Warriors Need A Big Game 2 From Curry, Thompson

You know what the Warriors could really use now, one of those monster games from point guard Stephen Curry.

KLAY THOMPSON: “He’s done it all year. On the big stages, too.”

After an ice cold start, Curry warmed up in the second half, scoring 15 points on 6 of 10 shooting. But facing an 0-2 hole, with All-Star David Lee knocked out of the series by a torn right hip flexor, the Warriors need Curry to get hot.

The Warriors pulled out a lot of the stops to get Curry open as Denver swarmed him with bigger and extra defenders Still, he finished with just 19 points on 7 of 20 shooting as Golden State shot 41.3 percent. That’s not going to cut it from Curry in this series.

But if he gets the shots he took in Game 1, the feeling in Warriors camp is he just might have that big game.

MARK JACKSON: “Steph had some great looks. I’ll take the looks that he had all night long.”

Denver finished the regular season having allowed the second-most 3-pointers in the NBA and ranked 20th in field goal percentage defense. That weakness was relatively unexploited in Game 1 as the Warriors were 8 of 22 from deep (36.4 percent). During the regular season, Golden State was 20-8 in games it shot at least 45 percent from 3-point range.

So, for that matter, the Warriors need Thompson to stay hot, too.

THOMPSON: “I think I can do a lot better. I missed some easy shots. … It was a slightly above average game.”

The second-year guard led the Warriors with 22 points on 10 of 19 shooting. He carried the Warriors for stretches. But he said he has room to grow. He didn’t look at all fazed despite making his postseason debut.

JACKSON: “He doesn’t care about the moment. He doesn’t care about the lights. He made a mistake (in Game 1), and in the middle of me yelling at him during a live play, telling him to run the play, he shoots a jumper. And makes it. Everybody on the bench was laughing. That’s the mentality. The mentality is roll the dice. Let the chips fall. … Klay is a guy that’s not afraid. I expect it from him, absolutely. He’s a knock down shooter, he’s a big time defender, and he competes. I expect him to do that every night.”

So, what’s it going to take from Curry and Klay? Give me numbers.

Marcus Thompson


    60 pts. between them and it will be a W for sure.

  • Zak

    First of all it can’t be said that anything from just Curry alone can win the game; we saw his 54 in NY fail to do so. Second if Jackson was satisfied with Curry’s looks in game 1 you can bet Karl wasn’t and he will only increase the double team. Without the offensive option of Lee there’s too much distance between the perimeter and Landry for Curry to avoid getting trapped. Green might be able to come out further, but face it, the amount of shots he might make is not going to significantly impact.

    Curry did get looks off screens from the perimeter and that has to be the focus for him, let him shoot threes all night long. Thompson can use his size to get inside and drive the lane. That combination would figure to be the highest scoring output. But it’s still not enough.

    The only way to beat Denver would be to outscore them from the bench, and that’s a darn tall task. They would need contributions of double digit points from Landry, Green, Barnes and Jefferson to even approach what Lee was giving them.

  • Young

    Prolly 60. Lol

  • Young

    Actually 50. Bc we will slow the game down

  • Michael

    Denver just might be one of the few playoff teams that the Warriors could probably beat in the halfcourt a majority of the time.

  • Stan

    Curry hasnt got the grief he should for that last shot he bungled. He timed it wrong and eventually turned it over leading to the Nuggets winning layup. Curry needs to get Sleepy Tuesday.

  • It’s so difficult to be optimistic when going into the series the W’s had a manpower advantage with Galaniri out & the “Manimal” incapacitated. . .but with the weapons the W’s do factually have they still have a fighting chance.

    Faried will not be @ 100%. That’s a given. So the W’s will either have to run the much discussed “twin tower” approach & beat on the Nuggets’ 4’s or run them ragged with a smaller lineup, with a healthy dose of Green, Barnes & Jefferson sharing pt @ the power forward.

    However, they will be hard pressed to maintain the concentration & energy required to get back on ‘d” & hold the nuggets’ 4’s off the boards. Chandler can alternate between the post & the perimeter so the Nuggets’ depth presents a challenge.

    Bogut has to offer more of a presence tonight; Barnes has to score @ least 15 & give the Nuggets’ braintrust something to think about; & Green has to dial up some of that Michigan State tournament magic. . .perhaps Bazemore converts some of that “popcorn” attention into some stingy “d,” affording some easy hoops & the W’s confidence soars. . .Denver plays enough uptempo to provide some weaknesses in their game. If their perimeter shooting is off & the W’s can force turnovers & stoutly rebound this would somewhat offset the loss of David Lee. . .

    This is the last best chance. . .

  • marko

    Umm…. Duh!

  • Zak

    “Faried will not be @ 100%. That’s a given.” –Antispy3

    I don’t think that’s accurate. He was running sprints prior to the last game and “could’ve played.” They were holding him out simply as a precaution, and, as they see the Warriors as no real obstacle at home. He may be a tiny bit rusty, but with the youth that guy possesses it’s hard to imagine for long.

    My post also concentrated on the guys at the 4 and on the bench, it’s foolish to even think about the guards if they don’t get some kind of 30+ point total from that spot. It will be the one chance Denver is willing to take, keep taking defenders off the 4, when they stole the ball from Curry late it was because Lawson let Green get in deep and came in behind Curry, unseen. Green could’ve scored that ball in a second, but Curry couldn’t see him.