Warriors’ Andrew Bogut Knocked Out of Game With Sprained Left Ankle

Golden State announced starting center Andrew Bogut will not return after he sprained his left ankle. Yes, the same ankle that casued him to miss 38 games between November and January.

He is not receiving X-rays, but according to a team official he apparently sprained the ankle in the last game. After trying to play on it the first 9 minutes, 5 seconds, he was shut down for the night.

Bogut had arthoscopic and microfracture surgery on that same ankle back in April and has been struggling to get it back to normal all season. He sat out those 38 games after he said he came back to soon. He returned to action at Toronto on Jan. 28 and was playing on a limited basis.

Since the All-Star break, Bogut has been playing without limitations except for when coach Mark Jackson sat him down because he wasn’t moving too well. Bogut has averaged 26.6 minutes in 20 games since the All-Star break. Previously held to a 25-minute cap, Bogut has played 30 minutes or more 7 times in those 20 games, including Tuesday’s playoff-clinching win over Minnesota.

Marcus Thompson

  • Pick -n- roll!

    Keep the faith!

  • Zume

    Such a tough loss. Time for Ezeli and AB to step up their games. Nice to see Ezeli score some and hit a free throw versus OKC.

  • Tay

    Good luck with that Zume my 5 year old could box out and beat up Biedrins and Ezeli couldn’t catch a beach ball! Our already slim chances of making it out the first round just got a whole lot worse! And can we not help off the shooters (Kevin Martin and Thabo) that’s all they do is spot up in the corners and wait for westbrook or Durant to hit them the help should come from down low o yea it’s Biedrins down low which is verrrrry troubling, c’mon guys thats JV basketball stuff not helping off the shooters. One last complaint how does skinny scrawny Kevin Martin go in for an easy uncontested put back dunk puuuttthetic! But none of that will matter if Curry and Klay get hott unless we get stuck playing the Thunder or Spurs could be sweep city. Anyways enough negativity GO WARRIORS! glad they at least in the playoffs!

  • Grey Warden

    Found it funny how Ezeli was guarding Jarrett Jack while Durant ran straight to the hoop for a sports highlight reel dunk. Guess he didn’t want to be “posterized”?

    Although he did get “posterized” by Westbrook dunking on his face.

  • bill

    Biedrins is pathetic and Kevin Martin has a vagina