Revisiting Game 64: Warriors Drop Second Straight at Home, This Time to Monta Ellis and the Milwaukee Bucks

This seven-game homestand was supposed to be the cure for what ails Golden State. But after Saturday’s 103-93 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, it seems not even the advantage of Oracle can fix the Warriors.

For the second time in two nights, Golden State lost a winnable game to a beatable team. The Warriors (35-29) are now 2-2 on the seven-game homestand, but they are 0-for-4 when it comes to putting together a game that makes you feel like they’re back. Now Golden State is forced to get well against the second-best team in the Eastern Conference (record-wise) when they host the New York Knicks.

STEPHEN CURRY: “We’re just not showing up right now. We’re not playing consistent basketball. … On our home court, we feel like we can beat any team in the league. That’s our expectation.”

More on Saturday’s defeat …

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Two ugly wins look fairly pretty in the stretch-drive standings

Carl Steward, in for Marcus Thompson after the Warriors survived the Sacramento Kings 87-83 Wednesday night at Oracle.

OK, I did my job. I not only gave Marcus a little R&R after his last two long road trips, I delivered a 4-0 in the four games I covered. I even brought one home against San Antonio, which borders on historic. But the Warriors didn’t make it very easy on me, taking the last three of those wins right down to the wire, which isn’t fun for a backup beat guy who isn’t used to NBA deadline pressure.  Hopefully, I got the score right in all my stories and they made some semblance of sense.

I’m more than happy to turn the W’s back over to MT as I head off to spring training to cover a much slower game that’s played mostly in the daytime. But I will say this — as flawed as these Warriors may still be, they are an enjoyable team to cover, and from the view of a guy whose first pro beat was the Warriors from 1978-82 (World B. Free/Bernard King/Joe Barry/Purvis Short), I would contend the best days are still ahead for this bunch.

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Warriors Standing Pat for Now

The Warriors have been potentially looking to fill out the roster, especially since they gave away two players (Charles Jenkins and Jeremy Tyler). But if any players are added, it will likely be down the line. Currently, the Warriors don’t have any plans to sign another player.

No, D-League star Travis Leslie is not coming through that door. At least not yet. There are a few reasons for the delay.

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