Warriors Getting Defensive in Houston; Can They Keep it Up?

HOUSTON — Warriors coach Mark Jackson pumped his fist when  center Andrew Bogut tapped away the rebound as the horn sounded. It was the perfect punctuation to one of the best first-half performances of the season.

The Warriors head into the locker room up 54-31. And they’re doing it with suffocating defense, holding Houston to 9 of 46 shooting (19.6 percent) with eight turnovers. And they’re doing it against a team that owned them the first three meetings, tying an NBA record with 23 3-pointers the last time they were here. And they’re doing it in a game they really need, as the Rockets are just a half game back.

After getting blown out at home Friday by Chicago, the Warriors were pointing to this matchup as a statement game. And they are indeed making one.

The Rockets missed 20 of their first 23 shots, totaling just 10 points in the fourth quarter. They didn’t fare much better in the second quarter, making 6 of 23 from the field. Golden State held the Rockets without a bucket for four minutes straight.

Houston is 2 of 16 from 3-point range.

Andrew Bogut has been a force in the middle. He’s got eight rebounds and three blocks in 20:31 of action. And that doesn’t begin to illustrate his impact.

Guard Klay Thompson is holding James Harden in check. He’s 2 of 7 from the field, getting six of his 11 points from the free throw line. Rockets forward Chandler Parsons, a Warriors killer, is 0-for-5..


Marcus Thompson

  • deano

    MT: This was great victory. A must win. Helping GSW’s cause was the fact that Houston does not have any agile BIG men, nobody like Boozer, or Noah or even Amir Johnson. GSW has more trouble with slashing bigs in the paint, than it has with talented backcourts like Houston’s. (I do not know how the Warriors manage to beat the Clippers.) Still, it is wonderful to finally beat our closest pursuer.

  • KennySeagle, Emperor of the North

    well u can look like the 91 pistons when ur opponent shoots under 20% from the field haha

    the key 2 the whole gm was the 3rd…. houston comes storming back, but it wasnt just warrior defence 2 hold them off…. all of a sudden they shot like crap again & made some really dumb TOs

    houston needs a tough PF in the worst way


  • wg

    the biggest thing isn’t outcome, per se. sometimes other teams are hot or simply better. what matters is whether your team plays with heart and toughness. tonight was a good step in the right direction.

  • Zume

    recently the Warriors have had a lot of trouble with 3 point shooting teams. Earlier this season that was not the case. I hope this defensive intensity continues and builds from this game. If so, it will be a turning point.

  • Wilson

    People aren’t talking about the huge change in the Warriors against the Rockets. They weren’t overhelping! They weren’t leaving the three point shooters wide open! It’s like a light has gone on and suddendly everybody is staying home. This is big, if they don’t go back to their old, bad habits.

  • Stan

    Are they rolling again? not a teaser?. I’m easy. Make the playoffs,I don’t care what seed it is. Make the playoffs and start cranking out the Lacob-Gruber monuments.
    The Warriors in the playoffs? Momentous.

  • Stan

    If they make the playoffs? MT2 I swear I’m going to market a T shirt with Che’s face replaced with Joe’s.