All-Rookie? Warriors’ Harrison Barnes is Looking Like All-NBA Material

Warriors forward Harrison Barnes was named first-team All-Rookie, the NBA announced on Tuesday. Then in Game 5, he went on to look like an All-NBA selection.

Barnes was Golden State’s best player in Tuesday’s 109-91 loss to the host Spurs. He led the Warriors with 25 points on 10 of 18 shooting to go with seven rebonds and a block in 39 minutes. He had his 3-pointer going, his midrange going and his post game looked unstoppable at times.

TNT ANALYST KENNY SMITH: “I didn’t realize he could put the ball on the floor as much as he could. I didn’t realize he had individual one-on-one moves. … The NBA style of play and the way Mark Jackson has implemented him, the playoffs are a coming out party for him.”

Barnes has now scored 25 points in back-to-back playoff games. The last rookie to do that was Tim Duncan in 1998. He’s the third player under 21 since 1979 to score 20 points or more four times in a single postseason. The other two: Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson.

So far in this series, he is averaging 19 points and eight rebounds in 43.4 minutes per game.

Not bad for the guy who had the fewest first-team votes of the rookies selected.

BARNES: “Hard to celebrate after getting pounded like we did.”

He joined Portland guard Damian Lillard, the Rookie of the Year, Washington guard Bradley Beal, New Orleans forward Anthony Davis and Cleveland guard Dion Waiters on the first team. Barnes received 18 first-team votes from NBA coaches.

MARK JACKSON: “He was very excited. Told all of the guys in our first huddle. Everybody high-fived and hugged and dapped and acted as if it was them who got the recognition. This is a total team thing.”

After an up-and-down rookie campaign, Barnes has emerged as a formidable weapon for the Warriors since forward David Lee went down with a torn right hip flexor.

He started all 81 games for Golden State and averaged 9.2 points and 4.1 rebounds in 25.4 minutes. In these playoffs, he’s up to 15.7 points and 6.6 rebounds in 39.1 minutes.

While Jackson welcomed the news of Barnes’ first-team selection, it does require an adjustment on his part. He’s talked nonstop about the Warriors getting snubbed from honors and recognition. From Klay Thompson not being invited to the 2012 Rookie Challenge, to Curry being left off the 2013 All-Star team, to Bob Myers finishing seventh in executive of the year voting. He’s used it all to drum up the underdog card.

But with Barnes being honored, his beef loses credence.

JACKSON: “Yeah, I’ve got to work on another angle.”

Marcus Thompson

  • wil


  • commish

    Duh. Given a number of egregious slights the Warriors have suffered this year (Coach Jackson, GM Meyer, and of course Steph Curry not being an all star, voters finally got one thing right. I believe he and Curry will be on the All Star team for years to come.

  • gizzm

    This is great news. everyone on our full starting 5 will be All Star worthy in the coming years. (If bogut stays and stays healthy).

  • Ewok

    The NBA should review its procedures when it comes to recognizing people for their achievements.. Whatever their procedures are.. It’s awful. Curry not an All Star, Mark Jackson no.7 for COY, Harrison Barnes with the fewest votes on the initial first team selectees? Jarret Jack not the sixth man of the year… and we are just two wins away from the Final Four? The NBA is horribly inconsistent in their awardings and commendations.. Horrible.

  • Stan

    What kind of live blog has no box to answer in???

  • Stan

    Its MT and the Kawakami kid and 1 or 2 others doing all the posting.

  • Young

    great for Barnes. But Pop is leaving Parker on him…lol

    and its working

  • Niners in 2012

    The things HBarnes is doing right now is special. DunleavyJr still can’t take advantage of smaller players in the post.

  • bill

    the NBA fines any critics of their refs…until they admit that refs are going to make mistakes, going to accept bribes, hold grudges and screw rookies while giving star calls to cheaters like Parker and the dirty player Flop Ginobli, well…the NBA has no credibility…..it’s run by the t.v. networks and the gambling people…who have already decided who ought to be in the finals…..

  • marko

    Two things:

    [1] Guess those other dozen NBA coaches know something we all don’t…

    [2] Bill (#9). Dude, TV owns sports. Check out conference re-alignment – not to mention UFC and NASCAR. You like sports, you play or go to non-pro-level games. If you aren’t doing that, you’re a fan (and are owned and marketed by TV).

    [3] Does anybody else remember the PBA tour from the 1950’s? (OK, that’s three)

  • Harrison’s body looks like it was chiseled from stone. Talk about a hoops type ideal body! This guy is all ball player. Please, Dubs, dont trade him for anybody! This kid is only beginning to scratch the surface of what he will be able to do!! I love Draymon and Festes also, who will both improve greatly with time and experience. Harrison, however, is somethin else. He’s gonna get tired of having to fly to all-star games!!!

  • Joe Barely Cares

    I have to agree somewhat about the officiating. In the first few minutes of the game, Curry was run over from behind while shooting: NO CALL. Barnes was mugged going up for a mid-range shot: NO CALL. Bogut makes a clean block: FOUL CALLED. There were 1 or 2 others that I don’t remember the details of. After that, the Spurs went on their first run against a team that was shell-shocked by bad officials. The last thing the boys in Vegas want to see is Golden State vs.Indiana in the finals.

  • deano

    If there was an All-Sophomore team, Jeremy Green would probably be a first team selection. Green-Barnes may be a featured match-up in the coming years. Right now, they are pretty even.

  • bill

    I’m not naive nor surprised by the continued incompetence and bias of the officials. I know it pervades other sports and there’s not much we as fans can do but bitch and moan to change it. I play softball at a recreational but organized level and even there we see vindictiveness and obvious ignorance of the rules, not just mistakes and poor calls. Basketball is a very hard sport to officiate; probably only football is harder. But it’s frustrating to see how we’re supposed to worship at the feet of these fools and believe it when the shills on t.v tell us these are the best the league has to offer. Thank God Stern is on the way out; he is the worst offender and when Thibodeau or even mild-mannered Mark Jackson speaks out, God bless them for their courage and phooey on the league that says they have no right to object to unfair treatment. Breathe on Lebron and he’s at the line (the Kobe treatment) but slaughter Curry or Barnes or let Ginoblie HACK somebody and call it quick hands…and we’re all victims.

  • Glasscleaner

    I bought my Black Falcon Warriors t-shirt, and I’m glad I did.

  • rio kid


    I was wondering what the nba rankings for small fwds looked like. Korver over Barnes.. I think not. I’ll give them 1 – 8 but Metta World Peace at 9…are you kidding me. Check out this list and let me know how many of the 9 thru 20 you would have over our man Barnes. That kid is special.