Indiana’s Paul George Wins MIP Award; Stephen Curry Finishes 8th in Voting

Indiana forward Paul George, who seized the throne of the Pacers franchise after Danny Granger was lost to inject, was named the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award. George, selected as an All-Star reserve, averaged 17.4 points, 7.6 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 1.8 steals. He was the only player in the league to record at least 140 steals (143) and 50 blocks (51).

He received 52 first-place votes and won easily with 311 points. Warriors point guard Stephen Curry finished in eighth place with one first-place vote.

So, naturally, Curry — who was already an All-Star university — would be disappointed right? This news changes things for Game 2, right, as he would now be determined to prove voters wrong, huh?

“I finished eighth?” Curry asked when confronted with the votes.

This is the part where he rants about being disrespected and not getting his just due. He paused got a minute, staring at his teammates shooting around while he composed his answer.

“Wait, what does that mean? Does that mean people think I wasn’t good last year and I surprised them? Or does it mean not a lot old people think I improved? I’m not sure how I should feel.”

Them, he shot me a look that, if it were a hashtag would say #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Klay Thompson had the 12th most votes, including one first-place vote.  Guard Jarrett Jack got one third place vote.

Marcus Thompson

  • OAKtown

    I would want Curry to take offense to that, so he can go off on game 2, but really I think it means he was good last year, and that he’s still good this year with a sight improvement.

  • OaklandWarriors

    Seems fair to me…George is a real good player. The award should really probably go to a player that is a relative unknown — and not a young up-and-coming good player who becomes great.

    The award I have the most issue with is the Sixth Man of the Year. In my opinion (and yes it’s biased as a Dubs fan)Jarrett Jack should have won the award.

    We all know J.R. Smith and Jamal Crawford are great scorers…But all they’re asked to do is jack up shots off the bench. They play starter’s minutes — and the entire reason they are on the bench is because the team and their star players are more balanced when their not on the floor.

    A lot of SG’s can average 20+ pts off the bench, in 30+ mins if all they had to do was jack up shots against opponent’s bench players. Jack has to do so much more — like running the offense, distributing the ball and playing defense while scoring.

    Crawford and Smith are great players — but their teams never won anything while they were starters, that’s why their sixth men now. With all the talent they have, for them to be on a good, winning team they have to come off the bench…That shouldn’t be rewarded.

    The Sixth Man of the Year Award should be renamed the Bench Scorer of the Year Award. It rewards and celebrates selfish, one-dimensional play. There’s more to basketball than just scoring…And people wonder why all these highly talented young players are extremely flawed, don’t care about winning, have no fundamentals or basketball IQ and don’t work on their game.

  • Stan

    Curry needs to make sure his man is open when he passes,instead of wishing he is and that Denver arms will go paralyzed.

  • Ewok

    Curry from a role a player in tandem with Monta to an impact player who practically turned around the franchise should be the winner.. If its all about winning, The Warriors were not even seeded to make the playoffs this year.. much more, land on the sixth place instead of the expected eight…. The voting process is flawed. It’s so subject and manipulated by popularity.

  • Dave

    I wouldn’t want to win most improved as that would mean I wasn’t very good before.