Warriors Lose Grip on No. 6 Seed, Now Need Help

Monday’s home game against San Antonio takes on that much more importance with Houston winning and San Antonio losing.

The Warriors and Houston are now tied in the standings at 45-35. But Golden State lost three of the four meetings against the Rockets, so Houston holds the tie-breaker. So the Warriors now hold the No. 7 seed and Houston the No. 6.

But a lot is to be determined these last two games. Here are some bullet points covering what could happen:

* The Warriors still have a shot at the No. 6 seed.They need to win their last two games (Monday vs. San Antonio, Wednesday at Portland) and hope Houston loses one of its last two (Monday at Phoenix, Wednesday at the Lakers).

* After losing Sunday to the Lakers, the Spurs are now a game behind Oklahoma City for the top seed in the Western Conference. But San Antonio’s chances of being No. 1 are officially a long shot. The Thunder, by virtue of having the better conference record, holds the tie-breaker. The Spurs need OKC to lose both of its final games, which is highly unlikely considering the Thunder host Sacramento on Monday and Milwaukee on Wednesday. Oklahoma City is 33-6 at home.

* That means, unless the Thunder closes the season with consecutive home losses, the Warriors will play San Antonio in the first round should they stay at No. 7.

* With nothing (realistic) to play for, the Spurs may rest their key guys on Monday. Already without Manu Ginobili, San Antonio is a constantly concerned about health and having fresh legs for the playoffs. If coach Gregg Popovich goes that route, the Warriors figure to have an easier time beating the Spurs at home

* Beating San Antonio on Monday would make the Warriors 2-2 against the Spurs and no doubt be a confidence boost should the two match-up in the seven-game series.

* Utah plays at Minnesota on Monday. Golden State fans should be rooting for the Jazz. A Utah win means Wednesday’s match-up between the Lakers and visiting Houston is a clincher for the Lakers. If somehow Phoenix can’t upset the Rockets, the Lakers would represent Golden State’s last hope of the No. 6 seed (assuming the Warriors win on Monday).

* Denver is a half-game up on the Clippers and Memphis for the No. 3 seed. But Denver’s Kenneth Faried left the game with a sprained ankle on Sunday. He is day-to-day. Having already lost forward Danilo Gallinari for the rest of the season, Denver looks vulnerable. If the Nuggets win out — they close the season at Milwaukee on Monday and home vs. Phoenix on Wednesday — the No. 3 seed is theirs. If not, the door is cracked for the Clippers (vs. Portland on Tuesday, at Sacramento on Wednesday) and the Grizzlies (at Dallas on Monday, vs. Utah on Wednesday)

* There is one other scenario. The Warriors could lose their last two and the Lakers win their last two. Since the Lakers went 3-1 against Golden State, they hold the tie-breaker. That would mean the Warriors drop to the No. 8 seed and face Oklahoma City in the first round. However, it’s hard seeing the Warriors losing at Portland, who have lost 11 straight and are just closing out the string

Yes, it’s one big convoluted mess. But that only means the Warriors are relevant. Figuring out these scenarios the next few games should be fun

Marcus Thompson

  • marko

    Posted this on TimK site – it’s “being moderated”


    We all understand that calls are going to favor the stars and that reputation is a big piece of the decision process. The officials have to make calls in a flash and are not always in a position to see everything. And – if a bad call gets made – it’s unethical for them to make a bad call the other way in hopes of “evening-up” a situation.

    Points you failed to address:

    [1] Bob & Jim (on radio and TV) color listeners’ perceptions. They’re homers, without a doubt. But they absolutely told the audience in very certain terms the Dubs were being jobbed. MT2 and TK failed to address this at all.

    [2] The NBA’s extremely poor reputation among fans for officiating . Gambling. Crazy blow-ups. Replays of badly missed calls. Poor timekeeping. Apparent inconsistency. These guys are nobody’s heroes.

