Stephen Curry: “I’m Pretty Optimistic”

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry emerged from the training room all smiles. When assistant coach Michael Malone put his Sharpie up to Curry’s mouth as if he was a journalist recording, Curry gave his assistant coach some inside scoop.

CURRY: “I’m going to be auditioning for Dancing with the Stars.”

Before the post-practice interview began, Curry paused the proceedings to move them to the right. That way, the camera would show him next to the Muscle Milk sticker on the refrigerator. Yup, the Warriors star point guard seemed to be in good spirits a day after re-spraining his left ankle. Again. He said he expects to play in Game 4. Here is the interview transcript”

How are your spirits the day after?

We’re still encouraged as a team. It was a missed opportunity last night. Our effort, from start to finish, wasn’t where we wanted it to be. But we have another opportunity tomorrow to even the series and be in good shape. So, we’re looking forward to getting back on the floor.

If you could gauge it, you think you’ll be bale to play?

I think so. You never really know how it’s going to feel the next day. You just keep with the treatment. Same ol’ story. I have the same answers. I hope it feels good enough to go tomorrow. But until I wake up tomorrow and see, you just hope for the best right now.

Did you get a chance to see what happened?

Tried to stop short and change directions, overcooked it just a little bit. It wasn’t as bad as the one I did in Denver, it just happened to be the same foot. Compounding the fact that it wasn’t all the way healed from last time and just a repeat turn. I’m pretty optimistic I’ll be able to play in whatever the capacity, I’ll be on the floor.

Will you be limited or play the same way?

If I can give the team anything, I will play. I feel like if I can get to a point where I’m not hobbling and I can cut how I want to. It doesn’t gave to be 100 percent, as long as I can be confident that it won’t do any further damage. I have a feeling I’ll be at that point tomorrow, no problem.

Have you ruled out an anti-inflammatory shot?

I don’t want to do it just because I have already done it twice already this postseason. You don’t want to get into that kind of habit. So I’m hoping my body responds on its own enough to eliminate that from the conversation.

What made you stay in the game?

It was three minutes left and I could somewhat move. So I felt like I could still … I didn’t think I was too much of a liability on the defensive end to stay out there and hopefully draw some attention on the offensive end still. Same kind of thing in Denver when I came back in the fourth quarter, it was a minor tweak that I was able to continue to play and run (on), somewhat, so I felt like I could help out in some way, whatever way I could.

12:30 start a concern for you?

A little bit. It’s just a shorter turnaround, literally 36 hours from last night. That’s the main concern compared to having 3 days like I did last time. Just gotta expedite the treatment and stay as consistent as possible.

Does part of you want to get back because it seems like they’re playing good defense on you?

I want to even the series and help the team out. It has nothing to do with my individual play. I had an off shooting night last night. I had some good looks. I don’t know the last time I had two air balls in a game. It was just one of those nights it just wasn’t clicking. But we still had an opportunity to win and be in the ball game in the fourth quarter. That leads us to have some great confidence going into tomorrow if we clean up stuff.

Marcus Thompson