Warriors Anticipating Epic Oracle Atmosphere

In 2007 playoffs, the underdog Warriors started the first round of the playoffs in a place that was nearly impossible to get a win: American Airlines Center. Dallas was 36-5 at home during the regular season, but the Warriors managed a split. So when they came home, it made for a surreal setting. The crowd was in third-quarter form two hours before tip-off. And when the Warriors went on a run, the place got so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think.

Fast forward six years. The underdog Warriors started the first round in a place that was nearly impossible to get a win: the Pepsi Center. Despite the fact that Denver (38-3 at home during the regular season) had won 24 straight at home, the Warriors pulled off a split. Now, they come home to what is expected to be an electric Oracle Arena.

The banners are already up on each side, with more inside. The Warriors are preparing for what figures to be one of the most electric atmospheres in the NBA. A few details:

* Each seat will have gold t-shirts, as was the case in 2007. Four kinds of shirts will be given out, all reading “We Are Warriors” across the front.

* For the upper level section, 10,000 thunder sticks will be handed out.

* For Game 3 4, coach Mark Jackson’s wife — gospel singer Desiree Coleman Jackson — will sing the national anthem.

* The Warriors will play videos featuring Warriors legends throughout both games. Several who have had big playoff games for the Warriors (Chris Mullin, Sleepy Floyd, etc.) will take a trip down memory lane on the big screen.

* The Warriors, during player introductions, will darken the arena and ask fans who have downloaded the GSW Mobile App to pull up the “gold screen.” The hope is to get thousands of gold screens waiving in the dark like lighters at a concert.

* Cheer cards will be handed out to fans CSN Bay Area will air their pre-game, halftime and post-game shows outside of Oracle on the Plaza Level.  We are distributing “cheer cards” to all of the fans who stand around in camera angle.


Marcus Thompson

  • Jason

    please elaborate on the four kinds of shirts. are they different in the back? its gonna be rocking in here on friday! woohoo

  • So, earlier on this season Charles Barkley doubted Steph Curry & Klay Thompson were suited well together.

    Now he has jumped on the bandwagon anointing them as the best shooting backcourt in THE HISTORY of the game.

    I immediately thought of Walt “Clyde” Frasier & Earl “The Pearl” Monroe.

    Then there’s “The Logo” & Gail Goodrich.

    To a lesser extent I’ve heard comparisons of Michael Jordan & Jim Paxson.

    Anyone willing to trade Paxon for any of the names on that list?

    How ’bout Charles Scott & Jo Jo White? Oscar Robertson & ANYBODY he was paired with? On sheer toughness, Jerry Sloan & Norm Van Lier (or was it “Leer?” LOL). . .

    or the trimuvirate of Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars & Vinny (the Microwave) Johnson?

    Gus Williams, Dennis Johnson & Freddie Brown?

    For those that don’t remember (or count) ABA refugees, George (the Iceman) Gervin, Johnny Moore & James (before he blew out his knee) Silas. . .

    Just off the top of my head. . .

    But the W’s aforementioned duo do have a chance to, over the long haul, do some special things.

    Tune in for developments. . .

  • al oha

    For historical reference, you must go back to the Genesis of loud crowds in the Bay Area. It was at the 7th game of the 1975 Western Conference Finals against the Chicago Bulls. The Warriors were down by double digits at halftime and came roaring back in the 2nd half. The 4th quarter of that game was some of the most beautiful basketball ever played. The Cow Palace was in complete delirium, the loudest, most insane event that I’ve ever experienced.

    That’s how I knew what to expect in 2007, after the W’s split the first 2 games in Dallas and were coming home to the Oracle for game #3.

    Same thing now, it’s going to be off the hook.
    It might get loud!

  • Nigel Tufnel

    “Cheer cards”? Ugh.

  • Niners in 2012

    TOTAL FAIL if the Nuggets wear their yellow jerseys. Team needs to make sure they don’t!!

  • Pat

    The over-hype machine is not making me feel any better about tomorrow’s game.

    Shirts are fine I guess, but why Cheer Cards and Thunder Sticks?

    We’re already the best and loudest fans, so why do we need props?

  • CrackMonkey

    What a load of cheese

  • Kamal

    Hey Marcus,

    Will there be T-shirts for Game 3 & 4? Or just Game 3? I wasn’t entirely sure by the Tweet and Email. Thanks

  • Eddie

    What sourpusses some of you people are…

    Sounds awesome!


  • skeet

    Anybody know a good sports bar i can watch the game at?