Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    It’s better then the oil refinery tank of the original drawings. But,since it will be looked down from above by bridge crossers visiting SF all day every day..why the flat roof? Take a cue from modern museums,or Sydney Opera..make it artistic to the top.
    Something better then the Warriors Happy Face logo.

  • JEY

    Looks kind of like a pie tin in the first picture.

  • Stan

    Also,is the city really going to allow that 300′ wide Logo? Seems like bad taste..the ultimate gaudy billboard.

  • John Starks

    I love how they show all of the renderings in early Spring when the weather is (relatively) nice on the waterfront. They make it look like San Diego.

    Come November when the NBA season kicks off, that pier is going to be windy, cold and wet – the SF waterfront is miserably cold in Fall/Winter. And they want people to walk a mile in that weather? That’s going to suck real hard.

    Too many SF people are caught up in the romantic aspect of this arena and are ignoring a lot of important facts.

  • Richelle

    Completely agree with John. Also, with the glass windows, being able to see in and out the arena ,did they think of the sun blaring in?

    Can’t they keep the move in Oakland where it’s more convenient for all bay area fans.

  • Niners in 2012

    Scrap it!! Build an arena in the South Bay. That’s where its at. Sharks in SJ, Niners in Santa Clara, A’s gonna move to SJ soon.

  • Stan

    I’m all for keeping the Warriors in my old town of Oak. Not that I’m much further away…

    So,here’s hoping the Sierra Club and Earth First get involved..

  • Jim

    #5: If the drawings are correct, then the sun blaring in will never be an issue during a game. The window as illustrated shows a view of the Bay Bridge; to see that the window will have to face generally north-to-northeast. The sun sets in the west, remember? A window facing between north and northeast will get some sun from early to mid-morning during the spring and summer, but that would be it.