Jarrett Jack Opted Against Extension to Become Free Agent

According to multiple team sources, the Warriors initiated extension talks with guard Jarrett Jack back in January. But Jack shut down such talks before they got rolling, looking to focus on the season and wanting to experience free agency.

Jack, who drew interest from multiple teams during the trade deadline, is in the last year of his contract paying him $5 million this season. He is expected to be a fairly well sought after this offseason, especially with the postseason he’s having, as multiple teams are looking for a point guard. Multiple teams are looking for point guards — including Utah, Charlotte, Toronto and possibly Milwaukee (since Brandon Jennings is a restricted free agent). Plus, Jack has proven to be a difference-maker off the bench, which has intrigued multiple teams that already have a point guard, such as the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs.

Jack has been an integral part of the Warriors’ success this season, averaging 12.9 points and 5.6 assists off the bench in 29.7 minutes off the bench. He is a respected voice in the locker room and has proven a capable option when starter Stephen Curry out of the lineup.

But will Jack turn down a lucrative offer from another team? Will the Warriors be be able and willing to match or compete?

Money, however, isn’t the only obstacle. Golden State will have to determine if it wants to commit so many minutes to Jack. As it stands now, Jack is playing minutes in the fourth quarter at the expense of rookie forward Harrison Barnes. A bigger role for Barnes would probably mean a smaller roll for Jack (since sitting Curry or second-year guard Klay Thompson is not an option).

Warriors general manager Bob Myers declined to comment until after the season.

“I believe everything will work out,” Jack said in a previous interview. “I want to be here and if they want me here, it will work out.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    Good luck Jack. He’s as important as that short guy was last year,or whats his name from the D league was the year before..Journeymen,all of them including Jack.
    This is a Curry,Lee,Bogut team.

  • Some team will offer him more and he will take the money and run.

  • Grey Warden

    Surprised Lee is playing tonight. I’m going to guess he’ll be used to dish out some hard fouls on the Nuggets players.

  • Big Daddy

    Dont forget Barnes Definetly has better basketball smarts than Thompson

  • Mike

    Jarret Jack TO machine, let him go

  • bill

    Jack has been a good Warrior but ultimately everybody is a hired gun and he will go where he can make the most money. Just please please please don’t add some knuckleheaded glory hog like Cory Brewer…lol

    maybe they think Bazemore can learn how to handle the ball and take the back-up minutes but they must know Jack’s value to the team and the fact that Curry will wear down, roll an ankle, something…and they need quality to fill in….they won’t have a draft pick and CHarles Jenkins is in Philly

  • Angelo

    Jack almost singlehandey lost us that game last night. I witnessed at least 3 times, in the 4th quarter when he dribbled for at least 16 seconds, including once for 22. He turns the ball over, over dribbles into trouble, and leaves his feet without anywhere to go. If he wants to go elsewhere, I as a fan would not lose sleep over it.

  • Dumb Fan

    Jack has been outstanding in his role for the Dubs this year. We’ll want to retain him for the right price. A bad stretch last night is a small part of the whole deal; the Dubs wouldn’t have been there without his contributions. Forget about Bazemore. He is not an NBA player. Triva question: When are the Warriors in trouble? Answer: When Bazemore plays more.

  • OAKtown

    Jack is getting old and he soon shall realize, the best he can do is be a good sixth man. The best place to be a sixth man is in a championship caliber team or around young guns who are developing to be stars like the Warriors.

  • GiantInOakley

    I agree with Angelo. We need a REAL point guard off the bench. A pass-first point guard with a decent jumpshot or can go to hole.

  • Joe Snuffy

    Come on, whiners. Jack has been huge this season. Don’t be poor sports. I hope he stays. But, his stock has gone up, and he wants to see what is out there for him: maybe more money and a starting role or a back up role on a championship team. I don’t blame him. I just thank him for helping to change the warriors culture from lovable losers to winners.

  • Ron

    Look, be real…Jack can shoot, that is a given…but it is sometimes a detriment to the Warriors game plan. He has a hard time reading passing lanes and fires the ball only to be intercepted by the bad guys. He often does not see the other four players on the court and dribbles for his own shop…which everyone can see what he is doing. Coach is imploring the players to share the ball and play together but Jack does not seem to listen. He plays much better coming off the bench but is not a starter, for real. His defense is negligible at best…he just does not have basketball smarts…Bye, Jack, thanks for your contribution this year.

  • Ron

    Lottsa P-guards will be looking for a job soon…we will grab one or more. Don’t forget the Rush will be back next season, too. But a basketball smart guard would be nice to have around.

  • Ewok

    It will work out. Jack is just looking out for his welfare business wise and there’s nothing wrong with that.. If we get a short-changed Jack next year, should we expect him to perform just as effective as this year?

    Give Jack his due.. If he leaves.. then no offense to him.. Point guard position is not hard to fill especially now that Curry is becoming more and more a natural point guard.

    On the other side of the coin, Jack should also realize that our young players are blooming really well… and there shouldn’t be an obstacle to that.. Barnes, Green and Ezeli are really great rookies who will are about to bloom.. Especially Green and Barnes who are developing ahead of schedule..

    Let’s Go Warriors!

  • Little Linda

    In the words of James Brown: Please Please Don’t Go

  • DCJR

    Bring back Nate Robinson!

  • al oha

    Well that explains everything.

    When Jack goes into the ISO-pound-the-rock-force-up-an-off-balance-shot mode, he is AUDITIONING for his next Contract. We’ve seen enough of that, Monta was better at it anyways.

    How about trying to set up a teammate for an ASSIST on an easy basket? Or better yet, PASS the Damn Ball, when your teammate is waving his arms, all alone under the basket.

    A Point Guard with BLINDERS on will not get you the maximum Contract.

  • Lochie WarriorDub

    Yay Jarrett Jack gone now a perfect time to get delonte west or Allen iverson wouldn’t be bad 😛