Warriors’ Stephen Curry Listed in the Starting Lineup

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (sprained left ankle) was listed in the starting lineup. Coach Mark Jackson said before the game he’d be “shocked” if Curry didn’t play.

Curry, who rolled his left ankle in the fourth quarter of Game 3 on Friday, was officially listed as a game-time decision. He has received ’round-the-clock treatment on his left ankle, which he initially sprained in Game 2 of the first round series against Denver on April 23.

“If he’s on the court, he’s pretty much the ball handler and the guy running show,” Jackson said.

Before tipoff, Curry jumped roped in the hallway outside the locker room and did other movement tests. He then took to the court where he ran lines and did some defensive sliding movements to further test his ankle.
Jackson said he spent time with Curry on Saturday. He said Curry was the same as usual, laughing and joking. He made multiple trips to the facility on Saturday for treatment.

Curry said after Saturday’s practice, which he sat out, that he expected to play. But everything was on hold until he saw how his ankle responded overnight. Jackson said Curry can play, he won’t be limited.

Marcus Thompson

  • Stan

    Warriors down at the half by 8. If they were ahead by 20 I wouldn’t think SA was out of it. Jack..has to make those easy FT,stop with the turnovers and charges. and the Warriors are not making the shots..its IN the hole guys,not how many bounce on the rim that counts.

  • Grey Warden

    Jack played well today. Curry and Thompson were largely nonexistent for the first half, except for the first few minutes. Warriors lucky the Spurs couldn’t make a shot in OT. They had plenty of open looks. Lucky or not, a win is a win!

  • Stan

    The Warriors at 38% weren’t on fire. What this team could do..if they weren’t turnover prone. Lotta room from improvement and a GREAT WIN. And they just might do that improvement soon.

  • Stan

    “FOR improvement”..type fast,hit post fast=bad post results.