David Lee Out For Rest of Playoffs

Warriors All-Star forward David Lee is out for the remainder of the playoffs with a torn right hip flexor.
MRI taken Monday confirms he sustained a Grade 3 tear, which requires months to heal. The Warriors will be sending out official word shortly
Ken Berger of CBS Sports was first to report.

The injury happened at the 11:34 mark of the fourth quarter. He drove down the right side of the key for a layup and was fouled in mid-air by Nuggets center JaVale McGee, knocking Lee off balance.

He came down on his right foot, which appeared to jam into the hardwood and causing an awkward contortion.

It was clear immediately something was really wrong as Warriors forward David Lee squirmed on the court, grunting and grabbing the top of his right thigh.

“Ahhhh, I felt a pop,” Lee could be heard saying on the video of the injury.

The preliminary diagnosis was a strained right hip flexor. The MRI confirmed Lee had the worst possible kind.

Hard not to feel bad for Lee. He’d waited 8 years to make the playoffs, and put together a career year to make it happen. He was crushed after the suspension prevented him from playing in New York. So you know he’s got to be devastated.

This could be a devastating blow for the Warriors, too. They only only lose their second-leading scorer, they lose their best rebounder — right when Denver’s best rebounder, Kenneth Faried, is set to return.

Carl Landry will likely start and play big minutes at power forward. After that, the Warriors will have to go small with the likes of Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green and Richard Jefferson at power forward.

Marcus Thompson


    We actually might be a better defensive team and Denver has undersized PF anyways. Let Barnes play more.

  • Dave

    This is a huge loss. The only positive it will some of you non-believers again how they are not better off without Lee. See the game in NY for example.

  • Grey Warden

    Great time to try the “twin towers” experiment….

  • Stan

    I posted early in the game McGee was an A-hole. He seems like a dirty player and the refs gave him much too much slack.

  • Stan

    If Klay Thompson makes the TWO easy layups..the Warriors win. You got to make those- NO EXCUSES-..just kindergarten level plays.

  • Dave

    Who’s the next victim? Javale is the dumbest player in the NBA right now. If this keeps up, Stern, these refs and Javale McGee are going to hurt a lot of people. McGee also injured Kevin Love last year.

  • Stan

    Klay has been playing high level b ball since HS. And game after game this year..he blows the open layup. Jackson has to do something. Pretending it doesn’t hurt the team is bs.

  • Dave

    JaVale McGee has to be dumbest player in the NBA right now.

    JaVale McGee Top 8 Dumb Plays http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ialoWXcCCAg

  • Stan

    And its gotten to the point where Fitzgerald and Barnett say nothing when it happens. Nothing.

  • MullinsMagic421

    In response to Denver fans saying the series is over…
    You think your the only man to think we’re done… You’re not, everyone who finds out D. Lee is out is going to think the same exact thing. You really want to test my patients here don’t you. Your team is in trouble not ours, your dealing with the unkown, you have no idea which way we’re going to come at you. Your the one who’d better be on their toe’s because we’ve still got a team of Super Hero’s and I for one trust in every one of them to have the game of their lives after the mighty Lee has fallen. Check yourself coming to the Bay brotha, you might just get checked back.

  • Dave

    JaVale McGee Sent Kevin Love To The Hospital With A Concussion

  • Dave

    So far I have found that Javale McGee has taken out 3 players. This time to a Heat player….

    There may be other injuries he has caused. McGee is dumb and dangerous.

  • Dave

    David Lee‏@Dlee0422h
    Really tough day for me as a competitor & as a teammate, thanks for all the prayers & support! We still got this series,lets go Dubs! #GSW

  • Dave

    If you think you’re a better team without Lee I will disagree. He has been the second best player on this team and they had a great season. Bogut can protect the rim, lets see how many points he gives up on the fast break and he is the worst pick and roll defensive player I have ever seen. Lee was on his way to 20 rebounds yesterday and Chandler wasn’t scoring. Hope I am wrong but I bet you see the Warriors get killed on the boards (on Tues) and yesterday we out rebounded them. – an insider on RealGM

  • Ewok

    Sometimes, and this has happened before, a team becomes better after losing its star player. This happens all the time.. Back in the day, The Lakers won the championship without Kareem… and Magic playing center!!! (But let’s not fool ourselves.. we have already overachieved as an organization no matter what…) It’s all about stepping up and a strong adherance to win. In this case, This is now an opportunity for Harrison Barnes to come out of his shell, Draymond to prove his mettle, and Landry to come out with a bang… This will give more minutes also to RJ whom i think still has a lot of game to give..

    I just feel sorry for David Lee.. He has been waiting for this moment.. and this happens..

  • Ewok, that was ONE GAME. . .not the entire series. Lightening can strike @ any time but to expect continuance, well, in the playoffs it’s usually a battle of what coach makes the most effective adjustments. Magic supplanted Kareem in the clinching game. The Nuggets need three more wins. The W’s could surprise in game two (not likely. The alternatives are easy to spot & their effect won’t last long) but George Karl is one of the best coaches in the league. if not one of the most resilient. . .

    The W’s will be hard pressed to win one game this series. Game one with a healthy Lee would have proven otherwise. But this matches the Nuggets misfortunes with the loss of Galanari. . .

  • Stan

    If you watched ESPN’s cast of the game pregame,its obvious- David Lee is the face of the Warriors to the rest of the country. Only some Merc writer has stuck to the Earth is flat with Lee. He’s also waiting for the 2012 Maya end of the World prediction…

  • Niners in 2012

    Denver is a young team, this news leads to overconfidence. Let’s steal Game2!

  • Stan

    It seems like back to back days I’ve seen the Warriors called for fouls unmercifully for getting into “Kobe Bryants space” to getting mugged by a psycho center-no fouls. In this case,there WAS HARM,and still it was “no foul”.

  • OAKtown

    Fk McGee, the dunk on Bogut, he clearly elbowed Boguts arm while he was falling down. That was unnecessary and could’ve injured Bogut as well.

  • 808oahu

    Let’s just not commit dumb turnovers in the fourth quarter and we got great chance ot winning.