Warriors’ Mark Jackson Finishes 7th in Coach of the Year Voting

markjacksonWarriors coach Mark Jackson, who led Golden State to its first playoff appearance in six years, finished seventh in Coach of the Year voting. The 2013 award went to Denver’s George Karl, who garnered 62 of the 121 first-place votes.

JARRETT JACK: “He’s done a magnificent job and in my opinion should be the coach of the year.”

It wasn’t close. Jackson, in his second season as a head coach, received three first place votes. The other coaches ahead of him in voting: Miami’s Erik Spoelstra, New York’s Mike Woodson, San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich, Indiana’s Frank Vogel, Memphis’ Lionel Hollins. All of them had at least 50 wins or finished among the top four in their conference.

Golden State finished with 47 wins, which amounts to about 18 more than the previous lockout-shortened season. The Warriors finished second in the Pacific Division and sixth in the Western Conference. And they did it with center Andrew Bogut missing most of the year and losing swingman Brandon Rush to a season-ending injury in November.

BOGUT: “The main reason why we’re here is Coach.”

Oddly enough, the Warriors advanced to the second round largely because Jackson outcoached Karl in the first round.

Don Nelson was the last Warrior to win coach of the year back in 1992.

Marcus Thompson

  • Niners in 2012

    MJax is a great motivator, but Xs/Os he is not. Thibs should have won it.

  • Ewok


    Mark Jackson is not a complete coach yet.. But the coaching staff that he arranged is his design and creation… So he knows his limits as well as his great points.

    He came in at a time the team was dysfunctional. Last year we produced 23 wins. This year we produced 47. We were not expected to make the playoffs but we did. We were expected to fight for the 8th spot.. We gained the 6h and we are now in the second round of the playoffs against the San Antonio.

    Mark Jackson managed to make this team a winning team despite without Bogut, and Rush during the season. Now we don’t have Lee.. and the strength of team is still peaking..

    What the league seems to forget is that the team is winning because we have a coach that is growing along with the team and vice versa. The team and the coach seems to compliment each other..

    Mark Jackson should have been the coach of the year.. whether he knows his x and o’s, He got us winning. He got us where we are..

    George Karl is great… but if we are to encourage winning and hard work, MJ was the better example.


  • Brice

    How come the two comments before me state that Mark Jackson is only a great motivator but not great at “x’s and o’s”? This is not the first time I have read this in a comment and it makes no sense to me. What is the basis for this description? The Warriors seem to consistently have better gameplans than their opponents and beat supposedly more talented teams. Who is the genius working under Mark Jackson who comes up with these plans?

    I think it is time for people to admit that they are wrong and that Jackson is not only a great motivator but also a master of the “x’s and o’s”. He is a complete coach even if it is only his second year coaching. He has been playing basketball all his life and at a very high level. I guess he learned a few things about “x’s and o’s” during that time.

  • Neil

    With the respect that the Warriors get in the NBA community, I’m not surprised he finished 7th. However, the Nuggets had a great regular season and George Karl earned the Coach 0f the Year Award. I have no problems with the others who finished ahead of Jackson. They’re all worthy candidates. But hands down, Marc Jackson is the coach of the playoffs! Even if the Warriors don’t make it out of this round, Jackson has done the best coaching of any coach in the playoffs this year. He deserves every accolade and praise that he is receiving for how he has completely turned around the Warriors!

  • I believe he is going to be a good coach, and he has done a great job. HOWEVER, he is nowhere close to coach of the year. I have seen plenty of bona fide mistakes so far during the play offs. Mostly, i speak of game 1 in san antonio… we were up 16 with 4 1/2 left, and the spurs were attacking the paint with lay up after lay up. HE LEFT BOGUT ON THE BENCH. Bring in bogut, and we win by 4 or 6 points. With 8 seconds left, he couldnt come up with anything better than for Curry to try a shot against Diaw who is 7 inches taller. He did shift the ball to Jack in game 4, which is a better option, but there was no option other than forcing up a hard shot. Jackson is not good at x’s and o’s…and he makes big mistakes