Jarrett Jack Fined $25K by NBA

The NBA announced Warriors guard Jarrett Jack has been fined $25,000 for verbal abuse of a game official.

The incident occurred at the conclusion of the Warriors’ 118-116 loss against the host Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday. Jack was visibly upset at the officiating and let the refs hear it after the horn sounded.

Several calls went against the Warriors down the stretch. Stephen Curry was called for a foul fighting through a screen, leading to free throws for Steve Blake. Jack was knocked to ground while coralling a loose ball but no foul was called. Klay Thompson appeared to have been fouled on a fast-break layup but didn’t get the whistle.

The Warriors were whistled for 33 fouls, leading to 50 free throw attempts by the Lakers. Los Angeles was whistled for 17 fouls, leading to 16 Warriors free throws.

The officials have been scolded for their performance, especially by Lakers fans. So is the fine the NBA’s way of saying they don’t think the officials were bad? It seems like if they reviewed the film and saw the officials were as bad as everyone says, they would let Jack slide. (I guess here I need to pause and make sarcasm clear. Some Warriors fans are still foaming at the mouth over the Lakers game. Too soon? Clearly, the NBA isn’t going to let a fine slide as an acknowledgment of poor officiating.)

Marcus Thompson

  • Dave

    “It seems like if they reviewed the film and saw the officials were as bad as everyone says, they would let Jack slide.”

    No, they fine him so he and others will shut up about it being rigged. The officials are officiating exactly how Stern wants them to. It will be hard to watch the NBA now knowing how deeply it is being controlled by some secret agenda.

  • Grey Warden

    Why would Lakers fans scold those refs? They didn’t think they had enough fouls called their way?

    Regardless, Lacob should take one for the team, and criticize the refs for poor officiating. Warriors fans would appreciate it.

  • stuart


    Come on, you know better than to say they would not have fined Jack if they thought the officiating had issues. In fact they are more likely to fine him in an effort to shut up the criticism. Its the way Stern rolls.

  • Eddie

    That’s awesome…

    It’s good to know that someone has the guts to stand up for themselves and call out obvious wrongdoing.

    We all see that Coach Jackson and Warriors beat writers are too used to tapdancing and bending over backwards in apology for the Warriors organization.

  • Derek

    The NBA punishes anyone in the league including owners who criticize the obvious officiating bias. Whatever happened to free speech. Stevie Wonder can see the officiating bias of NBA referees. The league is corrupt in that area.

  • Niners in 2012

    Jarrett Jack and Warriors fans are the only ones speaking up! Lacob, MJax, and the rest of the players sitting on their thumbs.

  • …scotch

    All hail Jarret Jack…someone with cajones to speak up to injustice!

    RE: “…if they reviewed the film and saw the officials were as bad as everyone says, they would let Jack slide.”

    Smart a$$ you are! You’re boarding on pathetic now Marcus…goin’ but be right come hell or high water are you, damn the facts & evidence!

    How the mighty have fallen, used to think you were very credible?

  • …scotch

    …and right, the league is going to review THEMSELVES & admit they’re favoring the “Chosen Ones”


  • coltraning

    Hey Marcus

    educate yourself on the officiating on this game:


  • Marcus Thompson


    I know you’re right!

    You doing way too much.

  • …scotch

    You’re right Marcus…not normally my style.

    The blatant appearance of favoritism & then the media (you) wrapping up fans thoughts as ‘sore losers blaming the refereeing’ was a flashpoint for me.

    I apologize for getting salty & the following notion will be my final thought…

    The Utah Jazz should change their name to the “Utah Sparring Partners” & never be eligible for the playoffs.

  • The Seer

    I have been watching the NBA for 50 years and there is no doubt that the lead official Adams cheated to make sure that the Lakers won. This game made Tim Donahy look like the purest ref in the league. Remember Donahy chilling comments about other officials throwing games. This was the most blatant example of a referee throwing a game for a certain team. Adams should be suspended immediately and a thorough investigation should follow. Was Adams beholding to gamblers to throw the game or is he a Laker fan or does he have a grudge against the Warriors. Whatever his reasoning, he should be in jail and never officiate another NBA game ever.

  • Ron

    #12 – He will probably get a raise for executing orders perfectly. Yesterday the Spurs were called for 23 fouls resulting in 31 Laker free throws. The Lakers 14 fouls and 19 Spur free throws. This without Kobe. Sucks to be a Jazz fan!

  • EastBayWarrior

    Hey coach Jackson — if there was ever an excuse to get a technical foul, that game was it!

    Way to not stand up for your young team that you are trying to instill toughness into…

    Lacob and or Coach Jax should reimburse Jack for being the gutsy leader he is.

  • Son of Ahmed


    Actually, your frustrations are well placed…

    NO excuse for Marcus’s lack of skepticism on this one.

    That game was rigged. (Spits on the ground)

    Good stuff on the TK thread, btw.

  • Personally I am tired of all the bias not only in the officiating but in the TV coverage. If I was a Miami Heat, New York Knick,Oklahoma City, LA Laker or San Antonio fan why would I ever buy NBA League Pass???? I am a GS Warrior fan thru and thru so I drop $200 every year to watch my beloved dubs.

    Stearn reminds me of a little Neapolean where he feels he cannot be challenged on any issue. His league is corrupt and to much favoritism is given to certain teams and players. I have stopped watching a lot of NBA games because of this and from what I have read in the comments might I suggest some of you do the same?

  • whatnot

    so JJack did what MJack should have done.