Game 5 Preview — Stephen Curry: “I Feel Good, Boss”

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry smiled while, as he usually does, he sauntered across the locker room for the exit. The question was short and simple, how do you feel.

Curry’s response: “I feel good, boss.” Then he started clapping. The same kind of clapping he does when he’s hype, like he did after that three-point play during his majestic run in the third quarter of Game 4.

His eye is still red. But his ankle, which he sprained 10 days ago in Game 1, should be feeling better as well. And the hamstring, which tightened from a hard fall on his butt in Game 3, is feeling better.

JACKSON: “There are no limitations. We haven’t practiced much but he has been getting treatment and been steady with that. He feels fine. I think his body is beat up – his eye, his ankle, his leg. But he’s a gamer. It’s been impressive to see how true he is to treatment and how tough he is in the game.”

More notes heading into Game 5…


George Karl wouldn’t give away his game plan, but he said several players will have their turn at defending Curry. Expect to see Andre Iguodala and even defensive specialist Julyan Stone, a 6-foot-6, 200-pound guard in his second year out of Texas El Paso. But mostly, expect Curry to be trapped and pressured a lot.

KARL: “We’ll mix up the matchups tonight. … Curry has been under control a lot and then he explodes. He just has a momentum. He takes control of the game. I think we have to be more careful of that maybe even put Julyan Stone, one of our better defenders, on him and give him two or three minutes of assignment to slow (Curry) down.”

Another thing you can expect is the Nuggets to go back to their usual lineup. They Nuggets have tried to match the Warriors, and it hasn’t worked. The Warriors can simply shoot better than Denver. Kenneth Faried’s comments about “not playing Nuggets basketball” highlights the sentiment around Denver: the Nuggets made a mistake goings mall. Expect them to go back to the big lineup (even if not to start the game) and let Bogut bang against a center, let Faried play against a guy his size, and try to dominate the boards.


One player who is enjoying single coverage is Carl Landry. He knows it’s hard for a defense to commit an extra man to the post because the Warriors guards are such good shooters. So Landry is licking his chops when he gets to go to work against his man.

LANDRY: “Hopefully all of us our confident enough to feel like the guy in front of us can’t stop us. It’s not just me, but all of us, when you see one-on-one defense, your eyes light up.”


Draymond Green saw my tweet about how he has the best 3-point percentage on the team in the playoffs. He got a good laugh out of that

Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    I feel good that he feels good. Its all good!

  • Stan

    One thing nobody has commented on,so I will. The game looks much better on TNT then Comcast..better color,closer to the court camera view and a better angle.

  • dred

    Considering the Dubs did not really play well and the horrendous turnovers especially by Jack, the Ws were in the game until the last few minutes. if that’s the best the Nuggets can bring, I think Thursday night in Oakland should be a great game.

  • Dubs Dancing Man

    I think it looks better on Comcast – closer. The play by play on Comcast is a touch more “homer” than I would like.

    On TNT they don’t know as much about the Warriors.

  • Stan

    Thats the catch,Comcast has the Warrior’s Barnett. TNT,Who knows?
    Thursday is Denver’s last game of the season. I promise.