Warriors Grind One Out in Game 4

Stephen Curry got another injection in his sprained left ankle. David Lee logged more minutes on his torn right hip flexor. Rookie Harrison Barnes took a career-high number of shots.
Even Andris Biedrins saw his first action in a month.
The hobbled, desperate, underdog Warriors pushed every button, squeezed out every ounce. And after the 97-87 overtime victory over the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday, it all felt so worth it.
“I’m just so glad that a national TV audience had an opportunity to see exactly what’s been taking place in this area,” coach Mark Jackson said. “Just a big-time win. This is a heck of a series.”
Golden State reached deep to muster a late surge to force overtime, then pulled away to knot the best-of-seven playoff series at 2-2. A loss and the Warriors would’ve headed to the Alamo for Game 5 needing a miracle to advance. But they hustled and scraped and willed the series back into a dogfight.
Curry started but was clearly limited by his ankle. With only 38 hours to recover, he said he took an anti-inflammator shot before the game because he said the swelling was a problem. He said previously he was hoping that wasn’t an option. But losing was less of an option, apparently.
He was in the starting lineup and finished with 22 points, four assists and six rebounds. But he was robbed of the sudden bursts and change of direction he lives on.
He did most of his damage when he was at point guard.
Then, he said, he could control his tempo and needed less work to get open. Three of his five 3-pointers came off the dribble, and his three free throws came off drives to the basket.
It wasn’t quite his previous third-quarter explosions. But considering the circumstances, his 10-point fourth quarter felt like it. It fueled the charge that swung the momentum to the Warriors and triggered the sense of urgency and belief.
“I wanted to play regardless of what I could give,” Curry said. “I was hurting, but I was good enough to play. … I doubt it’ll be 100 percent for the foreseeable future, but knowing that I can be on the court as a threat, I’ve got to be ready.”

Marcus Thompson

  • commish

    I feel like I should eat crow over all my negative comments about the latest incarnation of Captain Jack (only shorter and a hell of a lot more of a team player). He sure saved our bacon today. But the team’success really revolves around Bogut in terms of toughness and grit. We all love Curry, Klay, and Barnes, and Green and Lee. But Bogut seems to make all the difference when it comes to playing hard nosed defense and keeping the Spurs from having their way inside and outside the paint. It ain’t pretty but Bogut, even having to deal with the crappy calls that so frequently go against him, has been the man of steel IMHO. What Warriors these beat but not broken
    Warriors be!

  • Dubber

    This team beats my wildest expectations. I cannot ask for anything more from this team. So all my negative endearing comments, I will eat. I do not know what else I can ask of this team.

    Players stepping up seem to be a rotation. First Curry, then Thompson and now Barnes. it really is hard to key off of one guy from the Ws.

  • nickj

    Great Warrior win when they grabbed victory out of the jaws of defeat(so glad to finally say it this way than the other). Jack was huge for us when it started out completely different but as the old saying goes “it’s not how you’re lined up it’s how you wind up” and we wound up winning what I thought was a likely very loseable game. To say the least it was very ugly, but a game that the Spurs would win 99.9% of the time and GSW always. However these aren’t the Warriors of yester year who at times would seem so accomadating to their own demise.It is now the best of 3 and as with this game and in game 1 anything can happen, which is good for Warriors and not so much for Spurs IMO. Also very good to see Andris get some run and I think he should get more as unlike Ezeli, won’t make so many mental mistakes and he did well for his 3 minute stint. Go GSW!

  • haasthemnan

    Where do we start. I love this team from the front office down to Bazemore and Biedrens, excuse me, down to the employees. Great coaching job by Jackson, great heart by the players, and great enthusiasm by me and all the other fans in the building yesterday. WE ARE WARRIORS!!!

  • Stan

    I said here on MT’s blog “This is going to be a special season” after that first week. Nobody else said that,in any way or shape or form- even after the first month!
    2: I wish Jackson would design last shot plays to free Curry. For Fitz to snarl “Like nobody know’s to guard him?”..HEY,My answer to that is ..Who doesn’t know Kobe will take the last shot? LeBron? Durant?..Jackson MUST get the ball to Curry. IF Curry misses that last shot,at least you know that was your best chance.

  • MullinsMagic421
  • Stan

    MM421, OK,two,TWO people said the Warriors would have a good year!
    Your good..might have topped me with more details..

  • NCDub

    commish (1):

    IMO there few here who need to eat crow over JJ–he has always been of significant value to the Dubs, ie., positive attitude, gutsy player, lane driver, NBA experience leading to YoungDub leadership, savvy & a good legitimate b/u for Steph both in terms of spelling him in games & backing him up in case of health problems…

    But it’s hard not to ignore his ball pounding, Monte-like ball hogging, streak shooting…

    I’ve valued him along for his assets which more than compensate for his shortcomings–I’d absolutely love to keep him AT REASONABLE $$!; To break the bank for him so to speak would be a bad move in my mind–so let’s hope Myers steps up to the in this instance & retains him given legitimate value for servicesw rendered; IMO that would be a no-brainer–case closed.

  • Young

    I went to gtech when jack was the point guard. Let me clear the record as someone who doesn’t know him personally but has watched him for about 10 years.

    This guy is legit. Ie a team player who coaches other players. Demands max effort and inspires others to play well. (Toko an average Gtech team to the final 4)

    Why people are talking about his dribbling is confusing to me. Chris Paul, deron Williams, Steve Nash…etc all over dribble

    I’m confused with why jack is singled out for this

  • Young

    To add a little more. Who would you want to draw up an iso play for if you were mark Jackson with the game on the line?

    It’s not really currys thing yet. Klay uses screens / isn’t a big shot guy yet. Barnes has ball handling issues….

    Landry is the only other good option. But he has missed so many for us…