Bruce Bowen Explains How He Would Defend Stephen Curry

I had a chance to talk with ESPN analyst Bruce Bowen, the former standout defender for the San Antonio Spurs. I asked him how he would defend Stephen Curry.

“I wouldn’t try to force him to do anything. I would play him straight up because he is too good. He takes advantage whenever you try to force him to do something. He is really good at countering. I wouldn’t force him left or force him right, I wouldn’t make him pass and I certainly wouldn’t let him shoot. He is such a smart player and has so much skill, all he does is see what you’re trying to do to him and counter. I would take away the three. You can’t let him shoot the three, so I would take away that. But I would play him straight up and take away the 3.”

I asked Bowen if, as a defender, Curry impresses him. He laughed and said of course not: “His daddy is Dell Curry. What you’d expect? That’s the family business.”

Bowen did say he was proud of Curry. He said he remembers seeing him as a little kid with his father.

“This isn’t an accident. He was in practice with his dad in Charlotte putting up a thousand shots a day. He’s worked his tail off to get this good. I’m just proud of the work he’s put in.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    WE ARE WARRIORS! (think “300”) Bogut will lead us to the promised land!

  • Stan

    I want to hit somebody or break something right now! I’m pumped!

  • Hmmmm

    I expected Bowen to say “kick him in the face.”

  • Niners Team of the 80’s

    What Bowen is secretly thinking in his mind, with his rep as a dirty defender, is to stick his foot underneath Steph’s landing point coming down from a jump shot to mess up those ankles!

  • MullinsMagic421

    Ya, he’d run under his feet when he takes a jump shot! If we play them and that happens don’t be surprised if you see a real war fought on the court. I’m talking a benches clearing brawl here people.

  • supernashwan

    Yep the feet under the jump shooter is classic Bowen. No one does that anymore because no one wants to be compared to a dirty defender.