Andrew Bogut Disappointed but Relieved

The competitor in him didn’t want to feel good about losing. But Warriors center Andrew Bogut couldn’t deny what his body was telling him., specifically his surgically repaired left ankle

BOGUT: “You don’t want to say you’re relieved losing a game. At the same time, the mental and physical pain I felt the last two or three weeks was getting worse and worse. For the season to end wasn’t a terrible thing, but the way it ended was disappointing.”

During the playoffs, Bogut proved he can be a difference maker. He was a big reason the Warriors came two wins from the Western Conference Finals. But he was also the reason Golden State didn’t advance, as his absence was a major blow to the defense.

Bogut was dominant early but faded as the series against San Antonio evolved. By the fourth quarter of Game 6, he was done. He said he could hardly move because of his ankle.

Bogut said he could sometimes feel the scar tissue tearing from his surgery in April 2012. When that happened, swelling would following, leading to pain and immobility. He said he stepped on a foot in Game 5 and it was all down hill from there.

In the early round, multiple days off between games allowed Bogut’s ankle to recover. But against the Spurs, the games came every other day. That simply just wasn’t enough time. And he’d taken all the anti-inflammatory medicine that’s safe to consume.

BOGUT: “I managed it every day. Every day was a battle, basically, after April. Every day I had to come in early to get treatment, just to get it right just enough to get back on the court. My whole playoff campaign was that. Once we started going every other day with the Spurs, it just got worse and worse. I tried to do everything I could off the court to be a positive impact on the court. Some days it worked and some days it didn’t.”

Bogut, who will spend his offseason in Australia and Croatia, said being healthy will allow him to recapture his offensive game. He said he will workout while resting his ankle to avoid adding body fat, since the heavier he is the more pounding his ankle takes.

He said his plan is to play 82 games next season, the last year of his contract ($14.2 million). He said he is encouraged by what he was able to do with a bad left wheel and is convinced he is the answer for the Warriors in the middle.

BOGUT: “I’m excited to get to this offseason and get this ankle right. I anticipate that three or four months rest should do a world of wonders.”

Marcus Thompson

  • deano

    Get well Bogs. We need you.

  • commish

    Andrew and Steph, get some well deserved rest and heal ourselves up. Be 100% for next season. Job well done. I’m glad you don’t have to abuse your bodies anymore this season. Time to heal up.

  • Dave

    Stay in the U.S. and get the proper treatment.

  • Grey Warden

    Just a sign of things to come next season. He cannot stay healthy enough to play a full season anymore. We’ll be lucky if he plays more than 50 full games next season.

  • Dave

    Can’t be true. TK said if Bogut simply plays at 150% and everybody on the team (except Lee) plays like an All-Star they will be better. This sounds like a fantasy league TK is reporting on.

  • Stan

    Well,I did post the lose weight suggestion weeks ago. The Warriors following my advise is always the smart thing to do.
    BUT, What in the ankle is causing the pain? Arthritis? bones rubbing? If its not a matter of let it heal..He’s done as an everyday player?
    After all these years they still cant inject something in the gaps between bones to replace the lost cushioning of natural cartilage?
    Stem cells!

  • Stan

    Scar tissue?nahhh. That only peels off of a healing. If he feels tearing…that’s something else. Sounds like more surgery for the Big Eucalytpus if he ever has more 20 point,20 rebounds games in him. His loss would be huge,huge,HUGE!
    We waited so long for a real Center.

  • Stan

    I think the Warriors of all the local teams have followed my advice best. The Raiders drag their feet,the A’s did one year, and the 49ers took a three year detour until they hired who I said to hire in 2007- Harbaugh.
    Sabean? never had to advise just reveal his players hidden secrets..

  • Ron

    Be well and come back 100%!