The Most Gentlemanly NBA Twitter Beef Ever

Remember the skirmish between the Indiana Pacers and the Warriors back in February?

It started with David Lee and Roy Hibbert ramming into each other under the basket. Moments later, Warriors’ Stephen Curry was thumped into the front row by Hibbert. It was just a bunch of huffing and puffing until Pacers forward David West became a bull in a China shop. David Lee wound up suspended and several players, including Curry and Klay Thompson, lost thousands of dollars in fines.

Well now the beef has spilled over onto Twitter. Check out this exchange between Hibbert and Lee.

Shots fired.

You can always count on David Lee for the witty comeback. They’ve got to be joking, right? Or should we expect to hear from Stu Jackson?

Marcus Thompson

  • OAKtown

    F Hibbert. Really, he’s been the one being all agressive and physical the whole game. Lee just return the same level of physicality and he just couldn’t bear it. If you watched the clip 5 seconds before the fight, Hibbert rammed into Lee running from almost half court away trying to get a post. That should’ve been a offensive foul, but refs kept it rolling.