The Steph Curry Show Takes Over Los Angeles

It’s feeling Madison Square Garden all over again.

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry had 20 points in the first nine minutes Friday, impressing the sellout crowd at Staples Center.

He’s made 8 of his first 10 shots, including four 3-pointers, to carry the Warriors to an early lead.  Golden State built a 28-24 lead. When the first quarter ended, Curry had 22 points on 9 of 13 shooting with two assists. Golden State led 32-26. That’s one point off the record for most points in a quarter by an opponent.

Back on Feb. 27, Curry scored a career-high 54 points at New York. That game, Curry had just four points at the end of the first quarter. But he scored 50 over the final three periods, knocking down 11 straight 3-pointers.

Marcus Thompson

  • Oahu808

    F..K THE REFS!!!!!!!!!
    KOBE IS A PUSS!!!!

  • Leftshot

    The entire Warrior team played their heart’s out.

    However, if ever there was a game where the officiating requires investigation–it’s this game. But it’s not just this game. If you’ve watched recent Laker games and the box scores you know the referees have been doing this repeatedly.

    If they aren’t under orders from David Stern’s office to get the Lakers in the playoffs, it sure looks that way.

  • Oahu808

    I AGREE #2.

  • Derek

    The refs were really doing their best to aid the Lakers. I guess the NBA really wants them in the playoffs. Officiating biases are the only thing I dislike about the NBA. They’re very obvious, thus taking away a lot of the games integrity.

  • Grey Warden

    The funny thing is the refs stopped helping the Lakers once Kobe left the game. Warriors had a chance to win, but it should have never been that close in the first place. Refs tried to help the Lakers for 80% of the game.

    This particular game beat the previous fixed game of the Heat vs Warriors game on 1/11/11. If you check the boxscore on that day, Warriors were up 20 at halftime. Heat were given 47 FTA vs 16 FTA for the Warriors.

  • Grey Warden

    Joe Lacob should take one for the team and call out the refs for their terrible officiating. You know Mark Cuban would have done so.

  • Dave

    I’m sick of these refs cheating for certain teams and players. Mr. Stern, Why can’t the game be played by the rules like very other sport or would this be bad for business???

  • Dave

    If the NBA cannot survive without all of this cheating going on, SHUT IT DOWN!

  • Grey Warden

    It’s all right. If the Lakers do manage to get into the playoffs, they will feel the ref bias go against them. All the Lakers fans who are saying that Warriors fans are whining will soon feel the pain. OKC will get all the calls, Lakers won’t.

  • Frank

    How can you beat the Lakers when they have seven players on the court. David Stern and his cronies are so unethical, talk about a third world run organization, we were laughing it was so obvious what the refs were doing, so shameful.

  • Blah, blah, blah. . .you ahve to earn a reputation in the NBA & right now the W’s reputation is they are whining quitters more content on punking Dazemore. . .

  • Remember the good old days when the conspiracy enthuisasts pontificated whether NBC (the television carrier @ the time) & the NBA were legislating playoff outcomes via the refs? Get real, folks. . .bad calls & “spuerstar” treatment are the norm of the NBA. . .you had to know going in the refs were gonna be against the W’s tonight. . .grow up, y’all. . .just chatter to prepare for the continuing mudslide through their one & done of the playoffs.

    Says here they don’t even win one more game this season! That should get their attention as they spend their “vacation” chewing on the next in a long series of lessons. . .wonder of Jackson will be back after this continuing roxkslide. . .Now we don’t know about Bogut going forward. . .paging Dwight Howard! He’s as immature as the rest of the W’s. He would fit in perfectly. . .

  • Ben Brung

    So you posted an immature, whining rant against immaturity and whining? Let me guess, you learned the definition of “irony” today and wanted to try it out?

    You’re on the right track but lacking the elegance & subtlety that is evident when comedians and authors use irony. Maybe start by practicing some of your broader comedy techniques like prop or – most especially – slapstick. Who wouldn’t be amused watching you fall down a flight of stairs or run full-speed into a glass door?

  • Now, Ben, just because you feel hurt that someone would bring the honesty to the table you have to go on the defensive?

    I realize it would be futile to defend the recent play of the W’s (defenseless, like their recent offerings. . .), so you attack an innocent bystander interjecting his opinion. . .

    What was immature about my reply? Just break it down like an adult would do. . .after loosing to the Jazz 9again) @ home in a game they were obviously bullied about they 9again) felt sorry for themselves when Bogut (again) went down.

    Then last night EVERYONE complains (again) about the disparity in officiating in LA. . .again. . .

    I think I succinctly & accurately summed up the mindset of the W’s; more content on celebrating a LITTLE victory (making the playoffs, just to rejoin the rockslide that has been their offerings against more physically imposing teams. . .) by stuffing popcorn into Bazemore (there; I even referred to him by his proper last name; feel better? or perhaps I should send a box of tissues. . .). . .

    It is what it is, folks. This team won’t win another game the rest of the season. They will loose their last remaining regular season games & get swept out of the playoffs by a team of MEN. . .who rightfully know what has to be done & how to step on the neck of their competition. . .

    Stop crying, Ben. There’s no crying in basketball & there’s always next year. . .

    Baby. . .lacking the fortitude to accept reality. . .like a true man. . .

    Wah!!! Must be a 40 whiners fan to boot!!1

  • Oh, ywe, Ben, then wish physical pain to another human being. . .

    Something about my first amendment rights & civil rights. . .learn them, son, then come back & dialogue with adults. . .now, child, please. . .go outside & play. . .vent your anger correctly. . .

  • EastBayWarrior

    NBA = Rigged

    Stern has been cheating for the Lakers for years…It’s disgusting and pathetic at this point.

  • Ben Brung

    @Antisp3 Now I want you to think this through a little before I rise to the bait. The standards for a grown up argument will raise things to a level neither of us has approached so far. Your staking claim to the moral high ground as the truth-teller who has come out of concern for our welfare has sort of set you up for a long fall if it proves to be insincere. I bring it up because your methods are very familiar to me because it’s the M.O. of a concern troll and therefore feed of of anger. As much as you clearly want me to be angry, I actually enjoy engaging with your kind. Since you mistook snark for anger you are probably making the assumption that you can use the standard insults, claims of innocence, quest for enlightenment and outrage at my insults and anger. Clearly you know that none of these methods will withstand a challenge if I respond rationally and heed your call for an open exchange of ideas.

    Right now you already know if I’m right about you motives. Let me just tell you that, in my experience, you will reveal unpure motives by yourself no matter what path you take. That’s pretty embarrassing considering the lofty altruistic, high-minded picture you’ve painted of yourself in a hostile environment. You also stack the deck against yourself because you have the burden of proof in terms of your arguments and intentions. I have only one real contention to support and nothing to lose if I concede the point. Basically I’m on defense and asking you for evidence and pointing out flawed arguments or simple insults will go along way. As it stands, the closest thing you offer to an argument is a classic logical fallacy that can only be fixed by finding specific examples from multiple Warrior games (that can’t be fun if you go for it). Unfortunately, backing out at this juncture will already reveal much about your true desire for grown-up debate. The other options end the same but you squirm and suffer more. All of this will be self-inflicted since you have demanded this high minded debate and all I have to do is you join you in it so you can show us your true colors. Still interested?