Kobe Bryant Talks After Possible Season-Ending Injury

Propped up on crutches, evidence of tears in his red eyes, Kobe Bryant gave what had to be one of the hardest interviews of his career. In front of his locker was the picture of why the Lakers’ thrilling 118-116 win over the Warriors was irrelevant. Bryant’s season is likely over.

An MRI is expected to confirm what the Lakers said doctors suspect is a torn left Achilles tendon. Even if the Lakers beat out Utah for the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference, Kobe won’t be going to the playoffs.

KOBE: “I made a move that I make a million times and it just popped.”

Here is the transcript from his postgame interview, plus others …



Biggest disappointment of your career?

“Yes, by far. We worked so hard to put ourselves in position to control our own fate. I certainly have done a lot of work to prepare myself. It’s just bad luck.”

How will the team move on without you?

“Just continue to play. We’ve dealt with injuries all year. I’ll do what I can watching film and communicating to the guys the best form of attackingc ertain teams, and go from there.”

How his injury impacts him next season?

“I’m not really sure. I’ve never had to do with something like this. It is a new experience for me. obviously, there have been a bunch of players that have had the same injury. All I can do is look at them, see what they’ve done,a nd see who had more success coming back quicker and healthier. See what they did and try to improve upon it.”

On his next steps?

“MRI, surgery and then recovery.”



“I don’t have enough words to express how much I admire Kobe and what he has been trying to do all seaosn long. These last 10 days of just fightingf or the team and fighting through pain, no matter what, wanting to be on the floor every second, has been just incredible.”



“It’s tough. He is a little down right now. … We have to close ranks and we hate it. I hate it for Kobe. I hate it for us. I hate it for LA. But you have to close ranks. There is no going back now. We will come out Sunday and come out swinging. Like I said, we have plenty of guys we can go to, and with Pau playing at such a high level, with Dwight. The focus will be a little different. We will get Nash back Sunday, if not right after. We have enough to keep winning.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Well, expect the Warriors to slide even further into eighth place. The playoff will be a decided afterthought with their porous, uninspired play down the stretch. . .so now the local pundits can quit pontificating over “the best possible matchup” & get real.

    Actually I’m surprised they made it into the playoffs. I realize this is a young squad but seems the W’s have been collectively been feeling sorry for themselves since right after their pinnacle of the season; the eastcoast roadtrip.

    Oh, well. . .there’s always next year. . .& Curry’s three point record. . .LOL. . .teach W’s management from “guaranteeing” future championships & doing the right thing; living in the here & now. . .this is a collectively immature group. . .time to grow up! Which, of course is what will happen when they get smoked by OKC or the Spurs. . .nothing new there. . .what a disappointment. . .

  • playoffbound

    The NBA is rigged. They want the Lakers to get in so bad. Sad how a team full of superstars needs the referees to helped them get the last seed in the playoffs:

    check out this link…


  • spy3

    Antispy3, quit hating. How is this group immature, I see no Cousins or Howards on this team…

  • Stan

    54 Laker foul shots to 14 Warrior foul shots? MT2,You have no comment on that?

  • earl monroe

    Free throw disparity aside.

    The Lakers got lucky that Marck Jackson went with a pick and roll set up on the last play of the game, he should have flattened the Lakers out and let Curry go one on one on Blake, the pick and roll just took the ball out of Curry’s hands, live and learn its a maturing team with a young coach as well.
    specially as hot as Curry was he shoot have taken the last shot.