just give the ball back to the other team.
    Laundry useless.
    Thank God we he have Jack.

  • Stan

    I didn’t think they would win. I felt it before the game..and just knew the Warriors would miss at the end. Bogut is better then Beidrens..but slow as molasses. He cant jump from flat footed and guys much shorter are beating him to rebounds.
    I think the worst is..the Warriors seem to work hard to score points…then Houston inbounded,ran down the court and scored 5 seconds later. It just deflates the whole team.
    And last- nobody on the team knows they can cross the 3 point arc to guard. Its like an electric fence no Warrior will cross!

  • Poor shot selection and bad passes cost the Warriors another game.

  • When the offense is finding it hard to score, shot selection becomes critical. Far too many times against Houston we were launching 3s instead of playing percentage basketball and trying to drive to the basket to pickup a foul or…..taking more 10 – 12 foot shots that have a better chance of going in the basket.

  • Stan

    So bang is trying to silence somebody who asks ethics of their beat writers? Not fake unbiased writing while eating steaks and drinking wine paid for by the teams?
    Is that upsetting BANG writers? ’cause if that doesn’t happen..tell me it never happens.
    Educate me.

  • Dave

    At the end of the day, it’s the end of the season and everyone has to just play better.

  • Dave

    At the end of the day, Mark Jackson still believes.

  • Stan

    The Warriors are looking like all previous Warriors. WHAT HAPPENED?..Winning wasn’t fun?

  • Stan

    And the big Euc? He doesn’t look happy. I would guess he’s not used to being sub NBA quality. He cant jump. Shorter players can jump over his back and take a rebound. And he runs down court like he’s got a huge sack of ‘taters tied to his waist. I never seen such a short 7’!

  • Niners in 2012

    It’s upsetting hearing that we didn’t sign McGuire because he’d take minutes from Draymond. What happened to winning matters most? With the Niners, Harbaugh always says “iron sharpens iron”, and being afraid of competition just sounds so weak. It’s not like Draymond is gonna turn into David West these final 20 games and playoffs. We have trouble guarding the 3PT line and need a versatile defender like Dom. BTW, we are still getting NOTHING from the 2nd unit, it’s getting pathetic.

  • Phara

    I don’t think Bogut sucks. Though it is obvious that he is just not physically fit yet. I m still amazed how much he contributes to this team.

  • will

    lets trade curry. always dribbling at the last minute of the game. and end up losing the ball. that’s every time. also passing w/ 1 hand. lets get good strong point guard through the draft.