5 Keys to Beating the Lakers

The Warriors have lost six straight to the Los Angeles Lakers, including the last three meetings at Oracle Arena. Golden State has beaten Miami, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, the Clippers. But the Lakers hump they have yet to climb. No doubt Golden State has some unfinished business to take care of against their SoCal rivals.

Here is what it will take.

1. Win the battle of the boards. The Lakers are right up there with the Warriors in rebounding. The Warriors are 9th in the league in rebound percentage and the Lakers are 10th. But Los Angeles has outrebounded Golden State in both meetings this year. The Lakers totaled 31 offensive rebounds, leading to 42 second-chance points.

2. Contain Metta World Peace. The last game at Oracle, he perhaps hurt the Warriors more than anybody, totaling 20 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists. He took turns abusing Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes.

MWP tends to hurt the Warriors on both ends because he plays physical, even kind of reckless, and imposes his will. Golden State can’t let him go off. And they can’t let him be a bully out there.

3. A Big Game from David Lee. Mr. 20 and 10 will need to have one of his better performances. The Warriors simply cannot become a jump-shooting team. They need to play inside and out. Because late in the game, when the jumpers aren’t falling, they’ll need something else to hang their hat on. Or, if they start with an inside presence, it could open up the looks for later in the game.

Either way, Lee needs to be a problem for the Lakers interior. Whether he is abusing Pau Gasol or getting Dwight Howard into foul trouble, he needs to be a star.

4. Dominate the point guard match-up. This will be harder to do if Stephen Curry is out with a sprained right ankle, which we will find out today. But the Warriors have to make the Lakers pay whenever Steve Nash or Steve Blake are on the floor.

Jack showed last game he can get whatever shot he wants. If Curry plays, they won’t leave those two on him for long (or alone), but who ever they are guarding needs to take advantage of their porous defense.

5. Keep it from being close at the end. Kobe Bryant burns the Warriors every time. If the game is close down the stretch, he will take over. The Oracle crowd, the audacity of the Warriors thinking they’re something, the celebration antics of Golden State’s bench, a comment from Joe Lacob on the sideline — something will trigger Kobe and he will turn it up.

The Warriors need to prevent that by getting a nice cushion for down the stretch.

You would think the formula would be for Bryant to have to win it alone. The Lakers haven’t proven to be good when he does it all by himself. He’s third in the league in clutch points (scored in the last five minutes of games within five points), but the Lakers are a -6 during those times.

However, against the Warriors, he always seems to come through. That’s largely because the supporting cast produces, saving Kobe to be the closer.

Marcus Thompson

  • Ron

    #1 – Outscore them.

    #2-? Not needed.

  • Fantom

    The Lakers will be extremely motivated given their loss and this is the kind of game where Warriors at times excell. However without Curry at his best, their co0nfidnece will be down. I am going and hope to see them win. You left out the key that they should by now beleive they are better than the Lakers- this is key to dominating MWP, Kobe, etc.

  • JFish

    My five keys…

    1. Curry
    2. Curry
    3. Curry
    4. Curry
    5. Curry

    I hope he’s healthy enough to play well. I wouldn’t risk playing him if his ankle is tender or swollen.

  • Satchmo

    Lakers will win this game whether Curry is healthy or not for one simple reason. They are still a better team than the Warriors and are mentally tougher. Warriors are no longer a doormat, but they still aren’t that great either.

  • Ewok

    1)The key to beat them is accountablity on the one on one defense and rebounding. Now Kobe can’t be stopped, but he can be limited and slowed down. Do not underestimate his treys, he is very underated in this area.

    2)On the offense, share the ball, share the ball, share the ball.. it breaks the defense when the ball is moving around and accurately finding the open man it causes defensive lapses, and psychologically, it frustrates the other team to a breakdown..

    3) Klay has to make his shots as well as Barnes.. Klay could decoy for Barnes and vice versa as shooting guards and small forwards.. These two guys should wear out Kobe. Slash and Shoot effectively. Plays should be designed for these two…

    4)Break the Laker’s will early. Break their tenacity… force them to create turnovers.. and they will easily fold considering their turbulent season and their bad chemistry.

    5)Don’t back down on Howard. Don’t get him involved deeply in the game.

    6)Run a Fast game but a more focused defensive scheme.

  • Dave

    6) Jackson’s ear. At the end of the day, Jackson will play it by ear.

  • rio kid

    They beat them doing the above mentioned. Nash had a decent game but our 3 guards killed them. Metta was rendered useless and had to leave. Kobe was forced to be a very lethal but inefficient scoring machine…and that does not championship basketball make. Kind of like the difference between Melo and Durant. Durant efficient and effective… Melo not so much.

    I think the Lakers are in big trouble. There is no reason for them to be down 23 at half time to the Warriors. There mix does not work. Kobe and Nash don’t work.. both need to dominate the ball Nash can’t defend. Howard is not going to get any better and he is very clearly not and I mean never going to be a franchise player. Miami has two franchise players Lakers have Nash and Kobe and Pau is good and Howard is over rated. I’d rather have Pau’s brother.

    D’Antoni is not the coach for that team either. That move did not make any sense. Warriors looked pretty good.