Mark Jackson’s Wife, Desiree, to Sing National Anthem for Game 4

The wife of head coach Mark Jackson, Desiree Coleman Jackson, will sing the national anthem for tonight’s game against the Warriors.

She’s an accomplished singer who has performed on Broadway, did an album on Motown and was the protege of Patti LaBelle. She is the co-pastor at Jackson’s church, True Love Worship Center International, in Van Nuys, Calif.

MARK JACKSON: “I always say she has way more talent than me.”

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    And what a glorious job she did as did her husband and the Dubs. Kudos to all

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Worst. Anthem. EVER.

  • Tom (fm Quinzee)

    Greetings from Working the Corners – Dave Pollack/the Merc’s hockey blog. Steph Curry is a hockey player!!! Bum ankle, shiner, “bfd – put me back in.”

  • Our Team

    The crowd at Oracle liked her anthem. I thought it was good. Honestly, I could have sung that anthem pre-game and received a big ovation. The crowd was so pumped.

  • Dawg

    She butchered it to say the least! She added her own words at the end and said the wrong at one point in the song. I was embarrased for M.J…TERRIBLE!!!

  • zgoddbap

    I thought she had a great voice and did wonderful

  • Stan


  • Stan

    And did or did I not post on this very blog the first week of the season “THIS WILL BE A SPECIAL SEASON” ?. I sure did after seeing this team win a game it would have lost before.
    The feeling rolled over me.

  • Ewok

    I appreciated her rendition because it came from the heart. But! It was sang a bit off. Now she can sing but she did it with a style a little too way off. I guess when one sings the National Anthem, sing it with feelings reflecting the very words, the very message of the anthem.

    Do not sing it merely to introduce a new style… Because the audience will be put off.. The song should be ahead of anything else, including style. The National Anthem is a reflection of a people’s struggle and aspirations. People of all kinds but Americans all. That’s why in my opinion, the late Whitney Houston is the best person ever to sing this

  • Young

    No Dlee = better GSW

    Go warriors!

  • Stan

    Anthems,God bless America…stop playing all that. Its just a game,not a pre war tribal chant. Stupidest tradition in the country.

  • Stan

    The only reason it started was to cover the guilt trip young athletes had being home playing a game while men their age were dying in war. Hypocrisy and guilt is not a good reason to play anthems.

  • Stan

    AND –The owners liked the cover it gave too.