A Teary Jarrett Jack Reiterates His Desire to Stay With Warriors

Guard Jarrett Jack was on the verge of tears as he stood at his locker. He couldn’t find the words to truly express what he was feeling, so he let his attire do the talking for him.

JACK: “Usually before I would do any media, I would make sure I was dressed a certain way. I brought one of my best suits. But looking down at this jersey, it’s just a sense of pride I don’t think I’ve ever felt as a professional. … Nothing in my closet is better than what I have on now.”

Perhaps it was the disappointing end to a magical run. Perhaps reality had hit him that he may have spent his last minutes in a Warriors uniform. And he didn’t want to take it off.

When the final horn had sounded, the Warriors shook hands with the Spurs and headed to the locker room. But Jack remained. He circled the court, a towel over his head, clapping with the fans. Before long, his teammates and coaches returned. They all took a bow at midcourt before guard Stephen Curry took the microphone and thanks the thousands of fans in yellow shirts remaining.

His future with the Warriors is uncertain. Jack, who made $5 million this season, will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. He played a pivotal role in the Warriors’ success as the back-up point guard and the late-game ball-handler. So much so, Golden State reached out for extension talks back in January, but Jack declined before talks could get going so he could focus on the season.

Based on his performance with the Warriors, Jack is expected to get several opportunities and lots of money on the free agent market. Also complicating matters is the rise of rookie Harrison Barnes. An increased role for the starting small forward could mean a reduced role for Jack.

Whether he takes the more lucrative offer else where, or whether the Warriors make a competitive offer to keep him in the Bay Area, that will all be figured out this summer. But Jack was never more clear about for whom he wants to play: Golden State.

JACK: “I hope so, man. Obviously there are other things that go into seeing if that works — we all know this is a business at the end of the day. If I could do it, if I could rearrange it, I would definitely be back at this same locker.”


Marcus Thompson

  • Dubber

    Class Act Jack! WARRIORS!!!!

  • Niners Team of the 80’s

    Dubs fans boo you at times only because we want better for you J-Jack! Cut back on the turnovers by improving your handle, think “pass more”, and negotiate a reasonable deal and we look forward to you in the blue & gold next season.

  • Great season DUBS!

    Jack not only stayed on the court after the game, he took off his shoes, signed them, and threw them into the stands. Then he sought out a young fan and gave the kid his jersey. The smile on that kid’s face was priceless. His play in the playoffs sometimes was infuriating but he’s a true class act.

  • PhilB

    From what I understand, the Warriors do retain Jack’s Bird rights, so they can match any offer he gets without it counting against the cap. Not so sure that they can retain Carl Landry. Both of those key reserves made themselves a little money this season.

  • Young

    Without jack….

    Mark jackson says it all the time…

    Until steph or Klay or Barnes become a legit iso guy. We dont have one. Also, from a toughness stand point. Jacks the toughest guard we have by far. Also, until steph stops turning it over due to lack of concentration / flashy plays. who handles the ball. lastly, hes the most clutch scorer on the team…

    Add it all up and I dont think we can afford not to keep Jack.

    Need to get creative moving Beans / Jefferson and creating some cap space

  • Grey Warden

    I don’t see what Barnes’ emergence has anything to do with reducing JJ’s minutes. Barnes will always be playing the 3-4 position, and sometimes the 5 if they go real small.

    If JJ stays with the Warriors, he’ll still get starter minutes in pretty much every game. Dude is always the first guy to sub in for Curry or Thompson.

  • Young

    i would not want to be bob myers this summer…lol

  • lanise

    Jack should stay we he wouldnt find no fans thats better than us #dubnation

  • Patrick

    Good to see a fantastic bench player really take on his role and stay loyal to his team, I’d long to see players like andray blanche and jr smith do the same for their teams. Real classy guy, would of loved to of seen him get sixth man of the year this year.

  • OAKtown

    Its going to be interesting with Rush back and fighting back into the starting lineup. Warriors are going to be deep next season especially season after next with RJ and Beans contracts ending. It’s going to be big for us and we’ll see who we pick up, hopefully the front office are on a row drafting good players and not like how we did in the past. Once Beans is gone, the old warrior mistakes are gone and will be the new Warriors!

  • petaluman

    Hi Marcus,

    It’s been a great run; the Warriors have put together a season beyond anyone’s expectations for this year. The future for this team looks bright.

    Now, I’ve got a couple of off-season questions:

    1) Do you know when they’ll announce the game schedules for the LV Summer League? Do you expect all of our “rookies” to participate?