    [3] Everybody feels the NBA itself has an agenda; on-court behaviors of its agents which tend to confirm that perception lend added “spin” to those feelings. In other words, the NBA is a collection of the 1%, but is being paid-for by the 99%. When their interests conflict, the fans feel screwed (as they certainly should). Getting rid of CC/RR doesn’t alter that situation.

    [4] Folks get invested in their team. We also like simple fables. Kobe struck down as if by an angry deity for rich owners’ transgressions against the laws of fairness – well you can certainly appreciate the appeal there…

    Tim, remember you can be contrarian with owners, coaches, players, TV personalities, &c, but you work for your readers…

  • deano

    MT: Great write up. My mind is spinning. Fandom is supposed to be simple: root for this team, hate that team…always.

    Yet, I am so happy that GSW is in this postion; which is the opposite of last April, when we were praying for GSW to lose and everyone else to win. How’s that for a sign of culture change?

  • Stan

    I don’t even read Tim’s blog anymore. He doesn’t want to be known as what made him–confrontational. And in turn he wants blog posters to be just like him. So he bans about everybody with something to say.
    I noticed he changed a couple of years ago..about when Al was very sick. I think the Kawakami kid had an epiphany on his writing style.
    He was good in the day..now?..No boats ever rock with him on board.

  • Stan

    To put it another way..he’s more a reporter of what you just saw and not the columnist with a strong opinion.

  • Grey Warden

    TK will censor posts if you criticize him too much. What may seem like constructive criticism from us, even with no foul language or derogatory statements, will be considered you as “ripping” him, as he always likes to say.

    The irony of all this is that it’s ok for him to rip players like David Lee or Barry Zito, but if it’s directed towards him, that’s not ok at all. Talk about a double standard.

    He used to brag about how many twitter accounts he’s blocked (it’s probably at 20k+). I used to read what some of them said. Some of them were derogatory, which is perfectly fine to block, others were just constructive criticism. But if you kept arguing your point, he takes it personally and blocks you.

    Same goes towards his blogs.

  • 808oahu

    Parlay the Lakers and against the Jazz. Lol
    Stern and the officials will make it happen!!

  • The fan base is in full denial mode. They are hanging the whole season on the loss to the Lakers instead of placing blame for the current mess the W’s are facing; first round elimination in the playoffs.

    The W’s are one of the worst defensive squads in the league. They are bereft of toughness & the intestinal fortitude required to play defense. Of course this squad is better than the last six editions of the W’s but they are too immature to take the bull by the horns & play the game the way successful teams play; by more than a grab & hold defensive approach.

    Losses to teams like Orlando (twice), Sacramento (twice), Utah @ home. . .I could go on & on. . .Teams that are tougher & more committed to a defensive approach. The W’s seem to ride an emotional roller coaster, reeling more & more sorry t=for themselves as the losses mounted. Just like the fan base.

    Now they are seventh in the west, almost certain to play a playoff & championship tested team like this night’s opponent, San Antonio.

    Don’t think the W’s will win another contest this year. It will leave them with a lot of time to pontificate over “what might have been. . .” this renders the fact they W’s are in the playoffs @ all as very hallow. . .

    I’m more concerned with the status of Bogut’s ankle right now; he probably won’t play anymore this season. . .which means the W’s may have to go back to the drawing board once again. . .someplace along the path to success they have to get tougher inside. . .& realize the tried & true path to NBA success; toughness, inside play, defense & rebounding. Outside shooting is great fun to watch but never gets you anywhere. . .

  • young

    still cant believe you say the refs didn’t throw the laker game…


  • Dave

    Search on twitter and youtube for “rigged NBA”. A lot of people’s eyes are open to what has been happening since the 1980’s. Stern really screwed up this time. I never believed this until now but he probably rigged the Patrick Ewing lottery pick to New York, too.

  • Joey

    Who cares about the playoffs. After the officiating of the Laker game we can see the NBA is another WWF. Stern wants 4 teams to contend and since the warriors will never be in those plans until Stern leaves then…who cares anymore.

  • Niners in 2012

    Back in 6th spot! its a goal they set, so they better get it.