    2) Do we have any chance of seeing any draft picks coming back from the Jenkins and Tyler trades? Have the exact terms ever been announced?

    3) Last year, we bought a pick. Have you heard if the team is looking to invest in another?

    thanks for any information you can share with us

  • commish

    Think, as with Landry, depends on the price. With the Dubs right at the cap, every dollar will matter, all things being equal.

  • jrasuak

    Trade biertries and rj

  • thewarriorsrule

    i agree with post #2

    i really hope the warriors don’t overpay jack this offseason, as how they overpaid guys in the past.

    i could live without jack. as much as how many games he has helped us win this year with his clutch shooting and leadership, i actually think it is better for curry, klay, and barnes growth if he leaves. at some point of their careers, curry, klay, and barnes need to step up and be the clutch players we want them to be, and it won’t be with jack around.

  • thewarriorsrule

    and i would like to see more of a “pass first – don’t turn the ball over” backup point guard

  • thewarriorsrule

    jack and landry were supposed to backup curry and lee respectively this season, but instead stupid mark jackson goes small and plays them alongside curry and lee, going for a lineup in jack, curry, klay, landry, and lee, costing us many games, and overplaying curry and lee and making them injured and tired during the playoffs.

    if malone is getting interviewed for head coaching jobs, i would also like to see jackson leave and malone (the true strategy coach; jackson is just inspiration singletary guy) take over.

  • thewarriorsrule

    to post #5: the jack, curry, klay, landry, and lee lineup hinders the growth of barnes.

  • Dave

    All of the guards need to pass more and work it in for the good shot.

  • Stan

    He would be like any other ex Warrior elsewhere..even less then what he was here. Lin,being the exception for crying out loud.
    Klay Thompson el-foldo performance has me wondering if he’s ever going to improve. And again and again,he blows the easy layup. Between Beidrens and Bogut at the free throw line the Warriors have a major basketball phobia epidemic.
    But,I will take this team over any other that’s not 1975’s World Champs,RunTMC,Baron and Steven Jackson in 2007.

  • Stan

    And after Nellie and Keith not-so-Smart, Jackson seems to actually be coaching for his team to win,and win for a team goal. Not personal records or to hang on to the job as the mentioned.

  • Zuzu

    Oaktown, interesting phrasing, because it looks like Beans’ old Warrior mistakes are gone. He played beautifully in his limited minutes in the series. Smother, rebound, scramble, tough screen, rebound, smother, another rebound. After sitting so much, he was absolutely ready to go. Props. Now, if he’d renegotiate his contract WAY down based on the fact that we paid him in full while he was rehabbing, that would be something.

  • petaluman

    Players with ETOs this year are Jefferson, Biedrins, Landry, and Rush. Unless RJ or AB decide to retire, Landry is the only one who might be in a position to gain from opting out.

    No team is going to offer Carl a starter’s role and pay, though. 4M/year is probably about right for him. He’ll only opt out if he thinks he can get a comparable deal for at least 3 years, and doesn’t want to risk playing out this time with us.

    Jack’s situation is different. His contract is ending, and he may draw interest as a potential starter. Remember when we signed Derek Fisher for 6 years/37M – he was about the same age as JJ is now. That was a different time and CBA, and I don’t expect he’ll get any offers like that. You can’t blame him for testing the market, though. As with Landry, he’s about to turn 30, and length of contract could mean more to him than the yearly rate.

  • Grey Warden


    Eh, the only one hindering Barnes’ growth is Barnes himself.

  • Ewok

    I am optimistic Jack will stay. I know he will not get the max that he wants but at some point, Him and the club can reach a compromise.. There’s nothing like playing for a group of guys, a community, that fully recognizes your role to the fullest.

    Jack is very essential. This guy has a big heart.. All the turnovers he committed are based from his gamble to turn around the momentum. I would rather have a guy who is willing to gamble rather than a guy who is too conservative and scared to lead a young team.

    Jack is very essential to our young guys. Very essential to their growth and game approach.

  • Young

    @ #13

    least logical post i have ever read…sorry

  • Young

    sorry..your #12 post

  • Jim

    We’ve got to get Jack back, there’s no question about that. He was so vitally important and inspirational… Absolutely no question that we would not have made the first round of playoffs without him! Whatever else needs to happen they definitely have to do everything in their power to get JACK/BACK!! Got to llove that guy!

  • Material things are overrated. Jack, follow where your heart is. People are dying just to be happy! As they say, looking for Love in the wrong places can lead to disasters.